Letters from a Ghost


1. Letters from a Ghost

June 8th, 1628

Dear Diary,

          My name is Nicolette McAdams, the daughter of Lord and Lady McAdams of Ireland, although you know this already. I believe I'm being followed, when I'm alone, I feel someone or something watching, staring, waiting. I don't think I have much time. I pity the soul who finds this diary. I fight water works as I write this final entry I believe I've met my pursuer before, maybe our meeting was brief, unforgettable to me, but not to them. I must try to sleep now so my parents won't worry too much about me.

      Goodnight, maybe this with be my last full entry. ~Baroness Nicolette Agatha McAdams.


Nicolette McAdams readied herself for sleep. She did not notice her stalker emerge from the shadows. Knife in hand. Nicolette pulled back the cover and took one foot out of a silk slipper to pull herself into her bed. The stalker pulled her from behind by her hair to embrace her in the death's hug. Nicolette could smell the cologne of the stalker and thought she had smelt it before. She tried to call out for help but the mysterious yet familiar stalker placed a foreign substance on a cloth over her mouth and nose. She could feel what he was doing to her though. She knew for certain it was a man, he was undressing her, slowly he was entering her over and over again, and she could do nothing just lay there on the cold stone floor, when the monster was finished with her she was picked back up and she saw the eyes of the monster through the slits in his mask, Percy. She was turned around held close to the chest of the beast and the knife gleamed high above her, it came rushed down to her throat, and it stopped inches from her, instead of stabbing her, he swiped the blade a crossed her delicate, snow white skin. She felt her blood come rushing out, she was released and she crumpled to the floor, her flame red hair spilling around her, and her blood making a morbid halo of red. Making her a morbidly beautiful angel. As the killer left, he knew she was still alive...just barely holding on. Nicolette felt her life slip through her bloody fingers, she watched as as her door opened once again when the room was lit by the Irish sun, she heard her maid and best friend come in to see the gruesome sight on the floor. She could still although dead hear the screams of Rosette and her mother crying, and her father holding her still naked form in his lap cursing at the God above. Nicolette vowed that moment she would avenge her death and her family's grief.


                                                                                                            June 8th, 2012

Dearest Diary,

               My name is Abigail, or Abi. I found this diary today in an old Irish castle just outside Dublin. The funny thing is though, the last entry was today almost five centuries ago! The girl who owned this diary was a Baroness, a daughter to a Lord McAdams. I'm only here for vacation, the castle was abandoned centuries ago, everything left as it was. This diary called to me in a way. I'm not exactly sure what to do with it though. Should I hand it over to the Ireland Historical Society or should I keep it? I'm not sure.

                                   Desperately Confused,

                                                       Abi McDonald of America


I went to close the diary when wourds appeared on the yellowed paper,

Dear Abi,

         My name is Nicolette McAdams, I was murdered in 1628 my murder was never solved. I need your help to solve my almost 500 year old murder. Do not under any circumstance hand this over to the 'Ireland Historical Society' 

                              In desperate need of Assisstance,

                                    Baroness Nicolette Agatha McAdams.


I slammed the diary closed and put it into my messenger bag. I wasn't exactly sure what exactly I was going to do but I couldn't leave it here. I ran out of the castle, leaving my parents in the old library. I got into our rental car and retrieved the diary. I didn't know how to help her because I didn't know anything about her. I began to read, starting at the very first entry in 1622, when she was just 19 years old. She was born on March 21st, 1603.

                                                                                                                              June 2,1622

Dear Diary,

          Today I recieved you as a 19th birthday present. My father made it special for me, its of blue leather with gold dipped pages. My name is inscribed on the cover. I met a boy also today. He told me his name was Percy of Gaul. I don't believe him, because Gaul is under lock down and there's no ships in or out for almost five years!  He was handsome but not handsome enough to be remembered. I made a horrible mistake with him though. I was angry at my mother for making me get engaged to Prince Henry of England. I took him to bed, it was excellent my first time. I just don't think he will be remembered as my first. Other than that today was a lovely day.

                   Your's forever,

                   Baroness Nicolette McAdams.


I placed the diary on my lap. Maybe Percy was the killer. Its possible, their meeting was brief and she even hinted that it was 'unremarkable' and ew she slept with him? I wanted to continue reading, to continue being Nancy Drew, or Temperance Brennan from the hit T.V series 'Bones'  but I saw my parents come rushing out of the McAdams' Castle reaching the car moments before the clouds released their water and let the angels cry on the anniversary of Nicolette's death. They got in and slammed the doors shut so hard the car shook. I hurried and hid the diary behind my back, the spine going into my spine. And just in time for my mother turned to ask me a question,

"So honey what did you think?" my mother asked as she buckled herself in.

"Its fascinating mom." they smiled at each other and my father said,

"You know Abi, the castle is for sale."

"Would you like to live in McAdams' Castle?" my mom followed.

'Say Yes ABI'

"Yes I would love to live in McAdams' Castle."

"Great! I'll call the realtor." my mother exclaimed.

I sank into my seat causing the diary to bite further into my skin. The ride through the Irish country side was wet and dreary as it had started to rain, the rain pelted the tiny car as we made our decent down the emerald green hill where the castle stood. The diary had to be a secret, just for me and the ghost girl. A girl it seemed that needed my help...help I wasn't sure I could extend. 

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