A young woman, desperate for a change in the world sets out to tell her story of loss, love, and her desperate need for world wide understanding of equality.


3. Dreams

In all my life I was never asked what my dream world would be. Everyone asked what my dream job would be, but never what kind of world I would like to live in. My dreams consisted of a world where men and women could love whom they wanted. Where marriage was something outside the greedy grasp of religion. A world where love was free, and was fleeting like a hummingbird's wing, a force you must catch in the moment. Although I knew my perfect world could never be because of the people in this world, this planet we call Earth. I didn't stop dreaming of a world where my fathers love could be safe and protected, revered and accepted with open arms. In this world, there was no hate, no crime. No revolts against same sex marriage, or sex changes nothing ominous or threatening existed in my dream land. Of course my dreams were shattered completely the first time I was ridiculed for having gay parents. 


I was fourteen at the time and I was having difficulties finding friends that would accept my parents and love them as I did. Of course their parents wouldn't let them hang out with me because of my parents and the fact my birth parents dropped me off at some orphanage when they needed the extra cash for drugs. I didn't care though for awhile, I didn't mind not having friends if that meant my love for my parents was to be left untouched and un-scarred by the blind ridicule that my peers had gained from their close minded parents. Then of course I began to be ridiculed and not just my parents. They called me the 'Contagious Homosexual', they spread rumors and played horrible pranks on me; and then one day Stephen Cruz moved to town and everything changed. He was the sexy junior transfer from upstate and he was hanging around with me, the little freshmen girl who stayed to herself, with the homosexual parents who was the spotlight to all the ridiculing and everything mean in Lil' Rock Junior High. His hometown was very accepting, so accepting that I had tried for months to get my parents to move to Paradise Falls. They wouldn't budge. They said they'd rather stay in their dream home then to run away with their tails between their gorgeous sculpted legs. I had laughed at the time, but now I admired their bravery but six years later they were killed. 


My dreams were shattered, like a million shards of glass scattered around my feet, still replaying what had been my dream world. I was a shell of who I was for the longest time until my love for Stephen over powered my ever present need to self loathe myself. Six years after my parents had been brutally murdered, Stephen proposed to me. Of course I had said yes. He had promised me that he would help me campaign Homosexual rights and desegregate the police forces in America. He said he would sculpt me into the greatest diplomat the world has ever seen. He tried to live up to his promises, but these promises were more like fleeting hopes, he wanted this as much as I did, even six years after the fact we were still angry and the fact that their murderers still roamed the streets as if nothing happened made it worse. I can say this though we did succeed in passing the Same Sex marriage act in our small town in Kansas. Stephen did get me on the Town Council. Together we would bring America out of the dark ages and into the modern one. Together we would bring Change to the world. Starting with Kansas.



Dreams, everything starts with a dream. Martin Luther King Jr. had a dream of equal rights and civil rights in the sixties and he is still celebrated today for his beliefs and what he did. Perhaps my dream will be heard and celebrated one day. Perhaps my dream can bring equality to everyone who deserves it. One day soon people can be free to love who they want. I'll make sure of it.

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