A young woman, desperate for a change in the world sets out to tell her story of loss, love, and her desperate need for world wide understanding of equality.


1. Change

It seems change is a part of the human culture that is the most feared,but the most sought. Everybody says change is necessary, but then why do the necessary changes take so long to come through? I mean women's rights took years before it was passed in 1919.

My parents are; were homosexual, meaning I had two father's. I turned out to be fine. I loved them and I could never understand why society didn't. they were two HUMAN beings in love, sure it wasn't in the traditional sense but they loved me and we were a happy family. Until I started to realize that society would never accept them or love them as I did. It wasn't until after my parents were dead did I realize... the world we lived in needed to change not the homosexuals nope they were fine... they deserved to be together, it was bigoted people of the world that needed to open their eyes and show the 'love' their God who 'hates' those who live as my father's did speaks of in his Holy Book. 

As our fore father's and many philosopher's said 'all men are created equal' does that not include those who love the same sex? Who actually love their partners and don't sneak around behind their backs as most, not all heterosexual relationships turn out?

This is my story of Change. My name is Jennifer Gold Smith and I am proud to come from a homosexual home. I believe I am better for it because my parents rescued me from a life in foster care, they taught me how to love again and to trust, they gave me hope. Then society took my hope away when they killed my sunshine and rainbow. They killed the only family I'd ever known. Made me watch as they 'saved' me from this 'sin' they made me watch as they hung and burned my father's. They watched them burn screaming in pain but they held each other's hands all the while and told me they would always love me. Their killers held me back as I cried for my parents. Showing no remorse as they cut them down calling them abominations as they walked away as if nothing had happened. I crawled over to their charred bodies and held them and cried. I didn't care that they smelled of burnt flesh they were dead because society couldn't stand that they weren't the traditional couple, because
society couldn't change.

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