Sweet Lies~ A Niall FanFic

I never say the truth. Because I know what it's like to find out the ugly truth. I know the pain people hide behind their eyes. No one's perfect. When i found him; he was breaking. I knew he had also found the beast in the "beauty."


1. My ugly truth

" Hey Aubrey!" My best friend greeted me with a hug.

 I tugged my sleeve down lower, quickly covering my wrists.

" Hey," i got in the car with her. " Whats going down?" I asked her while putting a CD of Motionless in White.

She sighed out loud, turning the CD off.

" Aubrey, i don't like that screamo shit you put on! And nothing going down, in fact, it's going up!" She laughed and turned the One Direction radio on.

I rolled my eyes playfully and put my head phones in, playing my "screamo" shit.


We finally arrived at school and I ran straight to class - we were 20 minutes late.

I didn't even stop to grab my things from my locker, i just ran in the classroom.

" Oh, Mrs.Carter, right? " Some old lady said from the front of the room.

" Its Aubrey." I rolled my eyes and sat in my assigned seat.

" Do you have a tardy note?" She asked sticking her hand out.

" No, but if you want it, it's probably in my ass." I shrugged and the rest of the class laughed.

" Im writing this on the substitute complaints!" She scowled at me.

" Woah! Where is it? It must be somewhere around here! Oh shit, i cant find a fuck to give." I smiled and turned my attention to the board.

She puffed her hair and went back from where she had been.

This class is so boring. But then, every class is. 

" Who in this class room likes hard core, heavy medal, rock in roll, that type of music?" The annoying ass sub asked.

My hand shot straight in the air.

" What bands do you like, Aubrey?" She asked with a clenched jaw.

" Black Veil Brides, Motionless in White, Blood on the Dance floor, Asking Alexandria, Falling in Reverse, Green Day, Sleeping with Sirens, Suicide Silence. And more." I actually smiled.

" Play one of their songs." She said. I pulled my phone out and played " Devil's Night" By Motionless in white.

" Now, student. This music represent anger, and sadness in a music." She smiled to the whole class. I pulled my phone away. " This is music that weirdos listen to."

" Oh fuck nah bitch! What did you just call me?! " i got up to my feet and pushed her. Yeah she's like 70 but oh well.

" Missy, it's the truth!" She yelled back.

Tears of anger filled my eyes.

 I smacked her and ran out of the class. I keep a razor in my locker all the time. I ran into the bathroom, with the razor in my hand.

You see how ugly the truth is? Sometimes,it's best to lie. You just need to say sweet lies.

I slashed the razor on my flesh about three times, before quickly drying the blood and getting out of school.


I ran home, not even caring if my parents were home or not.

I could see the people always looking at me. How their beady eyes stared at my scars. Or my fresh cuts. I remember my parents looking at them, but quickly looking away, knowing that they can't stop it from happening again. All these memories started flooding in.

 From the first time everything happened. To the last.

                                                           This is the begging to my ugly truth.

                                                                                What's yours?





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