When the lights fade out

I knew that a promise wouldn't make them stay, so that's why I told them that if they don't, I'll make sure that they go on stage in just their briefs. Needless to say, it totally worked.
River finds herself signed up for being the temporary assistant stylist for The Vamps. She doesn't want to do it because she thinks that all the practice she needs is inside her high school classroom. Will four boys be able to change her mind, or will they just make her never want to see them again?


7. Yellow stars

Ten minutes into the boys arrival, we were all laughing and sharing stories over pizza, wings, bread sticks, and popcorn. Tristan had somehow made his way beside me sitting against the bed. Our legs are touching and we bump elbows every once in a while. But it feels so nice. Brad is sitting besides Celeste throwing pieces of popcorn into Connors mouth while he catches them. James is just laughing at Connor and Brad. 

As Tristan reaches for his 4th piece of pizza, I grab another wing and dip it in it's sauce before putting it in my mouth. Celeste glances over at me, her smile fading as she discreetly points to a spot on her mouth, telling me I have food on my face. I grab a napkin and wipe it off quickly, hoping that no one saw. 

"So are you guys excited for tomorrow night's show?" I ask, looking at Tristan briefly when I ask the question. 

"I am. Should be a good crowd. I always love playing in London!" Brad answers and James nods along. Celeste closes the empty pizza boxes, and I take the hint and start to help her clean up the food wrappings. 

"Do you girls want some help cleaning up?" James asks standing up.

"No I think we're fine" Celeste replies, smiling. "We'll be right back" She turns and starts down the stairs with me following. We carry out all the stuff into her garage and stick it in the waste bins. 

"Thanks so much for making me look pretty, Celeste" I play with the ends of my hair as I speak.

"River you were already pretty, you just wear to much make up! Plus, I think Tristan has a thing for you..." She trails off and bounds back up the stairs to her room. I smile to myself, thinking about Tristan. 

An hour later Brad suggests we play truth or dare. I'm a little nervous because I know how that can take a turn for the worst. 

"Celeste, truth or dare?" Brad asks her, smiling when she says 'truth' "If you could be any animal, what would you be?" 

"A zebra!" She tells us, and I already knew she was going to say that. She has a love for stripped animals. "Connor, truth or dare?" 

"Dare" Connor replies

"I dare you to...pretend to be a chicken for the camera until I say stop" She pulls out her phone and starts to film Connor acting like a really retarded chicken with one leg. As he hops around the room, he makes really obnoxious clucking sounds making us all laugh. After about a minute, Celeste calls stop and he plunks back down on the carpet. 

"Tris, truth or dare?" Connor asks, his breath ragged from jumping around.

"hmmmm dare" He says

"Okay let me think for a sec..." He stops talking when James leans over and whispers something in his ear. A smile grows on his face and he turns back to Tristan. "I dare you to kiss the someone in this room on the cheek" 

Tristan shrugs and turns his head to the right, looking at me. He leans in a bit and plants his lips on my cheeks for a second before pulling away and leaning back like nothing had even happened. My cheeks flush slightly, but I push anymore thoughts of his lips out of my head. When I do glance over at Tristan, I can see a very light blush on his cheeks, and I smile knowing I'm not the only one.

"Celeste, truth or dare?" Tristan asks, looking over at me.

"Truth?" I answer back

"Where is your favorite place to go?" He asks, rearranging his beanie. 

"The fair when it comes to town. Or the park" I reply, thinking about the carnival lights at night and the smell of cotton candy.

"James?" I ask him, not needing to repeat the question.


"If you could have 3 wishes, what would they be?" 

"To fly, to find the perfect girl, and to catch all the pokemon!" When he says the last one, Connor asks him how many he's caught, and they dive into a huge debate over which one's the best. While they're talking, Brad and Celeste are laughing and flirting with each other. So I just sit there awkwardly next to Tristan, not talking.

He nudges my arm "Hey, wanna step outside for a bit?" I nod yes, and we get up and walk out of the room. But not before I throw Celeste an excited smile. 

I lead him out the back door into the yard. The house backs into the woods, and it's really beautiful at night time. I can see my breath come out in white puff every time I exhale. Unfortunately I didn't bring a jacket so I just hug my arms to my body to keep warm.

"Are you going to stay for the concert tomorrow?" I can see the puffs of breath coming out of his mouth, and when I realize I'm staring at his lips, I quickly look away. He just gives me a small sideways glance and smirks. 

"Yeah, well, I'll be back stage" I tell him, already counting the amount of time they'll have to change and get their hair done if all goes well. 

He nods and looks off into the tree line. "I'm sure you could sit in the audience if you like" He throws out there. 

"That would be really fun!" I chime and Tristan smiles too. A comfortable silence falls between us and I look up at the stars, thinking of that Coldplay song about the stars. I start to hum it absentmindedly. 

"Look at the stars, 

look how they shine for you,

and everything you do,

yeah they were all yellow"

The lyrics run through my mind, and before I know it, Tristan is humming along beside me. Then he stops humming and instead whispers the words as I hum. 

"Your skin,

oh yeah your skin and bones,

turn into,

something beautiful,

you know,

you know I love you so,

you know I love you so"

There is a hint of husk in his voice, but it's so nice. A voice that I want to come home to, and fall asleep to. 

"I swam across,

I jumped across for you,

Oh what a thing to do.

'Cause you were all yellow"

I started to sing along too, and soon we were both singing the words and looking up at the stars.

"Your skin,

Oh yeah your skin and bones,

Turn into

Something beautiful,

And you know,

For you I'd bleed myself dry,

For you I'd bleed myself dry"

We finished the song after a couple more verses, during that time Tristan grabbed my hand and gave me his jacket. We walk back into the house, hand in hand, both smiling. When we enter, James and Connors shoes are gone. 

"They said they felt like the third and fourth wheel. They're at the flat now" He reads off of his phone.

"It's really quiet. I'm going to go check on Celeste, make sure she's okay" I suggest, making for the stairs.

"I'll come with you. Brad and I should probably get going anyway" We travel up the stairs, and they're still no sounds. I push the cracked door open fully, only to reveal Celeste and Brad in full lip lock. 

"Oi! Get off my best friend! Stop trying to eat her face!" I yell at Brad, snapping my fingers to get them out of their trance. The jump apart, both blushing and fixing their rumpled clothing. Brad quickly stands up and looks around awkwardly. Celeste shoots me daggers and Tristan just leans on the door frame laughing quietly to himself. Then he flips his head towards the hallway and Brad just leaps over and into the hall. Tristan rolls off the door frame, winks at me, and then they head down stairs and out of the house.



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