When the lights fade out

I knew that a promise wouldn't make them stay, so that's why I told them that if they don't, I'll make sure that they go on stage in just their briefs. Needless to say, it totally worked.
River finds herself signed up for being the temporary assistant stylist for The Vamps. She doesn't want to do it because she thinks that all the practice she needs is inside her high school classroom. Will four boys be able to change her mind, or will they just make her never want to see them again?


8. Why the guard?

Celeste gives me hell for interrupting her and Brad for about 10 minutes before she settles down. We take off our make up and pull on our pj's, climbing into bed. We talk way into the night, finally falling asleep at around 4, knowing we could sleep in the next morning. 

A ray of sunlight wakes me up, shining right in my eyes. I grumpily get up and close the curtains further, falling back into bed after taking a glance at the clock. Wait, what? I shoot out of bed, properly looking at the clock. 2:00 in the afternoon, and I have to be at the arena in 2 hours! 

"Celeste! Celly! Get the heck out of bed! We need to get ready!" I shove her off the bed so she hits the floor with a thump followed by a groan and a death stare.

"It better be well into the afternoon for you to be getting me up now!" She growls at me, picking herself up off the floor.

"We have to leave in an hour and a half. And you need to do my make up like you did yesterday!" I practically yell this at her, trying to wake her up out of her sleepy daze. 

"Okay! Stop yelling at me! Get in the shower!" She pushes me into the bathroom and slams the door behind me. 

When I emerge, she has my clothes picked out, make up ready, and the smell of breakfast wavering through the house. I pull on the dark blue ripped jeans with white lace covering the holes onto my legs. I put on a red sweater with a tribal print infinity scarf on top, finishing it off with some green vans to off set the sweater. 

I rush down the stairs, having only 30 minutes to eat and do my make up because I took so long curling my hair. Celeste has eggs and toast ready and made for my, so I quickly eat while she starts on my make up.

"Hold still!" She exclaims, getting frustrated that I'm moving around so much. 

"Sorry, but chewing takes movement!" I reply, knowing we're both grumpy and need time to cool down soon. She just grunts in response. 

Half an hour later, we're in the car driving to the arena. When we pull up, I get out and she just speeds away. We have a special kind of friendship. We're not really mad at each other, more just mad at the world instead. We've never gotten in a serious fight yet. Just as long as we're not together 24/7, we're the best of friends. That why we only do sleepovers once and a while. 

I walk into the dressing room, and the boys are all sprawled across the couches. 

"There she is" James says, looking up from his laptop. 

"Yay!" Connor and Tristan yell, everyone's face showing a smile.

"Well let's get started then, shall we?" I say, skipping over to the clothing sets. As they change, I go around a change a few things at the last minute, adding some things too. 

A guy with a head set pokes his head into the room "Five minutes and you have to be at hair and makeup" Then he disappears.

Twenty minutes later, they're all dressed and late for hair and make up.

"Seriously! Go go go!" I push them out the door and into the hall, all the way down to the hair and makeup room. When we burst through the door, the stylists grumble about being late and not having enough time to do the boy's hair. 

"How long does it take to do four boy's hair?" I ask, not thinking it would be that long. The just roll their eyes at me and huff as a response. 

It takes long, let me tell you. They had to bring in the make up ladies to touch up the boys while they were getting their hair done because we were so late.

Connor's hair took the longest, then Tristan's, Brad's, and James'. An hour in hair and make up, and then we were pushed off to do a quick mic check, and after that the boys would be on stage. 

My phone beeps and I pull it out.

-We have seats reserved. Meet me out front.

I text Celeste back

-Cool be out in five.

"Okay, hope you guys do great! I have to go now" I turn around and let the boys know.

"Are you not staying for the show?" James asks

"No I am! Celeste and I will be in the audience" I say, checking my phone for anymore texts from her. Tristan walks away from the mic guys and up to me. 

"I'm glad you're staying" He smiles sweetly at me

"Me too. Bang those drums hard, alright?" I call as I turn to head outside. I don't hear his reply, it's too loud.

As soon as the fresh air hit my face, so does a wave of screams. I could hear them inside the building, but out here it's even louder. When I turn around the corner of the building, I can see all the girls lined up with signs and flashing posters. They all talk rapidly about the boys, swapping twitter and tumblr user names. They are the fangirls. I stand on my tip toes, trying to see above the crowd and find Celeste. When I can't find her, I dial her up and hold the phone to my ear. 

"Hello?" She answers

"Hey where are you?!" I yell into the phone, plugging my other ear with my hand. 

"I can't hear you very well. Go to the big tree out front" She yells back, and then hangs up. I search for the tree, finally landing on it and pushing my way through the crowd of fangirls to get to it. When she comes into sight, I smile and grab her arm. She makes a little jump before she sees that it's just me, and gives me a sneaky smile.

"What is it?" I ask curiously.

"Just you wait till you see where we're sitting" Her smile doesn't disappear, so I guess our seats must be good ones. We get in line to enter the building, Celeste whipping out a pair of tickets when we get to the doors. They scan them and let us pass, sending a security guard with us.

"Why's the guard with us?" I whisper to her, glancing at the big dude leading us to our seats. 

"You'll see!" 

The numbers marking the rows get smaller the further down we go. Soon we're at the fifth row, and still going.

"We're not actually front row are we?" I ask anyone, the guard or Celeste. Some girls give us dirty looks when we pass them, others just look longingly at how we're still moving towards the stage. 

We reach the front row, and move to the very middle. I feel like I shouldn't be sitting in these seats. That some other die hard Vamps fans should be where we are.

We wait a few minutes and then the lights start to dim. The arena is filled up now, and the girls start to scream. Then a spotlight hits the middle of the stage and The Vamps start to walk out.


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