When the lights fade out

I knew that a promise wouldn't make them stay, so that's why I told them that if they don't, I'll make sure that they go on stage in just their briefs. Needless to say, it totally worked.
River finds herself signed up for being the temporary assistant stylist for The Vamps. She doesn't want to do it because she thinks that all the practice she needs is inside her high school classroom. Will four boys be able to change her mind, or will they just make her never want to see them again?


6. Special delivery

The whole ride home Celeste talked about nothing other than Brad. Even though she'd just met him, she had so many things to say about him. It got annoying after 15 minutes of listening to her rattle on about how gorgeous he is.

"Please? Could you just shut up?" I ask her, getting grumpy.

"Okay, sorry. Did something happen today that you haven't told me?" She glances over at me, swirving a bit when she does.

"Just keep your eyes on the road! Jeez..."  I exclaim, leaning my head against the window.

"Are you going to tell me why your mad, or are you just going to let me guess?" She sounds annoyed now, and I sigh knowing I'm being stupid.

"It just bugs me how quickly you can get guys numbers..." I huff, thinking about Tristan.

"Oh!" She starts laughing

"What's so funny?!" I ask her loudly, eye brows raised.

"You don't see it, do you?" She asks me, and I have absolutely no idea what she's talking about. "Gosh, you're so oblivious!" 

"Care to share?" I ask angrily. 

"In case you haven't noticed, you're gorgeous. Guys try to flirt with you all the time and you don't pay any attention!" She smirks at my taken aback face. I would usually think she's lying to make me feel better, but this time I believe her. I guess I always knew, I just never believed it myself.

We pull up to my house but Celeste doesn't park. Instead she just plays on her phone while leaning back in her seat.

"Aren't you gonna park?" 

"No. Go in and grab your stuff, you're sleeping over at my house tonight." She says, eyes glued to her phone. I don't bother arguing with her because I know that when she gets like this, there's really no point. 

It takes me a few minutes to gather my stuff, quickly letting my mum know where I'm going. She loves Celeste like a second daughter, so it's no big deal sleeping over at her house on this short notice. I give her a quick kiss goodbye, and head back to the car. 

I throw my duffle bag into the bag seat and climb into the passengers seat. Celeste drives us to her house, which is only a 15 minute drive away. As we run up to her room, she dials the local pizza place's number and orders our dinner. 

"Let's give each other make overs, yeah?" She turns to me and asks as I drop my stuff on her bed. 

"Sure. Whatever" I say back, not really caring what we do. I only want to eat. 

"You first then, sit down on the bed while I grab my make up" And with that she disappears into her bathroom.

"Are you even coming back?" I call out to her after 10 minutes of waiting. And with that she pops back into the room, arms full of different beauty products. 

"Ready River?" She asks, pulling a silly face. I just roll my eyes and smile back.

"Yes. My body is ready" I throw my head back and close my eyes. 

"Sicko. Now look at me" And she starts her process of transforming me into whatever kind of monster she chooses. 

Half an hour later...

"Done! Magnifique!" She exclaims, trying her best at a french word. I move to grab the mirror, but she slaps my hand away. "No! Not yet"

"But you just said I was done! C'mon! I want to see the disaster you made me into!" She just holds the mirror behind her back and shakes her head. "You have to answer the door when the delivery guy gets here before you can see!" 

Her best evil laughter fills the room so I can hardly hear the door bell ring. "Speak of the devil..."

I trot down the stairs and swing around the corner to answer the door. I'm wearing the same clothes I was earlier, so my monster make up shouldn't be too scary. I still have no idea what my face looks like, but knowing Celeste, it's probably horrid.

I switch the lock on the door and swing it open. My mouth falls to the floor when I see who's behind it. Connor, Tristan, Brad, and James all stand on the doorstep holding multiple bags and boxes of food. We stand in silence for what seems like a long time before James speaks up.

"Um, may we come in?" James asks, and I step aside letting them through. Tristans the last one in.

Before he passes by me he whispers something in my ear "You look really pretty River" and my hand automatics touches my cheek, making me wonder even more what I look like. 

"Celeste is up stairs in her room, you can go up if you want. Excuse me" I shut the door behind me and head into the nearest bathroom flicking on the light when I enter. 

A little gasp escapes my mouth when I see what she did to my face. She must have arranged them to come so she made me look really pretty. Light coloured lip gloss, eyelashes re-done with a lighter mascara to make them look like little butterfly wings. All natural make up making me look very fresh faced. I will admit, even I think I look beautiful. Usually I do my mascara pretty heavy and have eye liner on. I should try the more natural look more often.

As I walk up the stairs I can hear laughs and chill music coming from Celeste's room. I sneak into the room, and mouth the words 'thank you' to Celeste as I sit on the floor with my back leaning against her bed. She just smiles and winks at me like it was no big deal. 


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