When the lights fade out

I knew that a promise wouldn't make them stay, so that's why I told them that if they don't, I'll make sure that they go on stage in just their briefs. Needless to say, it totally worked.
River finds herself signed up for being the temporary assistant stylist for The Vamps. She doesn't want to do it because she thinks that all the practice she needs is inside her high school classroom. Will four boys be able to change her mind, or will they just make her never want to see them again?


3. Gotcha

After about 20 minutes, the boys shuffle back over and find a spot on the couch to set down their piles of clothes they each picked out. I study what they chose, trying to find common themes and pick out what colours look best. 

"Okay, so are you guys playing indoors?" I ask none of them in particular, eyes still on the clothes.

"Yup" James replies and I nod, my mind racing.

"Okay...So Tristan, you're just gonna wear a t-shirt, so pick two or three that you like" I tell him, not really thinking about what I'm saying.

"Just a t-shirt?" He jokes, knowing I'm not paying attention to my words. 

"Oh, sorry! I mean like, you don't need a jacket" I can feel my cheeks getting red. Great. He smiles and sifts through his pile. I look over to the rest of them, taking a deep breath.


An hour passes and I have a set for each of them all set up that they like. Now we're working on the second set, and it's proving to be harder because they picked all the things they liked best for the first one. 

"Well, why don't you guys try on your first set so I can see how it fits and make any changes if needed" I suggest, turning down the volume of the radio so we can get down to business. All of a sudden, they all pull off their shirts and I'm left standing gawking at the amount of toned abs before my eyes. I quickly turn around, letting them change and hearing snickers coming from them. Knowing I'm probably blushing like an idiot, I peek in the mirror to look and sure enough, I am. I also see the boys in the back laughing harder when they see my face. In their boxers. 

"Aha she's blushing!" Connor exclaims, pointing at my face in the mirror. I look away, but not before James catches my eye and mouths the word 'sorry' at me.

A few more minutes go by before Brad says "You can turn around now. We're decent" And I do.

They all look great.  Black skinny jeans are the common theme on them. James has a short sleeve light blue button down shirt on, Brad has a maroon colored t shirt on, Connor wears a red, blue, and purple tie dyed shirt, and Tristan has a plain white shirt on. When Ida said they were easy to dress, I didn't think she meant this easy. 

"Well James you look great, I think this is a good first set. What do you think?" I turn my head towards James, waiting for him to answer.

"Yeah, I like it" He looks into the mirror and does a few turns to see himself all the way around.

"It really makes your eyes pop" I walk over to a box filled with different bracelets and pick out a few for him. "Put these on please. The rest of you don't need to stand around waiting for me to get to you. Just stay close" I turn my attention to the rest of them, smiling as they shuffle out of the room. I catch Tristan saying something about Ida never letting them leave, and I wonder why that would be. They don't seem too bad, other than showing up late. 

"Okay, so you can move around all right in it?" I ask James. He moves his arms around and jumps up and down once, landing with a satisfied smile on his lips. He always has a hint of a smile on his face, I notice.

"Everything feels and looks good" He turns his smiled lips towards me, and I match it "Sorry for scaring you when we came in, we thought you were Ida"

"Oh don't worry about it!" I chime, feeling most comfortable with James. He's just calm, quiet, and nice. I pick out a nice white t shirt and a charcoal colour button up with the sleeves rolled. Handing them to him I turn around and wait for him to give the 'okay' so I can look. When he does, He has the shirt buttoned up, and it doesn't look right. I walk over to him and start unbuttoning it. When I get to the bottom, The other boys run past the open door and I can hear one of them yell "River's undressing James!!!" the voice echoing through the hallways. James chuckles and I take a step back, looking at my finished work. 

"Looks good. You like?" I ask him, putting away the rest of the clothes he chose. 

"Yeah, you're doing a great job for your first day" He comments, changing back into his original clothing. 

"Thanks, you guys are pretty easy though" I reply, poking my head into the hallway and looking right and left for Brad. I can't see or hear any of the boys.

"They're probably hiding" James says quietly. I can feel him behind me, also with his head in the hallway. 

"Then let's go find them" I say back, matching his tone. A smile creeping up on my face as we slink down the hallways trying to be quiet. We come to a big open concrete area with some golf carts and tables lining one of the walls. 

"Where the heck are they? We've been looking for like, 20 minutes now!" I exclaim, getting annoyed at the fact that I could have had Brad done by now if they had stayed close like I told them to. "You don't think they left the building, do you?"

"Nah. Let me text Tris" James whips out his phone and sends a text to Tristan. Within two minutes we here a loud bang and the screech of tires as a golf cart whizzes past us, being driven by none other than Tristan. Connor and Brad hang off the back, laughing as waving at us as they tear around the corner and disappear from sight. Anger rises in me as I run over to another cart and turn the key. I drive and slow when James is next to me.

"Coming?" I ask, looking innocent and mad at the same time. James just jumps into the seat next to me and we ride after the other boys. 

I slam my foot down on the gas, making it hit the floor. We can hear the shouts and laughter in front of us, but we just can't see them yet. 

"Why wont this thing go any faster!" I yell at no one in particular. 

"It's a golf cart. It's suppose to go slow so the old people don't freak out when driving it" He tells me, and I throw him a half smile while keeping my eyes on the hall. I turn around a corner, and my half smile turns into a full smile when Tristan's cart comes into full view. I do a double take on James as he pulls a megaphone out from under the seat. He switches it on and hits the 'police siren' setting so a loud whoop echos over and over again. Tristan looks behind at us and winks, driving even faster.

"How is he doing that? He can't be going faster!" I boom, pressing down on the gas even though I know it's not going to go faster. 

"Pull over your vehicle please!" James yells into the mega phone. Tristan just keeps on driving, getting farther and farther ahead of us. A few more seconds pass and we can't see their cart anymore. I swear under my breath, stopping our cart. 

"Now what?" I ask James, not expecting any ideas back. 

"This track goes in a loop. We could head back the way we came and be waiting for them" He suggests, leaning back into the seat. My face lights up.

"That's bloody brilliant!" I pull the cart into reverse and head back the way we came. We park at the end of a long hallway, right in the middle of the track so they can't get past us. James grabs the megaphone and climes out, standing on the right side of the cart. I stand on the left with my arm crossed and my best war face on. A few yells bounce down the hall and I know that they're about to turn the corning into our hallway. When they come roaring into view, I can see that none of them are looking ahead, which means that they haven't noticed that we're in the way. They all have goofy smiles on their faces, but when Tristan turns around to face us, his smile quickly fades and the screech of tires fill the hall.

"Gotcha" I say, smiling mischievously. 




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