When the lights fade out

I knew that a promise wouldn't make them stay, so that's why I told them that if they don't, I'll make sure that they go on stage in just their briefs. Needless to say, it totally worked.
River finds herself signed up for being the temporary assistant stylist for The Vamps. She doesn't want to do it because she thinks that all the practice she needs is inside her high school classroom. Will four boys be able to change her mind, or will they just make her never want to see them again?


2. 45 minutes

The next few days consisted of homework, listening to The Vamps, and more homework. Celeste showed me every video and every song by them so that I know how big of a deal this is. She made me promise that I would get their autographs and Brad's number. She's at my house helping me pick out my outfit to meet them. I told her it wasn't a bit deal about what I wear, because I'm there to pick what the band in going to wear. Never the less, she insisted on helping me.

"Put these jeans on" She chucks a pair of jeans at me from her place in my closet where she's digging through my clothing. I take off my sweats and pull my jeans on, wiggling my legs and jumping up and down a few times because they're so tight. She turns around and sees me struggling with them, letting out a sigh.

"I told you to stop eating those crisps you always have. Now you can barely fit into your jeans" She looks at me and tilts her head. I give her a sarcastic smile back, rolling my eyes when she looks away and pulling off the jeans.

"I'm not getting fat. I just haven't worn these jeans in a while" I say because it's the truth. But the other truth is that I do need to stop eating all the junk food I come across. I would never let her know she's right though.

"Whatever helps you sleep at night" She says back smiling. Then she tosses a pair of tights and light blue denim shorts at me. She pulls out three different tops, holding them up one after the other trying to decide which one. As she does, I walk past her into my closet and grab a white t-shirt with a black wolf on it and a brown knit button up sweater. She looks impressed when she see's what I've put together.

"I don't know why you wanted to help me. Everyone knows I can already do that on my own" I state, slapping on some leather bracelets.

"Oh I know. I just wanted to eat your food!" She flops down on my bed and grabs the bag of gummy worms laying on my pillow.

"And after you just lectured me on not eating junk food!" I tease and she rolls her eyes, laughing. I glance at the clock and it reads 11:13 am on it. I have to be downtown by 12:00, with traffic we should probably leave in the next five minutes. Celeste will be driving because she's almost a year older than me and already has her licence. Me on the other hand never had time to actually take my test. I can drive a car, just not legally. 

I quickly take my long light brown hair out of its braid so that it falls in waves down my back. I don't think I'm beautiful, but people might say otherwise. I always compare myself to other girls who are smaller in the waist, taller, or have nicer hair. It's hard being friends with Celeste for those reasons, because she 's perfect. Long blonde hair, icy blue eyes, tiny waist and long legs. She's the girl all the guys want. Me on the other hand, not so much.

Celeste gives me a thumbs up as I climb into her mums car, and we head downtown. It takes us 35 minutes to get down to the small arena in the middle of downtown. We park on the side of the street a block away. Celeste gives me a hug and whispers good luck into my ear before she walks towards the shops and I towards the arena. 

As soon as I enter through the big brass doors, a girl in her late twenties comes up to me with a clip board and sticks out her hand.

"You must be River Johnson. I'm Ida, The Vamps' wardrobe stylist." I shake her hand and she motions for me to follow her into this quiet room with racks of clothing on the left wall. There are a line of mirrors on the right wall when you walk in, and tables with accessories on it. Some black comfy looking couches are placed in the middle of the room on an orange rug to balance out the white wall paint. 

"Are you at all familiar with the boys' styles?" She turns and asks me, and I notice she has a hint of a Scottish accent. 

"Not really..." I reply shyly smiling, as if I knew I should have done more research on the band. 

"That's fine. They're pretty easy to dress" She tells me as she pulls a rack out a few feet from its place next to the wall. "Basically you have a couple hours to pick out two outfits for them each. It doesn't matter to me how you choose, just as long as everyone's happy. If some clothing doesn't fit for whatever reason, there's sewing material in the closet over there that you can use to tailor. I doubt you'll need to though. Any questions?"

"I don't think so, it all seems pretty straight forward" I state, combing through my hair with my hand. Ida looks at her watch and bites her lip.

"The boys should be here by now, but they're always late. I wish I could stay to help you get started, but I have another commitment I have to go to. You'll be alright?" She asks, looking up from her watch.

"Yeah, should be fun" I say, with not as much enthusiasm as I'd hope to come out. She smiles kindly at me before she leaves the room and carries on down the hall. I sigh and look around, deciding to browse the clothing to see what I have to work with. The jeans are the first things I go through, seeing coloured and regular. Next come the shirts, most with designs or some sort of pattern on them. There is a rack of jacket and hoddies, and a shelf with assorted shoes. 

I go through everything, and when I'm done I plop down on the couch and text Celeste.

-Been waiting for these guys to show up for 45 mins now -.-

I send it and get a reply almost right away. 

-What? Really? That's ridiculous! :0

-Yeah I know, typical boy band issues :/ They're probably all stuck up idiots...

It takes her a few minutes to reply, so I pull out my head phones and crank the music. 

-Maybe, guess you'll find out

-If they ever show up...

After I send that text, two people jump over the back of the couch landing on either side of me. I pull of my headphones only to hear them laughing and shouting as I shoot up from my spot on the couch. 

"What the...?" Their laughing dies down quickly, and one has a confused look oh his face.

"Who are you?" The brown curly haired one asks me. I can't remember his name. 

"I'm your sort of...stylist I guess, for tomorrows show" I say, heart still racing from being scared by them jumping on the couch.

"Cool. So did you win a contest or...?" he asks, leaving the end of the question open.

"No. My teacher signed me up. I didn't know till a few days ago" I nervously tug on my hair as I reply.

"Cool" He says again "Well I'm Brad"

"Connor" Says the shorter blue eyed one. 

"James" says the taller blue eyed one.

"I'm Tristan" The blonde one adds.

"I'm River" I give a little wave and smile. "Do you guys want to get started?" I motion towards the clothing racks. They nod and wait for more instruction.

"Just... pick out the things you like. Maybe make a pile. Don't worry about matching yet" And with that they all walk over to the racks, Connor cracking a joke to make Tristan laugh. I open up the closet doors and find a CD player that I plug in and turn the radio on. Music fills the room, and I smile and bop my head along.


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