Harry and the Assistant

With One Direction's hactic and bizzar schedule, it's simply not possible to keep tabs of every interview, concert, and benefit that they must attend to. The band finally decides that it is time to get an assitant! But this is no ordinary assitant, and Harry senses this when she first steps her heel through the door. A certain chemistry forms between the two, which leads the two love birds to wonder, how long can they keep up this secret affair?


18. Why won't you sit on my lap?

A couples of weeks had past, and the dating couple were slowly saddening as their vacation was coming to an end. The tour would resume once more, and they would have to get back to work. Harry would return to his singing, and Bridget would eventually have to return to just being his assistant.

Working in an environment where she would have to PRETEND they were not dating

They were not officially boyfriend and girlfriend

But they were indeed going out...

The boys seemed to take a liking to Bridget as well. She was everything they could have wanted for Harry, not loud, devious, greedy, or needy, but just a simple sweet girl who liked him for his heart. It was about time Harry had that.

Sitting in the kitchen on the tour bus, Bridget thought about

How this whole mess even began.

I tired to resist him, really, I did. It just got so difficult to, I mean how sweet he is and kind…I really just can’t help myself.

Suddenly startled, she looked up to find that the door knob to the tour bus was rattled open.

But her nerves were settled when she saw who it was walking up the steps.


“Hello Love”, he said kissing her cheek before joining her at the table.

“Hi, Harry”, she replied sweetly while still focusing her attention on her agenda and paper work.

“So I was wondering something”, he began


“Why you never do work while sitting on my lap”, he smirked

“Because, I am a total complete and fat slob that would probably break your legs”, she laughed sarcastically

This is why I like this girl, he thought, she just challenges me too much, he smiled. “I’m taking that as a no for sitting on my lap then?”

“Yes, Harry”

“Yes, you’ll sit on my lap?”, he exclaimed in hope

“Yes as in no, I will not sit on your lap”, she smiled

“Really”, he said getting up. “And there is nothing that I could do to change that lovely mind of yours?”


“Okay then. Wait, is that Niall taking question from an unemployed paparazzi that could possibly tarnish the band’s name?”, Harry asked pointing towards the window

“What?! Where”, Bridget panicked

Without ant further questioning, Harry snatched Bridget’s notes and ran towards the back of the tour bus laughing hysterically.

“HARRY!!”, she yelled. “Damn it!!”

Bridget then ran throughout the bus chasing Harry, looking like two children running across the landscape of a sunned breath taking park, regardless of it just being the inside of a large tour bus.

She couldn’t hide her laughter either after what seemed like an hour of hide and seek, until she finally caught up with the tall sweaty male before her.

“Give me my notes now Harry!”, she panted while trying to keep a serious face.

“I don’t wanna”, he said while climbing up to her bunk. “If you want the notes, come up here and get them”

Bridget felt her cheeks flush at the thought of joining Harry in her bed once more. Her mind raced to the memory of the first that they were in this bed after she had taken her shower; thus, sweeping her up onto her comfort and leading to them making out in Bridget’s bunk.

“Just so you know”, she said while climbing up the bed to join Harry. “I only came up here to grab my notes from you. I have no attentions of participating in anything more”, she mocked while sticking her tongue out

“Is that so?” he questioned while dropping her notes on the floor and hooking his arms around her waist and quickly swiping his tongue across hers.

Their eyes wanted each other from the moment they met the bed echoed

“Yes…that…that is so”, she replied. She hadn’t even noticed that she was already laying on his chest and staring into his charming breathtaking eyes.

Damn it, I hate this control that he has over me. How is he just able to make me melt and cater to his every whim? It is seriously starting to irritate me

And turn me on, nonetheless…

“You want your notes so bad? Then I wanna hear you beg for them”, he smirked while swiftly switching their positions, causing Bridget to be on the bottom.


Before she could react, he planted his lips softly on to the left side of her neck, leaving her wanting more with his endless kisses.

“Come on Bridget, I want you to beg for me”, he murmured against her soft shaken skin.

“Harold”, she moaned while trying to keep her stature.

His kisses became hungrier and more aggressive, as he removed her blouse from her body leaving her in a plain white bra.

“Baby, I love it when you call me Harold. Moan it again…”

He brought his hand to the opening of her legs and gently squeezed in lusting pain.

“Mmmmm, Harold”, she said letting her eyes roll in pure pleasure.

Bridget began to feel the budge in Harry’s crotch grow harder with great length. He didn’t hesitate to remove her bra next and stare her in her eye.

“Is…is this okay?” he asked her before he continued.

Damn it, why did you stop? Bridget thought to herself. Wait, no it all makes sense. Look where we are and what we’re doing? He’s just being a gentleman by asking.

Before she could think twice about her answer, Bridget found herself nodding her head in agreement to Harry’s question.

With that, he slowly began to bend his head down to her chest, kissing and circulating his tongue around her cleavage area in relief. Bridget felt her hips move slightly off the bed, as Harry’s texture of tongue blended in with her sensual skin.

“Come on baby, you know I can just keep teasing you until you beg for me right?” he questioned by slowly moving his tongue from her chest area to the lower area of her stomach.

“Gosh, what do you want from me?” she asked. Her breaths became more rapid, more unbalanced as she held unto the head board for support.

“I want you to admit you want this, or I’ll just make it more and more harder for you”, he smiled while moving his tongue even slower around the perimeter of her belly button.

“I…I admit nothing”, Bridget stammered while smiling and feeling satisfied with herself. Ha, she thought. Take that Harry!

“Alright”, he warned. “But you asked for this”, he concluded winking

He made sure each kiss was so and pleasurable until he saw her two swells resting on her body before her.

“Damn baby, you didn’t tell you had such an amazing and sexy body like this”

She blushed, and before she had time to thank him for his generous comment, his mouth was already circulating and sucking on her left nipple in pleasure.

Bridget could no longer contain her hormones, as she gripped the silver bed frame tighter and tighter; her knuckles turning a pale white. Her bottom lip would soon suffer a small leaf of pain at the continuation of her biting down on it in pure pleasure. She felt her vision slowly began to blur, and her mind quickly became clouded with thoughts of Harry’s sexual tension.

“Come on baby, say that you want me”, he said slowly nibbling on her chest’s nip while staring at her in command.

“Oh yes, god I want you Harry”, she said without hesitation. She could hold in her emotion no longer as he winked to her then moved down to the center of her breast in lustful kisses.

“You know I could always make you feel this way. Any time you want, anytime you wish”, he murmured against her skin before moving to the right location of her breast.

“Mmmm, yes I know baby”, she moaned

Wait, what did I just call him

“You should know”, he said sucking even harder and hungrier. “You should know how I make you feel”, he lusted

Who gives a fuck? I’m done holding back. I want him now…

“And I like that second name even better”, he said moving his lips aggressively to the crook in the left side of her neck. “Not tell me you want me again”

He then stuck his tongue out and moved in slow motion across her neck bone to the location of her bottom lip. He did this while fingering her left breast with his index finger and caressing her his right hand on her mid rib section.

“Fuck it, I want you!”, she practically yelled.

“You want who?”, he said while tonguing her throat and quickening the past of his finger on her nipple.

“Shit… yes..., I …want you... Harrry”, she managed to say while the taste of his fresh breath entered her taste buds.

“I know you do baby. Damn, I know you do Bridget”, he whispered against her ear while making his mouth back up to hers.

“HARRY?!?!, IS THAT YOU?!?”, a voice shouted from the front of the bus.

The two barley had time to react as they heard the foot steps of the bus slowly approaching Bridget’s bunk.

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