Harry and the Assistant

With One Direction's hactic and bizzar schedule, it's simply not possible to keep tabs of every interview, concert, and benefit that they must attend to. The band finally decides that it is time to get an assitant! But this is no ordinary assitant, and Harry senses this when she first steps her heel through the door. A certain chemistry forms between the two, which leads the two love birds to wonder, how long can they keep up this secret affair?


12. This one is worth fighting for

Bridget laid in bed that night thinking of Harry...remembering his every touch...his every kiss...and she wanted more

Nay, she needed more

What's wrong with me? It so isn't like me to get this strung over some guy?...

But this was no ordinary guy, this was Harry Styles...THE Harry Edward Styles of One Direction, and Bridget realized this....

A guy so beautiful that looking at him made one feel as though they were not worthy enough to withstand  such art. Eyes so deep and gorgeous that it literally makes my knees buckle every time I stare into his lovely British soul. Hair more fair than an outstanding knight originating from King Author's round table of bravery. Muscles rippling from every arm with strength, ability, and stamina. A dazzling white smile that lit up a room...And I just can't stop thinking about him...

She was suddenly interrupted from her deep thoughts by a loud vibration on the large desk...A text message...from Harry

Can't sleep, thinking about you

Bridget smiled at the text message before her. She grinned from ear to ear, and bit her bottom lip in absolute delight as she responded to the text message....

Likewise ;)...just a little anxious to know where were going tomorrow

It only took Harry within a minute to respond to the text message he received:

It's going to be lovely, just like you...

"Awwn", Bridget said quietly to herself. And she couldn't stop smiling as she set the phone beside her on the bed. She didn't want to text him back. Bridget was a little prideful, and she felt she would lose the little pride she did have if she replied with a love struck text message stating goodnight. She didn't want to give Harry that satisfaction: At least not yet, she thought smiling to herself. She then fell asleep thinking of Harry...

This may be it...this just may be the one...

Harry laid in bed staring at the ceiling. He figured that Bridget fell asleep after he received no text message from her in response to his. He hadn't felt this happy in a long time. No girl had ever made him this determined to work hard for her affection. Most of the girls he met were willing to get to know his manhood and not his heart, which was the reason why Harry was known in the tabloids as being a "playboy" or a "womanizer". He found himself searching for the right girl as often as he could, and each one of them had proven to him to be the same; nothing but liars and deceivers. However, it was always the crying girls with the false stories of pity that the paparazzi believed; thus, painting Harry as the bad guy. None of these accusations were true, and he was thrilled that Bridget was able to realize this and give him a chance. He then eventually drifted off to sleep thinking of the tall beauty who captured his heart...


Bridget's eyes slowly fluttered open to the bright morning sun that showed through her large window escaped balcony. She sleepily smiled at the beautiful sight before her. She could literally see almost all of London from that point of view, and the fact that Harry made it all possible made her smile spread even wider. She turned over in bed and looked at her clock. All of her happiness instantly drained from her face when she saw the time.

9:30AM!!!!!!!!!!! SON OF A WARLOCK, I'M LATE!

She quickly jumped out of bed and ran to her dresser where she instantly pulled out a white and black pants suit, a tooth brush, a pink robe, mouth wash, soap, floss, deodorant and a bathing towel. She then ran to the large bathroom and quickly stripped every piece of clothing from her panicked body before turning the steaming water on and taking a quick 10 minute shower. She felt disgusted with herself, for she felt that a ten minute shower was not nearly enough time to properly have her body cleansed of all its dirt and grime; nonetheless, she had no time to thoroughly engage her self in bathing, her job now depended on her carless punctuation. She barley gave herself three minutes to dry as she slipped the pants suit over her overly still damped body and attempted to brush her teeth at the same time. As her long blonde hair spurred droplets of water into every direction of the bathroom with every turn ofher  head, she barley had time to use the mouthwash and floss to get rid of the morning breath still lingering in her mouth from her night's beauty rest. When she was finally done composing herself in the bathroom, she ran to her bed in what seemed nano time as she dug through her bag and took inventory of her clipboard, extra sheets of paper.


Realizing it was her cell phone, she viciously grabbed it from the messy bed sheets and cover, threw it into her purse bag, grabbed her room key card put on her gray flats, threw that into the purse as well, and ran out of the beautiful suite that captured the once, now panicked, heart beating in her nervous body.


After running down the hall for about a good 2 minutes, she soon realized that she didn't even know the whereabouts of Harry's room. And the hotel was so massive in size, that it would be next to nearly impossible for Bridget to set out on a quest for the pop star's room. Cursing underneath her grim mouth, she rummaged through her bag looking for her cell phone. She scrolled down the contacts until she reached the H section of her phone. Instantly, she discovered Harry's name and quickly pressed call. She held the phone up to her ear in desperation, saying silent prayers in her mind that Harry would pick up. She then heard a ruffled noise in the background of the phone.

"Hello?!", Bridget asked in a hurry

A voice then yawned over the phone before it finally answered to a worried Bridget desperate to hold on to her job

"...Bridget?", A sleepy Harry asked sensing the panic and fear in her voice. "Are you alright?"

"YEA, YEA, I'M FINE!", Bridget said not realizing she was yelling, which was something that she often did when she was under stress. "WHAT'S YOUR ROOM NUMBER!"

"408, but why...."

And she hung up the cell not giving Harry a chance to comprehend anything that just happened. Bridget ran back down a couple of doors from the spot that she was currently standing in, and ignored the many curious faces in the hallway staring at her as if she was a walking circus.

Finally arriving to room 408, Bridget furiously knocked on the door. About 10 seconds later, she discovered a sleepy Harry, wearing nothing but boxer shorts, rub his left eye with his left knuckle as he opened the door and a nervous wreck Bridget walked in.


"Harry, we have a lot to accomplish today", Bridget stated taking out her pen and notebook. "You have to meet with the executives of your labeling company to discuss possible songs for your third album coming out in November and sign....". But before she continued, she stared in disbelief at Harry, giving him a look of bewilderment and curiosity "Harry, why aren't you dressed?!?!?!", she exclaimed.

Harry chuckled before he responded. Seeing the dampness in her strands of hair, the pants suit dissolving into her wet skin, and the look of a thousand questions emerging in the pupil of her eyes, he still couldn't help but to find every inch of the panicked British girl standing before him absolutely beautiful.

 "Because my love...." Harry stared out as he smirked and closed the suite door behind the two." I'm on vacation and so are you"

Bridget quickly felt her face grow red with anger, humiliation, and plain stupidity

I can't believe I forgot that I was on vacation...what the fudge is wrong with me? Seriously, I'm just not staying focused

"What's wrong with me?", Bridget muttered to herself. "How could I forget we were on a break?...god I'm so stupid", she said to herself in utter disappointment.

She turned her back to Harry, so he could not see how stupid she felt. Shame engulfed her whole body as she trembled in anger at this stupid mistake.

I look like a fool

Harry then wrapped his arms around her waist from behind her, holding her close to his warm caring scent. She didn't let go either. The first time Harry held her, she felt her nerves overtake her system. Now, she became immune to his touch and wanted him to continue to hold her...It was as if she almost needed him to keep her sane at that moment, for she no longer felt sanity in her mind. But with Harry holding her with such tender care, everything was clear from that moment on.

I like this boy

And as if reading her mind from her thoughts, Harry kissed her neck, held her more tightly, then answered her thoughts

"You know, it is okay to make mistakes, I make them all the time Bridget...and I like you too", he winked

Bridget snickered and turned around to face him in absolute amazement.

"Here I am dressed like I just came from a horror film, my hair is a disgrace, and I feel like crap, but yet you still hold me as though you just met me...how?"

"Because I don't care about your clothes or your hair. I care about you...", he replied with passion in his hear

And what Bridget did next, stunned Harry. And if you asked him to this very day how he knew Bridget was the one, he would tell you this exact moment:

Bridget placed his arms around her waist again and wrapped her arms around his neck as she passionately leaned in and kissed him.

I can't believe SHE kissed me FIRST....Bridget White kissed me first...

After kissing Harry for what seemed an eternity, she noticed his hand beginning to explore her thigh. She then smiled and removed it.

"Woah, don't get too excited Styles, you still owe me that date later today", Bridget snickered

"Of course", Harry said smiling and thinking to himself

This one is worth fighting for





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