Harry and the Assistant

With One Direction's hactic and bizzar schedule, it's simply not possible to keep tabs of every interview, concert, and benefit that they must attend to. The band finally decides that it is time to get an assitant! But this is no ordinary assitant, and Harry senses this when she first steps her heel through the door. A certain chemistry forms between the two, which leads the two love birds to wonder, how long can they keep up this secret affair?


6. The 4am meeting

I hope Paul didn't tell her how I needed personal help and stuff. I don't want this girl to think of me as less than a man

These thoughts and many more ran through Harry's mind as he got up to have his first one on one with Bridget. Or as Paul would say, "An all strictly professional meeting". Paul wanted Bridget and Harry to meet very early today so Bridget could go over all of the necessities of Harry's schedule for the day. They were to discuss this...nothing less...and certainly nothing more...

Paul was nuts...any man who wanted to have nothing but just a "strictly professional relationship" with a girl like that clearly had no eyes, no feelings....and absolutely no heart to feel those feelings with. But what more can I do? Paul would kill me if I got involved with her. And most importantly, he would fire Bridget, and I wouldn't let that live on my soul. She worked hard to get where she is, and I have no right to ruin that.

But Harry knew himself too well to know that just because he thought long and hard about something, and even felt like he was determined to stick with it, didn't mean that he would go through with that plan...for it was one of his greatest flaws that he was too proud to admit to himself.

Just because Harry thought he wasn't going to get involved with Bridget, didn't mean that he would actually do it. And Bridget sensed this as Harry walked into the kitchen on the tour bus.

This time of day stood exactly at 4am, and everyone on the tour bus was sound asleep except for Harry, Bridget, and the driver of course. Bridget wore a low cut white blouse with a solid light blue ruffled skirt and some flats. She waited at the table with a notebook, agenda, pen, and, most importantly, attentiveness.

I will focus on only his problems and solutions to how I can fix them. And I have to admit, for it to only be 4am, I don't look too shabby either.

Bridget thought about this as she smiled to herself as Harry came to the table

Why is she smiling? Is she thinking about me? Maybe she does have somewhat of an interest...

And Harry smirked about this to himself as he pulled out a chair and sat across the table from Bridget

And both parties had smiles on their faces, wondering why the other person was smiling.

Okay, I guess it's time for me to get this over with. No games...strictly business, but I don't have to be an entire stick in the mud. I don't think it hurts to ask him how he's feeling.

And with that thought, Bridget was the first person to talk

"Good morning Mr. Styles", she said smiling. "May I ask how your doing this morning?"

"Love, you don't have to call me Mr.Styles", said Harry. "Please, just call me Harry, or Hazza if you will"

I actually prefer Harry

Harry it is then", she said. "Moving on, now today you have..."

"Wait, I thought you wanted to know how my morning was going", he smiled

"Sure, please tell me about it", she said trying to hide the nerves slowly attempting to emerge from her voice.

"Well when your not wearing a shirt, the bus definitely lets off a little breeze with the AC on", he said

It was then when Bridget did notice that Harry wasn't wearing a shirt on his body. She couldn't help but to roam her eyes over the many artistic designs engulfed into his skin, from the large ship to the solid black heart, and to many other sayings written across his muscular body.

The overly large and beautiful body art in the middle of his chest was just too much to handle. I noticed how the butterfly fluttered in absolute liberation...and the two beautiful swallows looking over in the horizon of the butterfly's freedom. It was truly a work of art. A work of art that seemed to hold a certain power over me...What question did I ask him again?

"Oh, do you like them?", said Harry smiling at her admiration

"Excuse me?", said Bridget pretending not to know what he was talking about

"The Tats...yea, I've regretted most of these, but I actually appreciate the ones that hold near and dear to me", he said

His voice...the way he said that sounded so...so...mesmerizing...sweet...passionate

Bridget, realizing what she was doing, quickly erased these thoughts from her mind.  This conversation was not going where she needed it to go, and it was starting to make her feel highly uneasy.

"Mr. Styles..."she began

"I think you meant to say Harry", he said winking

Those hazel brown eyes. The way they winked back at me...it was just unbearable

"Harry", she began again. "I don't mean to sound rude, but we have to stay focused"

There ya go Bridget. That's how you do it. Lay down the law, and let him know whose boss. I don't care how deep and gorgeous those eyes may look, you are not going to swim any deeper in them.

Bridget, ignoring her own question about Harry's well being, decided to go straight into their needed topic of discussions.

"Now, you have a concert in the UK starting from 7:00pm to 9:00 pm later today. Now from the moment that you and the rest of the boy arrive there, the stage manager will let you know up front what songs you will be preforming. You will arrive at the arena approximately at 5:00pm which gives you more than enough time to rehearse or ask any questions that you have concerning the performance. However, before all of that begins, you meet with the producers of your film today to talk about a proper scheduling time, and you will also be going over edits for the film at 9am today. As you can see here, I have taken the liberty of writing down your entire schedule for the day in this notebook which includes your schedule for the rest of the week, important cell phone numbers, and even my own cell phone number. Before I continue, do you have any questions? Am I moving too fast for you?", she asked.

Harry sensed the look in her eyes...that look clearly showed that she was hiding something...


I can tell that you want to stay in control, that you want to push me further away from you. But I hope you know, Bridget, there is a deeper part within me that just simply won't allow that to happen...

And with this in mind, Harry continued

"So you gave me your phone number", he said with a smirk

What?! Did he just completely miss everything I just said. Out of all of that highly important information, all he caught was me stating that I left him my phone number? Is he pulling my leg right now?

So Bridget did her best to keep her composure. Like she said before, she wasn't going to let Harry brake her

"Yes, Harry", she said smiling. "I did leave you my number for business purposes"

"May I ask you a question then...for business purposes of course", he said

"Sure", she said feeling a bit nervous

"Can you stand up for me?", Harry asked

What does this possibly have to do with anything?

"May I ask why?", Bridget said nervously; in fact, with too many nerves than she could bear

"You'll see", he said

Ugh! why can't he wipe that grin off his face for like five minutes!

Bridget then stood up feeling her legs shaking a bit in the process. It was then when Harry stood up, grabbed her by the waist, and held her close looking deep into her eyes. She tried to avoid his look as much as possible. She was so lost for words, that she could say absolutely nothing. She struggled her hardest to ask why, to get some type, any type of answer from him, but no words escaped her astonished mouth

"Now if I was to stroke that beautiful blonde hair", he said rubbing his fingers through her golden locks. "Look you deep in those big brown heavenly eyes", he then slowly lifted her chin so they locked eyes with each other as they became the only two people on the bus. "And kissed you passionately on those perfect lips" he said; however, not kissing her. "Then would this relationship still be considered strictly professional", he asked whispering in her ear.

Yes, it would Harry...whatever it takes for you to kiss me...what am I thinking?....I'm letting him win...

So she said what she had to say in the best way she could, trying to show no emotion as much as possible

"I'm just your assistant Harry", she said trying to sound as firm as possible. "Nothing more"

He then held her even tighter to his body. Both of them breathing the same air. Her feeling his bare abs and muscles on her body. And him absorbing her soft silk blouse into his embrace.

"You do realize", Harry said whispering in her ear. "That you didn't say no to my question", he said smirking

He then slowly released Bridget from his arms.

"Now I hate to cut this meeting short, but I would like to get a couple of more hours of sleep before I meet with the producers for the film at 9", he said

Harry then winked at her before he headed to the back of the bus to his bunk, leaving Bridget shaken, confused, and heart heavy. And as much as she didn't want to admit it, she had one question on her mind that couldn't be ignore:

Why didn't he kiss me?






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