Harry and the Assistant

With One Direction's hactic and bizzar schedule, it's simply not possible to keep tabs of every interview, concert, and benefit that they must attend to. The band finally decides that it is time to get an assitant! But this is no ordinary assitant, and Harry senses this when she first steps her heel through the door. A certain chemistry forms between the two, which leads the two love birds to wonder, how long can they keep up this secret affair?


14. Stalk The Styles Part 2

Harry looked at his watch thinking to himself

Almost 7:00pm

His date with Bridget was coming closer and closer, and he found himself barley able to contain his excitement.

She's just so beautiful, gosh I hope I don't screw this up

After gathering the nerves to finally think, he stopped pacing the large hotel suite and sat on the bed.

Maybe I can text her? Maybe she'll respond to that

Meet me in the back of the hotel. I cannot wait to see you. Try to come outside by 7:10pm

He then received a text not too shortly afterwards from the blonde haired beauty that captured his heart.

 I can't wait either Harry. This is gonna be a night to remember, I can feel It :)

I can't believe it, she's actually starting to like me. I didn't even know this could be possible. Not a wonderful girl like Bridget.

Harry looked at the bright silver watch returning his reflection with a time yielding about 7:01pm.

He took a good look at himself in the mirror and admired his black tux, perfectly aligned hair, and a dozen roses that he held in his right hand ready to give to Bridget when he saw her. He then grabbed his room key from the desk, put his phone in his back pocket, and locked the door behind him humming a wondrous tune of a thousand birds.



Bridget looked at herself in the mirror wondering if she overdressed.

I mean he did tell me to look nice right? And technically, I am doing what he said...I still can't believe I'm starting to feel this way about Harry Styles...

She wore a white ruffled sleeveless dress that hung an inch above her knees. Her dress was decorated with yellow daisies, and made her look like a glowing angel falling from the skies of heaven. The wands she packed with her did miracles to her hair as perfectly golden locks hung evenly down her back. She wore white flats and had on a white coated watch decorated with glitter. Looking at the time, her watch read 7:05pm.


Well, I should get going. Harry said he wanted me downstairs in about five minutes anyway. Man I feel like I'm gonna puke

Taking one last look at herself in the mirror, she twirled, pretending to be a princess of some sorts, grabbed her room key, white handbag, and cell phone, throwing it all in there at once. Before leaving, she decided to give herself one last quick reminder:

"Okay Bridget", she said out loud to herself. "You can have fun, but not too much fun. Remember, at the end of the day, your just his assistant and nothing more"

However, the past couple of kisses they shared with each other made Bridget think something different...

She quickly pushed the thought out of her mind and left her suite closing the door behind her.



Harry stared in awe as Bridget walked towards him from the hotel door forwarding her step to his destination. He began to feel his right arm shaking that contained the roses. Harry couldn't remember the last time he had been this nervous to meet anyone. Not even the first time he saw Bridget's lovely face could compare to how stunning she looked now.

"Hi Harry", she said nervously walking up to him smiling.

"Bridget...uhm hi. You look....wow", and was all Harry could manage to say at the moment while his arm uncontrollably shaked handing her the roses

Bridget, grabbing the roses, blushed, giggled, and grinned from ear to ear all at the same time while shuffling her feet and staring at the pavement below her.

"I'm guessing I wore the right outfit huh?", she asked biting her bottom lip

Gosh, Harry thought. She just looks so innocent and adorable

"More than you'll ever know", replied Harry as he bent his head down to kiss her cheek.\

It didn't take long before she was gushing at Harry.

"Thanks for the roses", she said gratefully

"No uhm problem..", Harry replied

Bridget, beginning to feel a bit awkward, spoke first interrupting the lingering silence between the two

"Shall we?", she asked

"We shall", Harry stated while holding his hand out for her to grab ahold to.

And as Harry led Bridget to wherever their destination carried them, she enjoyed the comfort of her hand in his. How smooth and masculine his hand felt against her delicate soft hand. He held her hand as though it was a fragile flower, a vase that would break at any moment if it was not held with proper care, if you will.

Bridget had no idea where Harry was leading her to, but she was starting to worry. It seemed the further and further they walked away from the hotel, the more dark the forest before them laid ahead presumed. Nevertheless, Harry seemed to know exactly what the plans for their evening was, and since he was the one who so carefully planned the date, she felt she had no authority to object to his plans.


Finally, after what seemed like minutes of walking through an empty forest, she saw a stream of lights decorated in the circumference of the forest before them. A table stood in the middle of the lovely exterior, with two king sized silver chairs on each side, and on that table sat a lovely divine meal of steak, sparkling wine, potatoes, and fruits of every kind. A flaming three lit candle sat in the middle of the table drawing Bridget in as though she possessed the powers of a moth to a flame.

Harry looked at Bridget in amazement. He found it greatly extraordinary that he could seem to amaze her and draw life to her breath in the most appealing ways of beauty.

"Harry, I..." Bridget said as a tear streamed down her face. "No one has ever went through this much trouble for me before..."

Harry wiped her cheek. Realizing that a mere tear escaped her eye, she felt her cheeks blush a coat of embarrassment. Harry, seeing her embarrassment, whispered in her ear that it would be okay. They walked to the table still hand in hand with each other. He pulled her seat out for her and let her sit down before he scooted the chair close to the table. He scooted his chair out, sat down, and scooted closer to the table joining his date.


"How did you manage to do all this?", she asked stunned

"Let's just say I have my connections. Or maybe Hazza had the strength of many men to move the whole set down here himself", Harry said with a chuckle

Bridget found herself laughing at Harry's attempt to make her laugh. But soon stopped when she realized she wasn't the only one laughing.

Because somewhere behind a bush in this forest, a very distinguishable Irish laughed joined in with theirs.

A laugh that Harry knew too well, and a laugh that put anger, embarrassment, and confusion in his eye....




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