Harry and the Assistant

With One Direction's hactic and bizzar schedule, it's simply not possible to keep tabs of every interview, concert, and benefit that they must attend to. The band finally decides that it is time to get an assitant! But this is no ordinary assitant, and Harry senses this when she first steps her heel through the door. A certain chemistry forms between the two, which leads the two love birds to wonder, how long can they keep up this secret affair?


1. Poor Harry

Harry woke up with an excruciating pain throbbing in his head. Not another day of this he thought to himself.

Don't get me wrong, I am very grateful for my life. For the fans, the fame, and even all the laughs along the way. Sometimes.....I just wanna escape. I just wish there was an organized way to have everything together. To keep tabs of it all...maybe I wouldnt be so stressed then..maybe I would even know what my schedule was for today...what am I doing today??...

Harry was so lost in hig thoughts that he forgot why he awoke in the first place. The knocking on his door grew louder and more rapid.

Now what could they possibly want now?

When he opened the door, he saw his buddy and band mate Niall Horan standing at the door looking half asleep himself.

Niall was always so full of laughter and joy. There was barley one moment in his life where I knew him to not be smiling. To not have a smile on his face. But with our busy scheduel, I noticed his smile to slowly fade away each and every day.

"Sorry to wake you Harry, but we have a concert today and an interview before we go to it", Niall said in smpathy.

I was beginning to grow angry. How did I not know that we had a concert today? How did I not know we had an interview...How am I starting to not even know my ownself...

"Harry, you okay bud?", he said with a worried expression. "You seem just a bit spaced out now of days"...

"Yea, I'm fine Niall", he said lying through his phony smile.

"Wonderful", said Niall now smiling himself. "Get dressed and meet me and the boys down for breakfast", he said closing the door behind him.

Yea, I'm fine Niall....please....if only you knew...



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