Harry and the Assistant

With One Direction's hactic and bizzar schedule, it's simply not possible to keep tabs of every interview, concert, and benefit that they must attend to. The band finally decides that it is time to get an assitant! But this is no ordinary assitant, and Harry senses this when she first steps her heel through the door. A certain chemistry forms between the two, which leads the two love birds to wonder, how long can they keep up this secret affair?


17. Now, it really was the perfect date

She didn't care...

He didn't care...

And maybe that was why their evening was turning out to be this lovely...

Bridget laid on her side still wearing her appealing lingerie, while Harry laid right in front of her on his side still wearing his boxers. The food cloth of food was set in-between the two as they talked on and on about their lives with each other.


"What, they did not!", Bridget found herself in hysterical tears of joy. She was laughing so hard that she could barley breathe

"Yes, it turns out the woman wasn't even pregnant. The boys tricked me", Harry found himself laughing again, even though he told this story about a million times.

Telling Bridget, however, made it seem like it was the very first time...

"But enough about me love, tell me about yourself"

"Well, I grew up in Manchester, England. I was raised, by my Aunt there..."

"Your parents didn't raise you?", Harry asked curiously

"I rather not get into that right now", Bridget said. Her smile was quickly wiped off her face and replaced with hurt.

Harry realized that he was approaching Bridget's personal territory. She clearly didn't want to discuss that topic any further

And he wasn't going to make her

"I'm sorry, really, you don't have to talk about that if you don't want to", he soothed. "Please continue.

"Well, my Aunt Caroline is an amazing woman. She raised me to be the woman that I am today"

Harry smiled when he saw the glow that overtook her face when she talked about her Aunt.

"She's just wonderful. I went to school in Manchester too. Specifically from elementary school until my senior year of high school..."

"What about college?", Harry asked. Bridget began to laugh as she continued to look at Harry with happiness.

Wow, he sure is curious to know about my life

"Wait, I'm sorry, am I interrupting you too much?", he blushed when he realized how many question he was giving her, but all she did was laugh.

"No, your fine Harry", she smiled. "It wasn't that I didn't want to go to college; in fact, sometimes I feel guilty that I didn't pursue a higher education. During high school, I was really low on cash. I was really trying to find away to help Aunt Caroline with the bills. I didn't want the money for me, I wanted it for her. Then, my friend Jennifer recommended that I should become an assistant or something of that nature. I was always organized, I never lost anything, EVER, and I'm not even exaggerating", she laughed. "I looked on the internet and saw an ad to become an inter in training for Lady Gaga. It was a long shot, and I knew that the chances of me getting that job were very slim, but I went for it. And, believe it or not, I got the job. I always said that Gaga was nuts for taking a chance on a 15 year old girl with no working experience, but I always say she was my savior for it", she said with a twinkle in her eye


"Wow", Harry said awe struck. "That's quite the story..."

"I imagine that you want to know how I ended up here too?", Bridget asked while interrupting him this time around.

"Well, alright. Go for it ", Harry said in amazement.

"Well, I had been working for Mama Monster for a couple of years, and it was really some of the most amazing years of my life. Really, I enjoyed every bit of it. However, sometimes I still found I wasn't making enough to live off of, or provide for Aunt Caroline. Even when I turned 18, I was thinking about quitting, so I could probably go back to college. Cause let's face it, getting another job was pointless. I knew I wouldn't be able to find another job that was paying me more than what I was already getting paid. I even told Gaga about my situation. Then, she told me about One Direction. Just outta the blue, I swear she did! I was so busy working, that I didn't have any leisure time. I wasn't aware of what was hot or like popular these days in the media, I guess you could say? And apparently, from what I heard, One Direction was the hottest boy band happening in the world"

Harry smiled a bit. It gave him time to ponder about their band's successes and how rapidly popular they all became.

It seemed like it was overnight

"Then, Gaga told me how she recommended my services to Paul. She told me how the job paid more and everything. I couldn't thank her enough. Ya know, she told me how grateful she was for me and how it was really no problem. Paul hired me because he felt that if I could survive working this long with her, then I would survive even longer working with him", she concluded with a giggle.

Harry took a minute to look at her with admiration.

"You truly are spectacular", he said leaning in and kissing her softly on the lips. He began to clear the bed of their trash, wrapping it all in the cloth, and throwing it in the garbage. He hopped back in bed and laid down, crossing his arms and puting them behind his bed; laying there with a wondrous grin. She couldn't help but to smile at his biceps and tattoos engulfing her eyes with desire.

"Don't be afraid to touch them", Harry said smiling. She then crawled over to his side, with a grin on her face; her face was an extreme shade of red tomato. Bridget laid on his abs and starred into his eyes from her position.


"Harry, what  if..."she began. "What if this is a bad idea. I mean, like what if this doesn't work out?"

"Then, we'll make it work Bridget. We have to..."

"If Paul catches me, then I'll lose me job", she said sadly. "And then we'll never see each other again..."

"Woah Woah", Harry said sitting up. She moved down to his lap as he looked at her.

"If you were to over get fired, then you would NEVER lose me. Your job and me have two separate feelings for you. Don't you ever say that", he said in a serious tone

Wow, he really does care

"Gosh, you seem like you really care about me", she said. "I mean no other guy has ever seemed to care this much Harry

"Well, I do. And any guy who didn't, any guy who never cared about you, you and your beauty, was and is an idiot. Your too beautiful Bridget. Your just too damn beautiful to be ignored and treated badly. And I knew this the moment I laid my eyes on you. I knew that I had to have you. Just so I could be yours, and you could be mine"

"Thank you Harry", she said leaning up from his lap and kissing him with passion this time.

"I just have one question", Harry asked her

"Yes?", she asked

"What are we. Like what is our status?"

"Well..", and she thought about this for a minute. "We're just dating. If we do this Harry, then we have to do this on my timing okay?"

"Anything for you, my dear"

And he continued to kiss her, as they laid down in bed together. With the covers over the two, Bridget laid back down on Harry's chest, and he watched her slowly drift off into a deep sleep.

Starring at her, he couldn't help but to think to himself

I will make you mine one day

Now, it really was the perfect date...



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