Harry and the Assistant

With One Direction's hactic and bizzar schedule, it's simply not possible to keep tabs of every interview, concert, and benefit that they must attend to. The band finally decides that it is time to get an assitant! But this is no ordinary assitant, and Harry senses this when she first steps her heel through the door. A certain chemistry forms between the two, which leads the two love birds to wonder, how long can they keep up this secret affair?


10. Just one Date...please?

Despite the fact of them not getting caught, Bridget still felt awful about everything that happened.

 I can't believe I let him... I...I just can't believe I let Harry Styles win

However, she tried to do her job as well as possible. The boys had their concert later that day and everything actually turned out fantastic. Harry seemed to have a new stride in his step full of pride and happiness. He remembered every song, every lyric, and even had some fun with the audience along the way. It was though even it seemed like Harry never listened to Bridget when it came to his career...but tonight...he did in a way listen.

Okay, so maybe my job is saved after all. Bridget thought to herself. Everything seems to have gone very well. Long as I stay away from Harry, everything should be okay

Bridget headed back to the bus early while everyone else went out for dinner. She ate earlier today, and besides, she didn't feel it was appropriate even though Paul persisted that she join the group for the outing. It was about 9:00pm when her caller ID read Jennifer on the touch screen phone.

Thank God! Finally, someone to be honest and talk with!!

"Hello", Bridget said singing

"Uhm, who the hell is this happy girl? I called my best friend Bridget", said Jennifer

"Hahaha, very funny", said Bridget

"You are in just too much of a good mood....why", Jennifer asked Bridget

"Nah, I'm fine", Bridget replied trying not to sound too happy

"OMG, who do you like?!?!?!", Jennifer exclaimed

"WHAT!, why do you assume I like someone?", Bridget asked

"Because I've known you for like ever...and you ALWAYS sound like that every time you like a guy", Jennifer stated. "The question is though....whom is it?"

"I don't know what your talking about", Bridget said trying her best not to crack a smile.

Suddenly, she received a text on her phone from Harry stating:

Meet you in your room at 10:00pm tonight?

"I think someone texted you", Jennifer said. "I thought I heard your phone vibrate"

"I know", said Bridget. "It was from Harry", she said

"OOO GOOSSSH, Bridget, I told you about him!", Jennifer said

"What, why do you assume anything is even going on between us?", Bridget replied. But she could feel the heat on her face forming into two right bright red circles; one on each cheek. And those circles clearly expressed her guilt

"Bridget..." , said Jennifer in all seriousness. "Don't  lie to me"

"Fine", she said.

"Okay, now spill", said Jennifer

Bridget then told Jennifer about everything. From the meeting the other day, then until what happened last night. She even found herself in tears by how ashamed she was.

"Don't cry", said Jennifer. "Everything will be okay"

"But no, it won't", said Bridget through sobs. "I lied to my boss, and I almost had relations with his client. What's wrong with me?", she said bowing her head in shame

"Nothing. First of all, from what you've told me, it sounded like Harry just seduced you the whole time. It was hard for you to fight that, and I understand, so don't beat yourself up about it", said Jennifer

"I guess your right", Bridget said

She then got another text message from Harry reading:

Bridget, you there?

She then typed Harry a message in return:

Yeah....we need to talk Harry. Come to my room at 10:00pm like you said

"Your, not seriously texting him back are you?", Jennifer complained

"I'm telling him we need to talk", said Bridget. "Don't worry, I won't let it get past that point."I'll talk to you later Jenny"

"Alright, good luck", said Jennifer

"Oh, and Jenny", said Bridget


"Please...keep everything I told you between us. "I don't want everyone knowing I'm working for One Direction, let alone almost having relations with Harry Styles. Trust me, if this links out, it will affect Harry's career and my job, so please, keep this private", she said

Bridget didn't usually have to tell Jennifer to keep secrets, because she automatically knew. But she just wanted to be safe.

"Of course, you have my word, scouts honor", she said laughing

"Thanks Jenny", she said smiling and chucking through her tears.

And with that, Bridget hung up the phone and ignored the next question Harry sent her

Okay, but is everything alight?


The boys and Paul arrived on the bus around 9:45pm. And even though Harry and Bridget agreed to talk at 10:00pm, they waited until everyone fell asleep, and that wasn't until around 12:00am . Someone gave a light knock on Bridget's door, waking her up from her nap

"Come in", Bridget said half sleep

Bridget's eyes shot up when Harry walked into Bridget's room wearing nothing but pajama pants, and it even looked like he wasn't wearing underwear under his pants...she couldn't stop her cheeks from flushing bright red again

When she climbed down from her bunk, he tried to kiss her, but she quickly turned her face; thus, seeing the hurt expression on his face when she resisted him

"Listen, Harry", Bridget said concerned. "We can't do this anymore"

"Why?", said Harry confused

"I heard things about you Harry...about this one night stand thing. How you sleep with these girls and leave them like their a piece of trash the next day. My heart and my..goods...their a package deal. If you take one, you take both. I don't sleep with guys for pleasure", she said spitting it all out at once

Wow, I can't believe I just said that

Harry then sat down on the floor looking angry and hurt. He stared off into space trying to process what he just heard

"You can't believe everything you read and hear. For one, I'm not perfect. And when having an image like this, everyone expects you to be. Your not really allowed to make any mistakes. And that puts a lot of pressure on a person. Especially, when they feel like one slip up that they do can ruin them. I have dated many girls, yes, I will not deny that. However, those girls whom I supposedly 'Slept with and left like trash the next day'...those girls were not for me. Yes, I would go out on dates, and yes I would go to their house or vise versa. But not once did I leave a girl without her giving me a reason to. After one date with a person, you'll be surprised by how you can see their true personality from that moment on. Who really likes you for you...or who really likes you as Harry Styles from One Direction. I never slept with anyone I didn't want to be with. And it hurts, Bridget, that you didn't come to me and ask me about this, instead of believing the things you have read in pop magazine or something", he said

"Wow", Bridget said stunned and joining him on the floor. "This is the first time I'm actually hearing you talk with passion...talk with such truth. And I'm sorry Harry, I should've asked you myself. I understand you completely. When I was in high school, girls assumed that just because I had expensive clothing, and my father made a little bit more money, that I was a stuck up snob. It stopped a lot of guys from asking me out without actually getting to know me. And because of it, I only had one true friend...I just feel such an idiot", she said feeling a tear roll down her cheek

Who am I to judge, when I have been judged before?

"I get if you never wanna talk to me again", said Bridget getting up to slowly leave

Harry then pulled her lightly by the arm back down and kissed her on the cheek.

"Now, obviously, if I wanted to leave, I never would've came here", he said smiling

"Thank you", said Bridget smiling. "Your second chance, your forgiveness, means the world to me"

Harry took Bridget's hand in his

"Just one date...please...just one date? Let me prove to you that I'm not this guy that you think I am. And the way I approached you, now that I'm thinking about it, probably wasn't the best idea I should've gave you of me, and I'm sorry for that. I just really like you, and I didn't know how to go about it" Harry said

"But what about Paul...."Bridget asked. "He'd kill you and fire me if he found out we were dating", she said

"So...we're dating?", Harry said in hopes smiling

Bridget laughed: "Haha you know what I mean", she said

"You let me worry about Paul", he said. "I don't want him or anybody ruining this opportunity for us", Harry said. "Well..."

Bridget thought a little about it before smiling

Maybe this won't be a bad thing...And I can never know if this will work out, if I will truly be happy, if I don't try. Chances like this don't come around often. And I have a feeling that if I don't take this chance, then I'll regret it for the rest of my life...

"Fine Harry Styles, I will go out on one date with you", Bridget said smiling. "Better hope it's a good one"

And with that, the two kissed once more, then parted their ways for the night.

And Bridget laid back in her bed thinking to herself: Can anything really go wrong now?










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