Harry and the Assistant

With One Direction's hactic and bizzar schedule, it's simply not possible to keep tabs of every interview, concert, and benefit that they must attend to. The band finally decides that it is time to get an assitant! But this is no ordinary assitant, and Harry senses this when she first steps her heel through the door. A certain chemistry forms between the two, which leads the two love birds to wonder, how long can they keep up this secret affair?


4. And her name was Bridget

After yesterdays preformance of distaster, Harry was determined to fix his personal issues in order to not hold the rest of the band back.

This is all my fault, I shouldn't be the rock in the road here. I want better for us. And in order to do that, I seriously need to get myself together

And Paul, notcing Harry's problem, decided to have a talk with him

"Harry, I'm worried about you", Paul said with concern. "Tell me what's going on?"

"I dunno", said Harry with depression and exhaustion. "I feel like I cannot keep the little things together...especailly the big ones"

"What do you mean?", said Paul.

"Well for one, I can never remember my schedule for the day. I don't know what interview I have to do, what concert, autograph signing, and so on and so forth. I wake up every morning not remembering what I even did yesterday sometimes. I feel like I....I mean we, me and the boys, do so much and all in one day. I just can't seem to keep tabs of things. As you can see, I'm even starting to forget lyrics to some of the songs that we all wrote together. Is something wrong with my mind?? Do I have like amnesia or something?", Harry said with a worried face.

"Haha no Harry", Paul said with a chuckle. "Your just really busy, and you forget sometimes. And that's ok. Listen, I'm sorry for blowing up at you the other day. I just know how ruff the media can be", said Paul with concer. "And I don't mean to damper your day any further, but I honestly think you should see this..."

Paul then slid a copy of The Daily British to Harry. The front page of the pop section in the artcile read out loud in black bold letters: "ONE DIRECTION'S EPIC TOUR FLOP, AND WHOSE OTHER FAULT THAN HAZZA HIMSELF?". The article went on to question how long One Direction would stay popular, and if the band was even thinking of kicking Harry out. The words gave a pinch to Harry's heart as he continued to read the dissapointing ink in front of him. He knew Louis, Zayn, Niall, and Liam well enough to know that they wouldn't kick him out of the band for this simple mistake. But the fact that someone would even question his loyalty with not only his band mates, but his friends....well it was just too much for Harry to bare.

Seeing the sadness in Harry's eyes, Paul continued, but in hopes of cheering Harry up.

"Listen Harry, I'm here to make you, and the rest of the boys, lives as easy as possible when going through this long difficult journey. Now, in order for this to be a complete and total success, we need to fix this issue before it goes any further you understand?", Paul said.

"Completely Paul, and I'm willing to do whatever it takes to keep the name of One Direction alive", said Harry with as much as determination as possible.

"That's what I like to hear!", said Paul with a huge grin on his face. "Now, I have an idea that I think will work out best for everyone. "I've taken the liberty of hiring the band a personal assistant who will go on tour with the band and will schedule all interviews concerts and ect. Now this girl is highly qualified and has a very sweet personality. And I think you'll take a liking to her", Paul said with a smile. "Bridget darling, will you please come in here?"

A beautiful tall blonde with curly golden locks entered the room. Her eyes were as hazle as new cleaned wooden desk. Her smile fit perfectly on her even toned light face, and her glasses made her look smart beyond wonder. Her heels clicked with ease and stride as she carried her clip board into Paul's office. She looked about Harry's age, and stood somewhere between the height of 5''7 or 5"8. Harry was completely speechless and awe struck as she slowly approached him and Paul. He tried to cover his blushed face behind pride, but with someone as heavnly looking as that, he found it hard to think.

Gosh, your beauty is just too much for me...who are you?

"Harry?", Paul said in question and a hint of annoyance

"Uh...what", said Harry trying to quickly gather his thoughts

"This lovely young lady here said her name was Bridget and how it was such a pleasure to meet you. You, however, said nothing", said Paul feeling embarassed for Harry.

"I'm sorry love", Harry quickly said standing up, but feeling embarassed that he stood up a bit too eager. "It's nice to meet you. I didn't quite catch your name again..."

"Bridget", she said with her perly whites brightening up the room

Your lovely British accent....the way it rolls off your tongue...those lips...

"Harrrrryyyy", Paul said trying to hide his frustration.

"Yes?", said Harry trying to redeem himself infront of the beautiful angel before him.

"Bridget here is a qualified assistant whom knows her way around this industry", said Paul with pride. "She has worked for this industry before, and I called her as soon as I found her services were availble. And although only the young age of ninteen, she is very well trained in the facility of work ethic, and she will be our new assistant joing us on tour", he said.

"It's very nice to meet you Mr.Styles", said Bridget trying to stay as professional as possible. "I have very much respect for this industry, and I will do my best to make sure I accommodate to you and the rest of the band members", she said as she held out her hand for Harry to shake

"Thank you", said Harry in his awe struck voice shaking her hand

"May I ask why you are thanking me?", Bridget said feeling a bit lost by Harry's comment

Thanks for walking into my heart

"Thank you for...being of service", said Harry.

He didn't realize he was still shaking Bridget's hand until he noticed his palm beginning to sweat. He quickly took his hand away and wiped it on his pants leg.

"Uhm Bridget, if you'll follow me, I have some shceduling for you to do, so you can start right away", Paul said leading her out of the room.

The way she walks...I don't know how anyone could look so exquisite in my mind...

It was when Bridget left out the door, when Paul made his statement

"I'm warning you Harry", he said with a serious expression on his face. "Anything that goes on between you and this girl better stay strictly professional"

"Paul, don't wory. You have absolutely nothing to worry about", Harry said with a smile

And it was truly the first time Harry had smiled with such happiness, such satisfaction, such longing....in a long time.

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