Memories ( One Direction FanFiction/Romance)

Hilary is Harry Styles adopted sister and a directioner. She has a hidden story and a lost memory that has something to do with one of the boys of 1D. Her friends plan a trip to Paris with the boys and a lot of events happened. She cant remember her childhood. But she believes or thinks that theres something or someone that can help her memory come back. What is it ? Will she fall in love with the boys ? Whats her hidden story ? What will happen with her life? What will happen during the trip ? Whats the lost memory?


3. Chapter 3







"Ahh Im full, This really is delicious," mum compliments as i start washing the dishes.

"Glad you love it!" i exclaim as she gives me a peck on the forehead.

"WE'RE HOMEEEE!" Harry yells before hearing a door slam. I skip over and see Harry and the boys with bags in there hands.

"Hi boys," Mum says walking up beside us.

"Hey hilary, you ok?" Liam whispered to me.

"Yeah thanks for asking," I replie smiling.

"Hilary, I loved the dinner you made for us," the boys chorused.

"I LOVE YOU," Niall exclaims giving what directioners on Twitter call Horan Hug.

"I love you too," I say pecking him in the cheeks.

"We got you gifts too!" Louis yells.

"Why?" I asked confused.

"For making good dinner, being our sister, EVERYTHING!" Harry and Zayn say pecking my cheeks.

I smile and give them hugs and kisses. I pull all the boys into a group hug.

"I LOVE YOU GUYS!" I exclaim happy tears rolling down again.

"WE LOVE YOU TOO!" everyone chorused.

"Everyone loves you," Mum whispers to me.

"Thanks mum for adopting me," I thanked.

She smiles at me before walking upstairs.

"OK PRESENT TIME!" Louis yells. 

I smile at him and he hands me a box.

"Open it," Zayn rushes.

"Ok Ok Ok," I say opening it slowly.

"OMG this is soo cute!" I exclaimed. The box revealed a charm bracelets with a Irish flag, carrot, mirror, turtle, and taco charms. I kiss them all on the cheek.

"Next one!" Zayn exclaims.

"Next one?" I asked.

"Yup!" Liam says handing me another box. I open it and this time it reveals a necklace that has a heart that has Stay Strong carved.

"OMG Boys you shouldn't of!" I exclaimed. I jumped onto Harry crying happy tears.

"I don't deserve all this, Really 

Guys how can I pay you back?" I Asked.

"Make food for us everyday!" Niall exclaimed.

I smile and give him a Hilary Hug, tehehe.

"OK DEAL!" I exclaimed.

"Ok can we all sleep in your room tonight like a sleepover?" Louis asked eagerly.

"Um surr Imma go take a shower and clean up the room first kk?"

I say before skipping up the stairs not hearing their answer. 

I strip off and I jump right into the shower.




I step out of the shower carefully not to slip on the slippery floor. I was splashing a bit- no alot and yeah you can predict the rest. I wrap a towel around me and shave my legs and stuff before washing my legs at the bathtub.

I walk out of my bathroom and I snatch a white tank top and blue 

short shorts. Looking a bit sexy ehh. I put my hair in two buns on the sides and add a hairclip. I sit down on my bed while Applying lotion on my legs and arms.

I open up the door and they boys are on matresses right outside my door sleeping. Did it really take me that long? I roll my eyes and I quietly go back into my room to get 2 buckets of COLD water from the sink in my bathroom and pour it on their heads.

I innocently stand there by the doorframe while they scream about the water.






I start laughing and they all glare at me. I gulp before running down the stair and into the basement.  

Damn it's even colder down there. Liam and Louis catch right up behind me and I topple onto the couch in the basement. Louis is pinning me down and I'm looking at other places besides his eyes. It would be awkward and I would be blushing and I am. I thought about it and I glanced at him.

"Aww you're blushing," He says smiling.

I look to my right trying to hide the blush.

"Am not!" i defend.

"Liar i can see the red on your face," He says.

I instantly make up an excse and say, 

"Its Because Its really hot"

"Well you won't be feeling that in a while," he says as I close my eyes.  


Liam and the others went to get cold water and I'm in my shorts and tank top. God hope they're not that mean.

"Please stop pinning me Louis," I plead.

"No can do," he replies smirking and shaking his head.

"Pretty please?!" I asked as he shakes his head.

"We've got the water!" Harry yells with the rest as i make an attempt of escaping. I got out of Louis grasps but then got caught by- 

Zayn. He grabs my wrists and puts it behind my back gently kinda as Harry has water in his hands and Louis got my legs down. Niall and Liam are no where to be found. Here goes nothin as Harry dumps cold water on me and it's cold alright. 

I start yelling about the coldness and they all laugh.

"Ugh now my tank top is wet and soggy! AND SEE THROUGH!" I groaned.

"I like it like that," Louis and Zayn say cheekily.  

Cheeky bastards. They lick their upper lips slowly. My cheeks flush 

Up. Well don't I feel uncomfortable right now. I roll my eyes at them. Damn, then I ask, 

"Done?" They both nod and I smile.

"Revenge is sweet," Zayns says smiling.  

His wet cold hair drips onto my shoulder as I stand next to him walking up the stairs. 

I glare at them and punch him playfully on the back.

"Ow that hurts alot," he replies sarcastically.

"It wasn't suppose to hurt," I say back. We all laughed as we headed upstairs. Tonight is going to be a weird but fun night. Hopefully.



Tehehhehehehe how you like it ?




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