Memories ( One Direction FanFiction/Romance)

Hilary is Harry Styles adopted sister and a directioner. She has a hidden story and a lost memory that has something to do with one of the boys of 1D. Her friends plan a trip to Paris with the boys and a lot of events happened. She cant remember her childhood. But she believes or thinks that theres something or someone that can help her memory come back. What is it ? Will she fall in love with the boys ? Whats her hidden story ? What will happen with her life? What will happen during the trip ? Whats the lost memory?


2. Chapter 2

Authors Note:

This is Chapter 2 of Memories. Hope you guys like it. 

Twitter: @shwaggie_styles 

This is a long chapter by the way !

Note: There's a lot of POV switching in this chapter !! And alot of dialogues too !!

Hope you like mah writing, its not the best but I'll try to get better. 


Chapter 2:

Harrys POV,

I turn around and see a beautiful girl at the stairs. She looks just like the girl in the picture except she has a streak of blond hair and one pink in her hair. 

She's wearing short shorts and a t shirt that says I love NY. I guess those are her PJs.

"Who the hell are you guys?" she asks drowsily.

She rubs her eyes and yawns. Wow she just woke up?! It's about 2 already.

Louis opens his mouth about to say something, but she climbs back up the stairs.

"Ok I think that was your adopted sister," Louis says.

"Good job captain obvious!" Niall hisses.

"Shes hot," Louis says loudly.

"She pretty," Niall says but not loudly like Louis.

"Her eyes are pretty," Liam adds.

"She sleeps till 2pm !! Thats alot like me !" Zayn exclaims as we all laugh.


Hilary's POV,

Omg! I just wanna sleep, there are weird people downstairs and i don't think they're planning on leaving.  

Great now I can't fall back asleep.  

I smirk and tip toe over to the stairs peeking a bit. Eavesdropping on those creepers.

"Ok I think that was your adopted sister." the guy with the stripes and carrots.  


Are those my carrots? God if it is i'm going to kill the frick out of him.

"Good job captain obvious," The blonde at the fridge hissed. What crawled into his trousers?

"Shes hot," Stripes said. Is he serious?!

"Shes pretty," Blonde says. Not really..

"Her eyes are pretty," Plaid says.

My eyes...there just like everyone else. What is with these people! Im not pretty or hot. What is wrong with these people..

"She sleeps till 2pm !! Thats alot like me !" Quiff Hair Guy exclaims as they all laugh.

I silently giggled. Wait could they be my brother...only one out of the five of them. I step down the steps of the stairs as their gazes turn to me. Awkward....

"Umm are you Harry? Hi, I'm Hilary your new adopted sister." I asked Plaid after I hopped down the stairs.

"Um I'm Harry that's Liam." Curly says tapping me on the shoulder.

I glance back and forth from Harry and Liam. Oops wrong person.  

Harry is the one with the curls and blue blazer and white tee.  

Liam is the one with plaid shirt.

I'm pretty good with names though FYI...most of the time. But there names and looks sound and look really familiar.  

Then a messy hair catches my eye. I start walking towards the guy in stripes with MESSY hair. I grabbed a brush that was on the couch for some reason and stepped onto the Chair to reach his height. Gosh Im so short!  

I start brushing his hair neatly and the other guys start Laughing.

"Stripes, Stay still please your hair! It bothers me a lot ok!! Im sorry! " I exclaim yanking his to me.

"Stripes?" Stripes asked.

"IT YOUR NICKNAME FOR GOD SAKE! " I yelled crazily like a mad man.

"There all done!" I say smiling before grabbing Quiff Guy's mirror that he was holding and giving it to Stripes.

Quiff Guy starts giving me the What-the-Fuck and Did-She-Just-Take-My-Mirror look.  

I smile a wide sickly and sweetly like a bitch to him. Its like a barbie doll smile.

"Ok I need to names" I announced.

Harry points out everyone's name for me as we all greet Hello's and Hi's. I swear they look and have same names as One Direction.

"Hi I'm Hilar-" I start.

"We already know," Harry cuts me off.

I glare at him and continue, 

"And it seems like I've got 1/5 of One Direction as a brother."

They all start laughing.

"Hi we're One Direction," they chorused just like how One Direction or them do on tv.

"Okkk," I say awkwardly not knowing what to say.

"Soo are you really adopted?" Louis asked. No dip Sherlock. That's why I'm here.

"Half a year ago my parents died and my I don't have any other relatives. About 5 months ago, Anne adopted me."

They all nod and say a couple ohhhs.

"How old are you?" Niall asked.

"15," I answered.

They all turn around and whisper and nod about something secretly with their backs at me. What the heck is going on...

They turn back around and Liam speaks up.  

"Umm earlier when we came we saw your picture over there."

They point to my picture on the shelf.

"And we thought it was pretty but it seemed like you were hiding something massive and we were wondering what it was," Louis continues being VERY DIRECT AND STRAIGHTFORWARD.

"Ehhh, I'm not sure if I'm ready to tell you guys yet but when I'm ready, I'll tell you," I respond as they nod understandably.  


Hopefully they'll never speak of it again. Pain hits my head hard but I try not to show any pain on my face. I'm a pro at this. This happens whenever people mention this or when I think of it.  

I make a pufferfish face and brush strands of hair on my face.

"Well isn't this awkward," I say awkwardly.

"Yeah," Liam replies.

Silence fills the rooms as I think of something to talk about. Ding ding!

"Who wants to see my friend!?" I Asked happily thinking such random shiz.

"I do since Im your brother!" Harry yells.

What does that have to do?

"What does that have to do?" Liam asked reading my mind.

"Okk wait lemme text," I say running up to my room and pulling out my iPhone and tapping on messages making a group message.

To Jacob, Allie :

Come over please! Xxx


"Do you remember summer '09-" I look at the Caller ID and it's Allie.


"Wassup Hilary?" Allie replies.

"My brother wants to see you, Guess who they are?!?" I asked.

"ONE DIRECTION!!!" She squeals into the Phone.

"Yup! Come over NOW!" I say popping the 'p' as usual whenever I talk to her.

"Im on the road right now running as fast as I can!" she exclaims.

"Wait your running here?!" I asked into the phone.

"YUP!" she exclaims again.

"But you live 5 miles away from here!" I squealed exaggerating a bit. She actually lives the street next to me.

"ILL DO ANYTHING TO SEE ONE DIRECTION!" She yells before hanging up.  


The boys have such an impact on their fans. I head towards my door and open it. The boys come toppling down and they immediately all stand up.

"Eavesdropping, huh," i say raising an eyebrow. They grin at me and I roll my eyes.

"Ok they're coming now so yeah get out." I instruct.

"THEYRE!? I thought you said friend, with no S at the end."  

Harry exclaimed.

"How many people did ya invite?" Zayn asked.

"like 2 people," I answered. 

Harry shakes his head. I stick out my tongue at him.

"Ding Dong."

They're here! I leap out to the door and open it.

"Hey girla!" Allie yelled.

"Jacon and Allie !!" I yelled giving them for a huge hug.

"Omg One Direction !!" Allie fangirled and everyone laughs.

"No I think you got it wron-"Zayn starts.

"To prove I'm right 

I put it in a songgg," she yells the lyrics to Zayn's solo in What Makes You Beautiful.

"Umm Hi I'm Allie! Nice to meet you boys!" Allie says shyly.  

And There goes her super shy side.

"Hi we're One Direction!" they chroused in unison grinning back at her.  

I know she's fangirling do much on the inside right now and I srt laughing.

"Ok lemme introduce these people," I say between my laughs.

"Jesus Christ !! We all know everyone ok !!" Allie yells rollin her eyes.

"Do you have some apple juice?" she asks.

"In da fridge," I say back.


"JACOB!" I yelled wrapping my arms around him.

"HIYA!"he says back placing a kiss on my cheek as I start giggling.

"Sooooo," I say sitting on The sofa in between Harry and Louis.

Niall and Allie are sitting on the loveseat across. Me and Jacob do our usual but not so normal eye convos.  


Jacob is giving me the AWWWWW-Look-At-Demi look and I give him the 



I see Allie blushing madly her face redder than blood and I send her a wink as she continue blushing madly.

"Whos carrots were those in the kithen?" Allie asked changing the subject.

"It was delicious," She ends. 

My mouth drops and Louis's drops as well too.

"Ooooh I don't think you shouldve of Done that," Harry says.

I touch Harry's world famous curls.

"Ive read a fanfic that talked about your curls as sheep. They really do make sense!" I blurted out as Allie starts laughing and the boys smirk.  


"Hahahaha sheep very funny!" Harry says sarcastcally.

"Seriously they're right. Your hair is soft like sheeps!" I exclaimed.

"You felt a sheep before?" Niall asked.

"Nooo but I bet it's soft," I say.

"A sheep attacked me once!" Allie exclaims.

"Why?" Zayn asked.

"Cuz I threw rocks at it.," she says shrugging her shoulder.

"That teaches you a lesson. Never throw rocks at sheeps or any animal." Jacob says.

"But i threw one at a frog and it jumped away!" Allie yells.

"OmG your louder than Louis sometimes!" Liam exclaims.

"Louissssssssss, hello?" Zayn says waving his hands in Louis's face. Liams claps in his face and Louis comes back to real life.

"Eh wha?" Louis says confused.

"You got blanked out for a sec there," Liam replies. 

Louis nods and says,

"Yeah I was thinking about something."

"Okk, this is one of those awkward moments," Zayn says.

"You want to play Uno?" Jacob asked. 

We all nod in agreement and Jacob brings out his deck of Uno cards. Who the hell brings Uno Cards around. Jacob. I roll my eyes as we get our cards.




"YESS I WON!" Allie yells at us.

"Stop being such a show off," Jacob scolds playfully.

"IN YOUR FUCKIN FACES!" she yelled jumping on the couches.

"Is she always like this," Zayn whispers in my ear.

"Yep get use to it," I reply as he nods.

"Yesss!!!" Allie continues to scream as Niall and I are laughing their heads off at Allies actions. I roll my eyes as Jacob continues to flip his hair around.

"Jacob whatcha doin?" I asked.

"Flipping my hair to get you overwhelmed," Jacob says with a smirk. One direction lyrics, really? The best he can do. Ok then. He's got a big ego sometimes.

"Just No ok," I reply.

"You know you love it," He says.

"Pshh you got too much self esteem." i reply rolling my eyes.

"Lets watch the Hunger Games," Allie pipes up.

"OHHH MY GAWD I LOVED IT, BEST movie Experiment, Guess what I did at the theatre?" Allie quizzed us. I shook my head knowing what Happened.

"Omg wasn't that the time Hilary went with you? What did you do?" Jacob asked.

"Well long story, wanna hear it?" Allie ASKED normally for the first time so far today. They all nod in agreement and I sigh.

"Ok so like in April, Hilary and me went to the theatre to watch the Hunger Games right?" Allie starts as they all nod.

"And then we bought tons of popcorn and 2 coke." I continued.

"We watched quietly until Prim started crying because Katniss volunteered for her to be tribute,"Allie says.

"So Allie then started talking loudly saying OMG PRIM IS SUCH A BRAT, and stuff related to that." I continued but get cut off by Allie and Laughter.

"SHE REALLY IS THOUGHH!!" Alana yells.

"Look who's talking," Jacob replies.

Allie and Jacob start a glare war and I continue.

"Allie threw popcorn at people heads. People turned around and she yelled-"

"I yelled Go fuck some dinosaurs," Allie finishes for me.

"Dinosaurs?" Harry asked with a weird expression.

"Yep dinosaurs, it was the first and only thing on my mind," Allie defends.

"You were watching the Hunger Games and all you thought bout was dinosaurs?!" Niall asked unbelievably.

"Well yeah," Allie says.

"And for the rest of the movie I made rude comments."Allie continues.

"You missed a part, like before Katniss 'kissed' Peeta she yelled, Would you hurry up and kiss him already, but then when she 'kissed' him. she started yelling EWWW PDA. Then she started asking what happen to the kissing part and insisted to rewind to that part. When they did and Watched That part again she started yelling about how that even counted as a 'kiss' and how it wasted 5 minutes of her time. Surprising she didn't get kicked out." I continued.

"Like who does that?" I add.

"Me," Allie replies as we roll our eyes.

"Is that normal?" Zayn asks.

"Nope some idiot cough Jacob cough gave her some red vines so that got her high." I replied.

"What are red vines?" Niall asked.

"Theyre like twizzlers but they aren't." I explained.

"Descrpitive, very descriptive," Louis replied sarcastically.

"So you tw- no mostly ALLIE did all that for two hours?" Zayn asked.

I nod while Niall said, 

"What a waste of popcorn."

Thats why you shouldnt watch a Movie with Allie or arrive there early or give her red vines. 

Soon enough we started watching the Hunger Games with everyone and Allie again threw Popcorn and everything around. When it was almost over at the part where they were both announced winners.

"What time is it," Liam asked.

"6:2-Oh shit! Already!? ." Jacob yelled before running out the door.  

Note he lives on the same street as me.

"See you guys!" Jacob yelled.

"Byeeee!" I yelled back.

"We gotta go too, BYE Hilary and ONE DIRECTION!" Allie yells.


"Ok who wants dinner?" I say trying to break the awkwardness. 

Immediately like 1-2-3-4-5 hands go up. Woahhh. 

I smile at them and walk up to the kitchen and pull out some Ingrediants.

"So Hilary do you do any sports?" Liam asked.

I smirk and say, 

"I run and play soccer or what you guys call football," I say.

"I PLAY SOCCER TOO!" Niall yells and high fives me.

"Hes officially my favorite!" I exclaimed jumping onto Nialls back as he gives me a piggyback ride.

"HEY BUT IM YOUR BROTHER!" Harry exclaims after me.

"Wellll dats true, ok your my second favorite!" I said thinking about it.

"HEY WHAT ABOUT ME?" Louis, Liam, and Zayn asked in unison.

"OMG!"i yelled jumping off Nialls back and ran back to the kitchen. 


I putted on the pink apron. Ok let's get to work. I pull my hair in a ponytail and I wash my hands. I chop up some vegetables and put them in the pan on the stove. I Fry shrimps and onion rings. I place them neatly on plates. I make fried rice and some hot and sour soup. Don't be too surprised. I used to take cooking classes. I set the table for 7. I bring the plates all over and serve dinner.

"Im home!" Mum yells. Mum comes home with tons of bagst in her hands.

"Wow how much did you buy?" I exclaimed.

"MUM!" Harry yells running down the stairs along with the rest. They exchanged hugs and I stood there 


"Dinners Ready!" I say smiling trying not to show any awkwardness.

"Wow it smells really good!" They complimented.

I beam at them proudly. Hopefully it tastes good.  

Everyone sat down and the boys started gobbling the food down like hungry wolves. We talked more about how their tour was and some more facts about me. I cant help but notice Louis staring at me. Well once in a while, I did that too.... But i have an excuse, I'm a directioner. Then that little voice came again.

'Your just an outsider to them. Not a family. You're ADOPTED, no one loves you so leave, no body will or ever love you, youre just a worthless piece of crap' a voice said in my head. 

'Your parents purposely left you, they never loved you, never loved you, never IT WAS ALL YOUR FAULT THEY DIED!' It kept repeating.  


The scenes keep replaying again and again. Everything that happened at the funeral started replaying over and over again. I blame myself. It was all my fault they died in that accident.  

I stumble towards the stairs as my hand goes onto my head.


"Hilary You ok?" 

"Hilary dear?" Mum repeats. Nobody cares. She doesn't love me. Nobody does.

"Yeah I'm fine. Can I go wash my face really quickly? Be right back," I say quickly and scatter up to my room before she could answer.

I fall onto the bed face first before I start to tear up a little. Im really sensitive sometimes. Especially when after my parents died. Thats normal right?

"Why won't anyone love me? Am I really that stupid and ugly and worthless. Am I really alone?" I asked my self aloud between tears.  


After a while, I started comforting myself.

"No that's not true. I have friends and a new family," I assured myself over and over again.  


I laughed dryly at myself. I'm having conversations with myself. Unbelievable. Tears one by one drip down my face and my eyesight only sees tears of mine. 


I go up to the bathroom and look into the mirror. Red flushed my whole entire face. I wash my face and wait for the reddness to get off my face. I smile and make sure my eyes aren't red anymore and glide out my room and slowly step down the stairs.

I half smile when I see Ann-no MUM sitting there by herself at the table. She rushes over to me and feels my forehead with her palm.

"You okay darling? Got me worried Sick," Mum cries out to me.

I open my mouth and ask, 

"Do you love me as a daughter, mum?"

"Of course! Your like my own 2nd daughter," Mum replies and I smile while tears fall down again. But this time they're happy tears. I hug her and she hugs me back.

"I-I l-love y-you Mum," I croak out. It's been so long since I've been adopted and this was my first time saying it to her.

"I love you too," she replies. It feels nice to say it and being said to. I haven't said that for a pretty long time.

"Lets eat dinner," mum adds.

"Ok where are the boys," I asked.

"I told them to eat first they went buying some things. They gobble down the food really fast and then left." Mum says.

"And you waited for me?" I asked surprised. She nods and more tears fall down. I can't believe it. No one has ever waited for me for dinner. 

I grin widely at her and we start eating and talking. 


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