Memories ( One Direction FanFiction/Romance)

Hilary is Harry Styles adopted sister and a directioner. She has a hidden story and a lost memory that has something to do with one of the boys of 1D. Her friends plan a trip to Paris with the boys and a lot of events happened. She cant remember her childhood. But she believes or thinks that theres something or someone that can help her memory come back. What is it ? Will she fall in love with the boys ? Whats her hidden story ? What will happen with her life? What will happen during the trip ? Whats the lost memory?


1. Chapter 1



Chapter 1: 

Harry's POV, 

Ok I'm about to see my adopted sister and mum...Usually I wouldn't be like  

This but what if the boys fell in love with my adopted Sister. What if-  

"Harry, man you okay?" Zayn asks interrupting my thoughtful of thinking.  

"Of course!" I reply with a grin but inside I'm just plain shaking.  

"We're here boys!" Paul yells from the front. We all nod and pile out of the car. It's my home. Home sweet home!  

"Cant wait to see you mummy, Harry?" Louis teases.  

I roll my eyes and shake my hair so it flips into place. It's a major turn on says the fans on twitter.  

The lads and I walk towards my house and my mum is standing there on the steps smiling. We are on a holiday for about 2 month so that's why were off to my family home.  

"Hello Harry, welcome back boys!" my mum greets.  

The lads all greet a hello and a hug and I do the same.  

"Hey mum!" I greeted with a hug.  

"Darling I'm off to buy some groceries, Gemma's at a sleepover and your adopted sister is upstairs. I'll be back soon, behave boys!" she said quickly and off she goes. Wow haven't even talked to her for a minute. I shrug as Louis leads us all in.  

"Harry look !" Liam points to a picture on the shelf. It was picture of neither my mum or Gemma.  

"Could this be your adopted sister?" Zayn asks. I slowly nod  

"It could be cause this isn't my mum nor Gemma," I said.  

The girl in the picture has long black hair. It flows down to her elbows and even though she's smiling in the picture, it seemed like she was sad. You could just see it in her eyes even though they shimmered chocolate brown. Her pink lips were formed perfectly and her cheeks were pink too.  

"She has a very nice figure," Louis says as we all nod in agreement.  

"In this picture, shes smiling, but it seems like shes kinda sad and hiding something massive !" Niall examines.  

"Thats what I thought !" Me and Liam say in unison as we laugh. What could she be hiding though?  

"Is your sister sleeping or something ?" Zayn asks.  

"Yeah where is she ?" Louis adds.  

"Maybe upstairs, " I respond.  

"C'mon then!" Louis exclaims running towards and up the stairs.  

Niall runs over to the fridge and starts getting some snacks to eat.  

"DONT TOUCH THOSE CARROTS!" Louis turns around and yells.  

I turn to see Niall stopped with the carrots in his hand frozen. Louis runs over and starts snatching the carrots from the fridge and gobbles them down.  

"What the hell, what's with all the noise," a girly voice says from behind.  



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