The Styles Triplets

Skye hates One Direction,Especially Harry, but what happens when she ends up having to live with Harry AND his brothers? Will she fall in love or will she end up hating Him and the rest of the boys more? Read to find out!

Hi, just want to say that this my first movella so it might be a little shitty.... Just tell me what you think in the comments.


2. WHAT?!?

Skye's P.O.V

Finally it is summer break which means 2 and a half months of relaxation, Hanging out with friends and just doing absolutely nothing at ALL.

"Skye can you please come down here, me and your dad have something to tell you!" Mum yelled from the kitchen

What does she want? I wondered

"Coming Mum" i yelled back. I jumped up off my bed and ran down the stairs to the kitchen.

"Yeah?" i asked 

"Skye, we are going on a holiday to Hawaii for a few months a-"

"We're going to Hawaii? OMG this is awesome" i squealed cutting mum off

"No WE are" she said gesturing between her and dad "YOU are staying here"

"OK so i get the place all to my self? cool" i said

"No you are going to be staying with some old friends"

"Do i know them?"

"No but me and your dad do and we think it would be fine for you to stay with them"

"When do you leave and for how long?" i asked

"We leave tomorrow morning and we will be gone for all of your summer break" she replied

"WHAT?!? that's 2 and a half months. You expect me to live with people i don't know for that long? That's insane" i practically screamed

"Skye there is no point in arguing. We called them last night and you WILL be staying with them" she said and dad just nodded in agreement. "Now go up stairs and pack" she said.

I didn't say anything to that i just ran up stairs and started to pack my bags. Getting ready for the worst summer break of my life.


HI, what do you think? is it OK? or should i just give up and stop writing now?

OK also i know that it's short but i really don't know what to write, so these will be short for a while if that's OK.

OK bye Chikadees


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