The Styles Triplets

Skye hates One Direction,Especially Harry, but what happens when she ends up having to live with Harry AND his brothers? Will she fall in love or will she end up hating Him and the rest of the boys more? Read to find out!

Hi, just want to say that this my first movella so it might be a little shitty.... Just tell me what you think in the comments.


5. Liv Comes over

Skye's P.O.V

I woke the next morning to my phone ringing

"Hello?" i croaked out

"Jeez Skye did you just get up? You're so lazy" Liv said

"Hi to you too Liv. Yes i did just wake up"

"Well hurry up and get dressed, I'm on my way to your place"

"Liv, I'm not at my place" i stated

"What?! where are you then?"

"I actually don't know" i said "But it's at least 2 hours from my place"

"Do you know the address?"

"Yeah, it's 453 Hollywood Drive"

"OK, i know where that is" she said "I'll be there by.....12 OK"

"OK, cya soon" and we hung up after that.

I willed myself not to go back to bed and get up. I went and took a shower did my makeup, which is just some mascara, eye liner and some chap stick, and i got dressed.

I looked at the clock. 

Hmmm only 10:30 guess i'll have to go talk to the triplets.

i walked down stairs and into one of the lounge rooms, where i heard noise coming from.

"Hi boys" i said

"Hi" said Marcel, but all i got from Edward was a head nod and Harry just ignored me.

I went and sat next to Marcel on the other couch, away from Art Expo and Curly.

"What's up with them?" i asked Marcel in a whisper

"Oh, Edwards always like that and Harry" He stopped to think "Well with Harry i think it might just be over last night"

"Really, just because i don't like him or his music he decides to ignore me?" 


"Wow" i decided to get up and make some breakfast before Liv got here. I went into the kitchen and started looking through all the cupboards to see if i could find some cereal.

After searching for like 4 minutes i finally found some cornflakes and a bowl to put them in.

After making my breakfast i went back to the lounge room. I sat next to Marcel again.

"What are they watching?" i asked

"Beverly Hills Cop 3" he answered 


After i finished eating, and watched the last hour of the movie, i went back into the kitchen and washed my bowl, then the doorbell rang.

"I'll get it" I heard Edward say

Oh no, it's probably Liv

"I walked out to see Liv standing infront of Edward asking for entrance

"I'm sorry but if i don't know you then you can't come in" he stated

"It's OK" i said from across the hall "She's my friend, let her"

Edward shot me a glare "Fine"

He stepped out the way to let Liv in "Who the hell is that?" she whisper yelled at me


"And your here with him because?"

"Mum and dad are on holiday, without me, and i have to live here with him and his brothers"

"There's more of that?" Liv said pointing towards Edward

"Yep" isaid "and you'll be surprised to see one of them"


"Yep" i said, then i yelled out "Harry, Marcel can you come out here for a second?"

A second later the lounge room door opened and Harry and Marcel walked out.

"Is that?"

"Yes it is" i said "Harry, Marcel i'd like you to meet my friend Liv. Liv i would like you to meet Marcel and Harry Styles"


"Yep now come on we better get going"


"No but's lets go"

And with that we left the house and hopped into Liv's car.


This is a bad chapter isn't it? Yeah it is.

Any ideas on how i could make my writing better? If you do please tell me in the comments

Thanks Chikadees


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