The Styles Triplets

Skye hates One Direction,Especially Harry, but what happens when she ends up having to live with Harry AND his brothers? Will she fall in love or will she end up hating Him and the rest of the boys more? Read to find out!

Hi, just want to say that this my first movella so it might be a little shitty.... Just tell me what you think in the comments.


1. Introducing Skye :)

Hi, my name is Skye Anton and here's a little about me.

I have jet-black hair, dark-brown eyes, i'm around 5"6 in height and I'm 17 years old.

I love drawing and singing, but i don't want to sing for a career but i do want to draw. I'm thinking of becoming an artist later on in life.

My best friends name is Olivia Parkinson (or Liv as i call her). She has light-brown hair, blue-eyes, is about 5"9 in height and is 17 as well.

Liv is this MAJOR One Direction fan and she has this huge crush on the curly haired one. What's his name? Harry?. As for me i don't see what all the fuss is about especially over Harry.

Anyway that's all i can tell you about me for now...BYEEEEE!


Just want to say i have nothing against Harry or any of the boys.

Also what do you think? Is there anything i can do to make my writing better? If so please tell me in the comments.

OK bye Chikadees! 



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