The Styles Triplets

Skye hates One Direction,Especially Harry, but what happens when she ends up having to live with Harry AND his brothers? Will she fall in love or will she end up hating Him and the rest of the boys more? Read to find out!

Hi, just want to say that this my first movella so it might be a little shitty.... Just tell me what you think in the comments.


6. Chapter 6

Skye's P.O.V

"OK, what the hell! Why are you living with Harry freaking Styles?" Liv asked

"Because my parents are on holiday, without me" i said sadly "they know Harry, so here i am"

"How do your parents know Harry?"

"Beats me"

"OK" Liv said and started the engine and headed towards the shops.


*Few hours later, in the car*

"Wow best shoping trip ever" i said

"Yeah it was"

"Hey Liv, what's the time?"

"Ummmm, 4"

"Crud, i better get back"

"Awww, but i want to shop some more"

"Liv, please we've been here 4 hours"

"Fine" she sighed

The ride back was silent but a good kind, not the awkward kind.


"Bye, Liv" i said as she dropped me off at the triplets house.

as i walked into the house i heard nothing.

Strange i thought Where are the boys?

i shrugged to my self, All well.

I headed up stairs to my room to drop off all my things when i heard whispering coming from Marcels' room.

Probably the boys just talking about things better leave 'em alone

But just as i was heading in to my room i heard "Hi Skye, ummm me and the boys have something to tell you" i turned and saw the devil standing there.

I sighed "OK, just let me drop my things in my room" 

"OK" and he went back into Marcels' room.

Wonder what they want?


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