Anxiety and Depression

What happens when a teenage girl that suffers from anxiety ad depression meets the boy that keeps her going. Will he be able to handle what she goes through or will he leave?


1. The Broken One

The broken one is what everyone calls her. What else is there to be said about her? She's not cracked, she's not bent, she's just plain broken. No one can fix her and they usually end up breaking her into more pieces when they try. That's why everyone gives up on her. She doesn't care though. She'd rather be on her own. It's easier that way, right? Not always. Sometimes she wishes that she had someone to be there for her, when she needed them. Sometimes, she wishes that she had a boy. That'll never happen though. She's tried to search for one, but no one could ever love her.

You see, her father was an alcoholic. He would constantly rape and abuse her. The abuse started at 6. Her mother died when she was 5 and her dad started drinking to sooth the pain. Whenever he beat her, she would tell herself that he's just trying to get through his pain. Her brother, who was 4 years older than her, always tried to help her. He would yell at their father when he hit her and screamed when their father raped her. The brother didn't get any abuse, only when he tried to protect her. No matter what though, he wasn't going to let him hurt her without a fight.

When she turned 14, she started going through issues with anxiety. She didn't talk to anyone or go out. She ended up being home schooled, because she couldn't take the pressure. Her brother was the one to home school her. She was only at home for a year, because the next year, her brother enrolled in the army. That was hard for her, but she went to school and faced it for her brother. She still got beat from her father, constantly. She always wore sweaters to hide the bruises. She didn't want her dad to get in any trouble.

Two years later, she got a letter from the Army. Her brother had died, trying to protect this country. The cracks that had started forming from 5, just split her down the middle. She couldn't live without her brother. He was her everything. She started suffering from depression at 16. When she turned 18, she left the house and her father. He tried to find her, but it was too late, because she had moved out of the state. When she got settled into her new home, she thought that everything was alright, until she started hallucinating. She could swear that she saw her brother and her mother.

She is currently trying to deal with the hallucinations. She wants them to go away, but knows that will never happen. No matter how hard she tries, she can't be normal.

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