everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


21. Twitter

I woke up to zayn shouting in the apartment lounge,he stayed round mine and jess's apartment most of the time now. "are you fucking kidding me?have you seen twitter,everyones going mad and blaming her" i heard them shout. what the hell was he on about..i grabbed my phone from the side cabinet next to my bed and went on twitter. i had hundreds of mentions and my followers were blowing up,there were hundreds of pictures of me and selena shouting at eachother at the awards last night..i read through some of the mentions. @annie_tamer: '@maria_baker i thought you were nice,you fooled everyone why would you make up so much shit,you're obviously jealous that selena went out with justin..pft" "@kylie1453: @maria_baker: why would you spread rumours saying selena cheated on justin?that is just low..harsh bitch" and then there were the really horrible ones.."@jackie_tim4342: @maria_baker you're one fucked up slut,why would you want to wreck someone else's love life when you already have your own..jealous bitch!" What the fuck,i looked through the pictures to then see a newspaper article,the headline read 'jelous maria bites back' i read through the magazine,it explained how me and selena argue'd but selena told the newspapers and paps that i was spreading rumours that she cheated on justin and that i was jealous when i clearly wasn't..what a bitch urgh. I got so much hate on twitter that i really couldn't take it. I tied my hair into a high messy bun,slipped on some grey,loose tracksuit bottoms and a black oversized sweater. I slipped on some white converse and put some sunglasses on and walked out the bedroom door. "where are you going maria?" zayn and jess asked whilst the rest of the boys looked worried. "just leave me alone,i have a few things to do today so noone bother disturbing me" i shouted then stormed out of the apartment door. 

I walked around the town to see alot of fans and paps staring at me,the paps looked at me and smiled,they asked me for phot's so i took a few pics with them then told them i had to go,whilst the paps just took loads of photo's of me walking around town. I walked into starbucks and ordered a hot chocolate. The women gave me a death glare like i was a ghost..i grabbed the hot chocolate,paid then walked out. I found the building to a radio station,it was heart radio. I stormed in without a thought of what i was about to do,i never planned it, i just needed to tell everyone my story..the truth. "can i help you?" A security guard asked."yes wheres the live studio?" i asked "um follow me,do you have an interview?" "um,you could say that.." i laughed. I then walked through these double doors into a fairly average sized room with microphones and music editing things everywhere,they were on the radio live. They looked up at me confused. "so here you go guys,this is selena gomez with come and get it" the name gave me chills,bad chills. "can we help you?" the one man asked "yes, i need to go on live air" i demanded "erm,you cant you have to book an interview" "please,its really important" "fine,but only 5 minutes,whats your name?" "maria baker"i replied "oh i see,your the girl everyones talking about.." "pretty much yeah.." "well the songs just about to finish.." "okay thanks again" i said,i can finally tell everyone the truth,this is going to be all over the internet after but i dont care,the boys will worry about me once they hear this as they listen to heart every morning around this time to check if there songs are on here. 

"hello and welcome back to heart radio,we have a special guest today,she seems to be the talk, of the town recently, so yeah here she is,its maria baker".

Zayn's pov

I was pretty worried about maria,she wouldn't normally just walk off like that,i had to go after her but i knew she would of went mad..maybe it will be good for her to take some alone time. We switched on the heart radio in the kichen and all listened. Selena gomez's song just finished before the man spoke. "hello and welcome back to heart radio,we have a special guest today,she seems to be the talk, of the town recently, so yeah here she is,its maria baker". Once i heard her name i shook up, me and the boys were all worried,what the hell was she doing..

Maria's POV

"so maria,what brings you here?" "well i just need to explain myself to everyone,selena has said her story but noone has gave me  a chance to explain..well last night at the awards selena came over to me and we had a laugh,she then started saying how lucky i was to be going out with zayn,we had a heart to heart until she told me she cheated on justin bieber..i started telling her to tell him then she flipped. i know she maybe didn't want to tell him but he has the right to know,i was just sticking up for her and giving her some advice. Then i woke up this morning and see all the tweets from fans with hate..if you were really a fan then you would believe me and stick with me." i muttered through the microphone. "thankyou maria,and yes everyone take in those words.." "thanks for having me" i then walked out angrily,if they dont believe me after that then i give up in them..

"oi maria,what are you playing at!" i heard a shout coming from behind me..it was zayn. "what zayn?!" "you cant just go shouting at people on the radio" "zayn,i wasn't shouting i was getting my point across,i dont want to get hate from people because of rumours its ridiculous!" "yes but you could of just made a tweet.." he then started to get angry,iv'e never seen zayn get angry at me before,this isn't right. "ZAYN,JUST FUCK OFF" "NO MARIA,LISTEN TO ME,YOU CANT JUST FUCK UP EVERYTHING LIKE THIS AND LEAVE IT" "ZAYN IM NOT LEAVING ANYTHING YOU IDIOT,JUST URGH LEAVE ME ALONE,YES IM FUCKED UP,THEN IF IM SO 'FUCKED UP' THEN DUMP ME,GO ON" i shouted through the anger. "FINE,ITS OVER,IS THAT WHAT YOU WANT TO HERE?IS IT,WELL THERE YOU GO" he shouted,tears started shooting down my eyes,i felt my heart break into two. "im sorry maria,i didn't mea-" i ran away from him before he finished his sentence. I knew what i needed right now,i needed a drink,to drain all the tears away,that will work. I then remembered time i went to a club for a drink,yep the night i got raped..I shook my head forgetting about all of the thoughts about that night and went to the nearest club i could find. I saw a small one which looked fine,i only needed a few drinks anyway. I walked straight over to the bar to a similar face. "can i have a double vodka please?" i asked "Maria??" the bar tender asked,i looked at him and my emotions changed straight away. "OMG" i shouted "iv'e missed you so much maria" "ive missed you too baby" it was Jack,He was my bestfriend back in high school,our parents were like bestfriends and thats how we met. "wow jack..i haven't seen you in 4 years,you haven't changed" i laughed. "well thanks but you have" he laughed and winked. "so anyway whats up?you only have booze when you're upset" he still remembered me.."Its a long story,erm jack can i stay with you tonight?i have nowhere to stay,i dont want to go back home as i know zayn will be there hanging with the boys" "yes,we'll leave now,and who's zayn?" "thankyou so much babe,and ill tell you about it later"















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