everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


6. Twitcam

It was now 11pm,non of us could even attempt to go to bed,we were all so hyped up,Louis was running around the tour bus shouting 'I love carrots', niall was dancing with liam,harry was singing and dancing and me and zayn were just sat normally laughing at them all. "guys we can't be like this all night,what shall we do?" i asked them all. "i know i know,lets do a twitcam" louis shouted, "yeah thats a great idea" harry answered. I've only ever done one with zayn and that was actually pretty cool. We all sat on the sofa with zayn and me sitting on the ends then harry on top of niall and liam and louis sat next to them. The laptop was on the table infront of us. Liam posted the link to the twitcam on his twitter and all the boys went on their twitters on their phones and retweeted the link. Once we were on the twitcam broadcasting there were already thousands of people watching us. We all waved at the viewers and read through the comments. "right hello guys,we cant sleep so were thinking of answering your questions so ask as many as you want,we will answer as much as we can,we love you all" liam spoke. We all smiled and agreed. The first question came from a girl called Haneeka "who's the girl with you?she's beautiful" I smiled to myself whilst louis read it out "well she's touring with us actually, she's one of our crews daughters but we have became really good friends with her so yeah" He answered i just blushed and smiled to the boys. "the next question is from georgia from ireland,she asks, do you guys love me?" i just laughed to myself. "i love you alot georgia,you're from ireland so you're perfect" niall shouted "we all love you georgia" the rest of the boys shouted in unison. After a few more questions mainly asking the boys about there lives and asking them to say their names the boys decided to sing a song to all the viewers. Whilst they sand their song i went over to the kitchen to make a hot chocolate, i felt so out of place in the twitcam i honestly didn't know what to do, they were answering questions and i was just sat there watching,it was so much funnier when i done one with zayn..Whilst i was making a hot chocolate i felt a hand wrap around eyes covering my sight. "guess who" i heard a low voice ask "erm santa claus" I laughed, just then i removed the hand away and turned around to see zayn standing behind me. "oh hey zayn,want one?" i asked "um,yes please,but why aren't you in the twitcam with us?" "i dont really fit in zayn,you guys are answering questions whilst im just useless at the back,i figured that there was no point in being in it" i axplained to him quickly. " Once i made the hot chocolate i gave him his and we sat over by the others they turned twitcam off and decided to go to bed as they were rehearsing all day tomorrow. The boys all went to their bunks but zayn just stayed with me whilst we drunk out hot chocolates. "maria, you honestly make the best hot chocolates in the world" "aw zayn thankyou,and you know how to make a girl smile" We both laughed whilst thinking of things to say to eachother. "so want to spend the day with me the day after rehearsals?" "i would love that zayn" i whispered, once we were done with our hot chocolates we both gave eachother a tight hug "night zaynieBoo" i whispered "night MariaBee" he whispered back. i went to kiss his cheek but i think he was about to kiss my cheek too because our lips ended up planting on eachothers,we soon enough backed away. "im sorry zayn,i was meant to kiss your cheek" i said awkwardly "dont worry about it babe" he muttered then walked into his bunk, i then walked to my bunk too. i can't believe we kissed, i know it was short but i felt something there.


I woke up to silence,it felt strange as i would normally wake up to the boys screaming and running around eachother. I jumped off my bunk and walked over to the chilling part of the bus to find a note on the table. "Maria,we've gone to rehearsals,see you later, love the boys X" I smiled to myself thinking i had a day to myself, i did love spending time with the boys but it would be nice having abit of time to do my own thing. I ran to my bunk and slipped on a black shift dress which some Aldo heel boots and a flower headband to go around the head,i kept my hair naturally wavy and used my usual makeup http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=97683072 I then sprayed myself with some perfume and then grabbed a black handbag and walked off the tour bus. Once i walked off the bus i was greeted by a few fans and a few paps taking photo's of me which i knew would soon enough be all over the internet. I hopped into a black car, the car that takes us to places and ordered the man to take to to the main city center. Once we arrived i thanked the driver and hopped out of the car to witness the shopping stores me and harry went into the other day. First i think im going to get something to eat,im starving.I Saw a small starbucks and decided to get a cookie from there and a drink. "what would you like madam?" the man asked,he had a very familiar voice but i just carried on ordering "erm,a chocolate cookie with a hot chocolate please" i said,i didn't even look at the man serving me. I waited for about 2 minutes for my orders. "thats 3.40" the worker explained. I looked over to the man and gave him the money,just as i looked again i knew i recognised the voice. "JAMIE"i called out to him "omg,maria,is that you?" he asked "yeah,aw jam where have you been?" "well just moving to italy,how about you?" "just chilling, im here on tour with one direction aha" i laughed out. "I have a lunch break round about now,maybe we should hang out for abit" !i would love to jamie", jamie then lead me outside the shop and we walked around the town hand in hand, jamie was my bestfriend back in school, he was gay but so lovely. We always held eachothers hands,its not like it means anything he's gay anyway.."i've miss you so much jam jam" i muttered to him. "aw ive missed you too maria!" Once we spoke for abit about our lives now i walked jamie back to his work. "i'll maybe see you another time,love you" "yeah love you too maria" we have eachother a hug and i gave him a kiss on the cheek and he gave me one on my head. Once i was done looking around the shops  the of italy it turned 4pm,i decided to go back to the tour bus. i called a taxi as the black car wan't there. I told the man where to go and with that i looked out of the window of the taxi to see alot of beautiful views.

After a 10 minutes drive we finally arrived at the tour bus. "thank you,keep the change" i told the driver whilst giving him the money. I walked into the tour bus to find the boys all sitting on the sofa's staring at me weirdly.. what has happened now.."where have you been maria?" liam asked "um,i went into town,why?" "have you checked twitter lately?" "nope" what was he on about. I then got out my phone and checked my twitter notifications. There were pictures of my holding hands with jamie and kissing him on the cheek and ones of him kissing me on the head. I saw a lot of nasty comments saying things like 'so if shes going out with one of the boys she must be cheating on them,cheater!!" i dont understand,ive told them millions of times m not going out with any of them. I looked back towards the boys as they still stared at me. "have you seen the pictures?" harry asked "yes i have..and?" i asked them. "we didn't know you had a boyfriend maria..what else dont we know about you?" harry asked rudely "he is not my boyfriend..and what do you mean by that,im not keeping anything from you guys" that was a lie,the only thing i was keeping from them was the fact that i loved zayn.. "so why are you kissing him and holding hands,you both looked loved up,dont bullshit maria" harry shouted "harry calm down,he's gay.." i laughed "oh" they all said in unison "he was my old bestfriend back in college" i laughed whilst explaining everything "oh that makes sense now haha" harry muttered. Wow that boy did get angry at times.


Authors note--

Hey guys,sorry if this chapter is abit short and rubbish but i promise there will be alot more action coming up so keep reading..this chapter was mainly a filler..if you have any idea's then kik me: 1Dfand0m I'll also be looking for some characters further in this book so kik me if she would like to be in the book,please favorite and like,would mean alot, love ya all xx













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