everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


4. The tour bus

I woke up to the boys screaming and running around the room, I wasn't very happy about the noise I jumped from my bed and walked out the door forgetting all i had on was a top and sweats,they all stared at me and whistled "whats all the noise about?" i muttered in annoyance "oh did we wake you?" "no,i was just partying in my room with drake.." i said sarcastically "could of invited us" harry laughed "haha very funny styles" i shouted then walked back into my room and slammed the door shut. I looked over to find my phone ringing. it was my mum.."hello mum,what do you want?" "i just wanted to talk thats all,no need for the attitude" "how the hell am i giving you attitude.." "just stop moaning ok,i want you to come back and go back to the doctors college" Ugh i was so mad doesnt she get how i hated doctors,i dont want to be one for the last time god.."no mum,im staying with dad,why dont you understand i dont want to be a doctor,ugh" i shouted down the phone "you know what,i tried so hard to make you have the perfect career,just dont bother calling me or asking me for anything in the future" she shouted,i then ended the call. Tears formed down my eyes,my mum doesnt care about me only my career..great. i slipped on a hoodie and some jeans quickly and put my phone in the pocket of my hoodie. i then walked out the bedroom door to find the boys staring at me. "whats wrong?" louis asked "it doesnt matter,how long till we leave to go on tour bus?" i asked annoyed "2 hours" zayn spoke "good" i added,they all looked worried about me because of the tears streaming down my eyes,i then walked out the hotel room door and slammed the door,i dont know my way around italy but i just decided to stay close to the hotel. I found a small park by our hotel,i walked over to the swings and sat on one and gently swung it until my phone started to ring.."maria,where are you" i heard zayn ask through the phone "i just need some alone time zayn" i muttered with the tears still falling from my eyes,i cant believe my mum doesnt want to speak to me,shes meant to be my mum..just as zayn was about to talk i put the phone down on him,how can i talk to him when im upset,i dont want to be upset infront of the boys. Just as i looked around the space around me i felt someone take a seat next to me on the other swing,i looked around to find zayn there. "what do you want zayn?" i said in an annoyed tone "whats wrong maria?you can tell me" "zayn i dont want you to see me upset please" He came closer to me and wiped the tears away from my eyes with the surface of his hand. "maria,tell me" "you really want to know do you?" "yes i do" "well my mum called and told me to go back home and get back to college because she tried hard getting me in there,when i told her i wasn't going there she just reacted badly and told me not to go running back to her or ring her whenever i want her again,my own mother doesn't care about me,just my career" Zayn lifted my chin up and kissed my cheek "maria,you have your dad,and now you have us boys aswell, you can tell us anything,im always here for you maria,come on lets go back up" I wiped away eye single tear from my face and grinned at him,he was right,i had him and the boys and importantly my dad. i took is hand and we went back up to the hotel room. "Maria,you okay now?we dont like seeing you upset" niall said "yeah im fine now,and dont worry i promise you wont see me upset again,im sorry" i muttered,they all smiled at me and then my dad walked in. "guys the tour bus has arrived,get all your stuff and make sure your outside the lobby in 10 minutes!" he ordered. I walked into my little bedroom and got out of suitcase and then walked out to the main hotel room to find all the boys with their suitcases too. We all walked out of the doors of the lobby together and saw a very long bus waiting for us, it was red with blacked out windows. I walked inside after the boys to see game consoles,t'v's anything you could think of,it was amazing.

We all sat down on the sofa's in there and decided to play a game of COD,obviously i thrashed them all. "maria,how are you so good at this?" liam shouted "alot of practise li" i shouted back. once the games finished they all looked annoyed that i beat them. "im hungry" niall screamed "you're always hungry" liam shouted to niall "want me to cook you guys anything?" i asked "yeah,pancakes" they all said in unison. I walked over to what looked like a kitchen area and got out all of the ingredients to make some pancakes. whilst i was cooking a felt a pair of hands on my waist,i turned around to find harry standing behind me."hey styles what do you want?" i asked "well,erm i want you" he laughed "sorry styles,you cant have me,im out of date" i laughed back "ohhh,this girl has comebacks" liam shouted "you're unbelievable" harry whispered into my ear,he sent chills run down my back. I started to get in my way alot in the kitchen as it was tiny so i decided to put flour over him. "there you go styles" "get here now" he shouted whilst i ran around the bus away from him. Once i stopped he grabbed me from behind and span be around and put flour all over me "oh get a room" louis shouted i just laughed. "talk about rooms,where are we all staying?" i asked "well,take a look" harry lead me to a few bunkbeds with curtains around them,there were 6..3 on the one side and 3 on the other. "wait theres 6,but where will my dad stay?" i asked in confusion "oh he doesnt stay on the tour bus he stays on the other bus with the rest of the backstage people who help us" niall exclaimed "oh i see,so i have to share a bus with 5 boys?" i joked 2oh dont worry maria,you'll have alot of fun" harry laughed in a cheeky way whilst winking at me. "im sure i would styles" i winked back playfully.

Zayn's POV

It hurt me seeing harry and maria flirt with eachother. If they're going to flirt like this the whole of the tour i think i might go out of control,actually i could invite perrie over for a few days,see how maria likes that,she flirts with harry,i got my girlfriend to do that. I got out my phone and text perrie. "hey babe,want to come to italy for a few days whilst were here?xx" i suddenly got a text from her straight away "yeah babe,i would love to,i miss you loads,ill get a flight asap,ill be here by tomorrowxx" great now thats sorted..wait what am i doing,perries my girlfriend the girl im in love with,so why am i using her to make another girl jealous..

Maria's POV

We all got changed into our p.j's i just wore an over sized shirt and some sweats and knee length'd socks at they were comfy. we all sat in a circle and spoke for what seemed like forever. Once we stopped speaking louis shouted really loudly "carrots" we all started laughing and rolling on the floor. I stood up to walk over to the kitchen area to make some hot chocolates for us all. Harry then came along behind me,i know where this is heading. "you look sexy with a long top on and socks babe" i smirked at him and carried on "styles are you flirting with me?" i laughed "and what if i am" I had no words to say after that i just carried on making the hot chocolates. "here you go guys" i gave them all their hot chocolates then sat back down "what would we do without you maria" louis laughed. I looked over to see zayn staring at me,i would love to know what he was thinking about right now to be staring at me. "right im going to bed" niall sang and the rest of the boys went to bed aswell, as for me i wasn't tired enough to go to bed. I decided to go on twitter to find a picture of me with the boys at the airport, the tweets were saying 'mystery girl dating one of the boys?' I just laughed to myself..I then heard a noise so i turned around to find zayn sat next to me "hello pretty boy" i whispered. "hello gorgeous" he whispered back, omg did he really just call me gorgeous.."cant you sleep zainey?" i laughed "no i cant,want to do a twitcam?" he asked "i would love to" Zayn turned his laptop on and switched on the twitcam and shared the link on his twitter,there were thousands of people watching us. "hello guys,so this is my friend maria,we are going to do a question and answer session,so ask us anything" zayn laughed i just waved to everyone. there were alot of questions,i decided to read some out "Zayn are you still with perrie?" then zayn answered "yes,yes i am" I was pretty shocked,i didn't know zayn had a girlfriend..there was another one saying about him and perrie then there were ones asking me questions "maria,are you going out with harry?because you would make a cute couple,you're both perfect" i just smiled to myself but zayn looked annoyed.."nope im not,im a single pringle,and aw thats cute" I laughed, once we were done answering all of the questions zayn put his laptop away and i went over to sit next to him. "zayn why did you look so annoyed when that girl asked if i was going out with harry?" i asked nervously "i didnt look annoyed" "yes you did,you just stopped smiling" he then sighed and walked away from me and over to his bunk,i honestly dont get this boy..i then decided to walk over to my bunk and go to sleep.





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