everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


8. The paps.

Maria's POV

I walked into the tour bus to hear a few angry hits on the wall. I saw zayn's bunk curtain closed so i knew he was in there. "zayn" i shouted. i opened his bunk curtain to see him hitting the wall. "zayn whats wrong?" i asked scared,ive never seen him like this before.."Maria,you know what just fuck off." "not until you tell me whats wrong" "fine, perrie cheated on me,we were going out for 2 years and she goes and cheats on me,she also thinks somethings happening with us two,so yeah you know now so just do us all a favor and fuck off" He shouted. I then burst out crying,i dont know why i wish i never but the boy i loved wanted me gone..i know he was angry but he didn't have to take it out on me.."im s-s-sorry maria" he burst out "you know what zayn, i was just trying to help but your right i should go." And with that i ran out the tour bus and ran to where ever the wind took me. "maria,why are you crying?did the boys hurt your feelings?" i turned around to find aload of paps surrounding me asking me questions,it was pouring down the rain for the first time in a while,my mascara had run all over my cheeks and i looked a mess. The were taking pictures of me crying. I ignored them and walked on but just as i ran the paps stood infront of me. "move now" i demanded "or what" the one man shouted "just move, im not in the mood for this" "why did the one direction boys hurt you?" i felt so angry just as i pushed past them the one man pushed me over..he was paparazzi and he pushed me over in the rain making me cut my arms and legs. "aw look at you on the floor" the paps shouted whilst laughing and taking pictures. I then decided to kick the one man in the balls and ran away as fast as i could. I knew this was going to be all over the internet soon enough.

Zayn's POV

I can't believe maria actually ran away, this is all my fault,i love her and she ran away from me, her dad's going to go mad at us boys, were meant to be protecting her not leading her to danger. I decided to ring Maria's dad. "Hello,is that zayn?" "yes hello Tom" "so whats the problem zayn?" "well i had a little argument with maria and she gone off,but im going to go look for her" "okay,well you better find her or i wont be happy but dont worry too much zayn,she wont go too far its italy,shes a sensible girl,just find her please,thanks for letting me know" "Okay tom" I then ended the call and put a hoodie on as it was raining so much. Just as i was about to walk out the door i was greeted by the boys. "zayn,whats going on?" liam asked "what do you mean li?" "well have you checked twitter lately" I then checked twitter to see what he meant. The were pictures of maria on the floor crying and ones of her kicking a pap in the balls and ones of her shouting and crying in the rain then ones of her running..I felt to heart broken seeing her cry and this is all my fault.."i need to go find her" i shouted "yeah hurry up then mate" i then ran out in the rain and ran around looking for her.

Maria's POV

I decided to stop running once i got to a familiar building, it was the ifle tower,it was gorgeous.I sat on a bench infront of it looking up it. It made me feel so relaxed,it was beautiful. I bet zayn doesn't even care about me. I bet he's still in his bunk right now punching the wall,if only he knew what i felt for him. 

After 5 minutes of sitting watching the ifle tower i stood up and walked away, i had to go back to the bus,back to see my dad anyway. jjust as i kept walking i felt a hand grip onto my wrist. I turned around to see zayn..his eyes were red and puffy from his crying and he had a hood up. "z-z-zayn" i slurred,i was so cold. He then took his hoodie off and wrapped it around me "thanks zayn." "maria,im so sorry,i didn't mean to say any of that. I was just so angry,once I saw all the pictures of you on twitter i went mad and my heart was broken seeing you hurt. maria what happened?" wow they were on twitter already.."i ran and ran until i couldnt run anymore and paps surrounded me asking if you guys upset me and hurt me and just as i pushed past them they pushed me onto the ground,i was so scared,they started taking pictures of my on the ground and ones of me crying,i then got up and kicked the one in the balls and just...ran here,im sorry zayn" "this is all my fault" "no its not zayn" "i hate seeing you hurt maria,i love you" Just then my heart stopped, the boy i loved just told me he loved me..what on earths going on. "z-z-zayn you're not thinking straight" "yes i am,since the day i met you i felt feelings for you,then when perrie broke up with me i was heart broken but i was abit relieved that i had more chance of loving you" I cant believe all this time he's loved me.."z-z-zayn I love y" just as i was about to say something he interrupted me by kissing me. Our lips moved in sync and the kiss was so passionate,i loved zayn malik and he loved me. "c-ccome on lets go" he demanded he grabbed me and picked me up bridal style as a dug my head into his chest.











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