everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


17. The fans

Its been a week since the concert. Ive told Jess everything,she was pretty mad at me for not telling her after 2 years but she understood and thats why i love her so much. Zayn and i have been texting eachother since the night at the concert but we haven't met up yet. He comes off tour tomorrow and that's when i will be meeting him. I'm so excited, its unreal how much i have loved zayn these past couple of years,i'm actually glad i went to that concert or i wouldn't have know the truth behind it all.

"maria,come on" Jess shouted,we were moving into a flat today in london,its not far from manchester,only a few hours away but its fine. I've always wanted to live in london and thats where the boys live too so we will be hanging around with them quite alot. "ok,ok" i looked around the house one more time,my grandma's house,all the memories of me growing up. "nan,i'll come and visit whenever you want,whenever you need me just call me,i'll be there,take care of yourself nan or i'll never forgive myself for leaving you if anything happens to you,i love you nan and thanks for taking care of me these 2 years" "i love you so much darling, dont worry about me i'll be fine and make sure you give me a call atleast once a week darling,now have a great time,see you soon" and with that we hugged eachother tightly but gently and i gave her a quick kiss before going. I put my suitcase in Jess's car and waved goodbye to my nan whilst the car drove away.


There it was our new apartment,it was gorgeous,it was a studio apartment which i've always wanted to live in because they're so beautiful. "jess this is gorgeous" i shouted whilst running around the flat. "bagsy this room" Jess shouted,which was fine by me as the rooms looked alike anyway. We unpacked everything whilst listening to music. " want you to make me feel like im the only girl in the world" We sand in unison. We finally finished unpacking everything and it soon began to feel like home. "i'm just going to get changed into something more comfy then we can go out for dinner if you like?" i muttered. "thats a good idea" I walked into my new bedroom and looked through my clothes. I threw in a pair on black and white checkered loose wool pants/leggins with a white tight crop top,a long chain and a black beanie with 'vogue' wrote on it in white. I also slipped on some black vans. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=98397083 I looked in the mirror and looked pretty good. I walked out the bedroom to find Jess waiting for me,she got changed to. she wore, a blue skater skirt with a grey tight belly top,a pair of black converse and some sunglasses. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=98397803 She looked gorgeous as ever! "wow,you look fricken sexy babe" Jess shouted to me,i laughed at her. "you dont look to bad your self babe" Once we were done sorting our appearances out we left our flat and walked downstairs together. We called for a taxi and there was one there waiting for us luckily. "so the plan is to go shopping then go for dinner?" i asked jess "sounds perfect".

We both got out of the taxi,luckily i knew my way around london fairly well as my dad lived here,i wonder if he still does as i haven't seen him in 2 years since i had the argument with him. We've kept in touch abit but never met after that. "MARIA,MARIA" i looked behind me and jess to find alot of girls running towards me with smiles on their faces,it reminded me of when i got beat up in canada by a bunch of fans. "maria,can we have a picture with you?" They asked in unison,wow im suprised they still remember me. "Yeah sure" We took a few pictures and i gave a few autographs to the fans,shortly after the paps came along and took pictures of me with jess. "thanks for the pictures and autographs maria,we really miss you!" They made me smile whilst saying that. "erm,why are the paps taking pics of us maria?and why did those girls ask you for your autographs?" Jess looked so confused. "well im well known in london for being zayn's girlfriend we use to be seen all the time in london together so yeah and they obviously still recognize me and the paps well they just annoy me" i laughed. "wow" jess muttered whilst grabbing my arm and taking me into a girls shop. The shop had a huge sale and Jess was going crazy. we picked up alot of clothes to try on,mostly dress's. We took about 6 dress and a few tops and trousers into the dressing room. "right jess,first outfit of the day,dun dun dun" we joked then both came out with one of the chosen outfits. "wow thats gorgeous" jess shouted. "yours is gorgeous too" we both went back in,after about 5 more outfits we both decided to buy all of them.

We walked out of the store to find a restaurant across the shop we just came out of. We walked in to find a blonde haired lady staring at us. "can i help you?" she asked "yes actually,have you got any spare tables?" i smiled "yes,follow me" she lead us to a small table with 2 chairs, one for me and one for jess. Then the women walked away. "wow she seemed abit stuck up,fucking bitch" Jess spat out, i laughed out trying not to make to much noise. Jess really does know how to make me laugh. "hello ladies im your waiter for the evening,call me Joe" he said. he was cute,he had a light brown messy quiff with blue eyes. "well joe,you can call me maybe" Jess winked, "omg jess,shutup" i laughed out "hah,im sorry cutie,i was just joking" she laughed. "its fine really,well i can see you ladies are pretty funny" he laughed whilst giving us a menu each and walking away. "wow,he's fricken hot" jess spat out. "i knew you were gonna say that,omg jess you do make me laugh you know". We looked through the menu's, everything sounded so gorgeous. After 5 minutes of deciding Joe,the waiter came back to us. "so ladies,have you chosen what you would like?" "well,can i have the roasted chicken meal please with a side plate of salad" i ordered as he wrote it on his little note pad. "and can i have the bbq chicken please with a salad at the side" Jess ordered. "okay girls thats great now what drinks would you like with that?" "well i would like red wine" i demanded "and i would like a Bacardi and coke" jess spoke out. "thanks ladies,your food will be here in about 5-10 minutes" he smiled then walked away. Whilst we were waiting for our food we decided to talk about our plans with the flat and london. "so we both need to look for jobs as soon as we can" i spoke "yeah i agree,we'll search tomorrow morning before you go meet zayn" i just agreed. Our food finally came and we dug in.








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