everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


20. Teen choice awards

"Maria,hurry up!" zayn shouted.."yes ill be ready in a minute,wait zayn" We were leaving for the awards any minute,i was so scared. I wore the white dress with golden pieces on which i picked out yesterday with some white heels,My hair curly and puffed up slightly,i wore sound foundation,blusher,mascara,eyeliner and dark eye shadow. I wore some white dangled earrings too. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=99030068 I grabbed my white designer clutch and walked out the door to see zayn, he was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans,some black boots,white shirt with a black tie and long black cape jacket. His hair was in his normal sexy quiff,he looked perfect. "you look gorgeous babe" zayn muttered. "you look gorgeous yourself zaynie" we both laughed and i linked my hands in his. "theres a car waiting for us outside, the boys are meeting us there" "okay zayn" we jumped into the black car and it drove us straight there,i had butterflies literally exploding inside of me,i was so scared yet so excited.

The car stopped and i began to shake,zayn's grip on my hand got tighter. "babe,dont worry,its not that bad,come on i'll hold you the whole time,i promise" "i'll be okay zayn,really,im just abit nervous,i've never done this before,and you better" we both smiled at eachother and the car door opened, i saw alot of lights flashing out way,zayn got out then grabbed my hand and helped me get out,everyone was staring at us taking photo's. We walked onto the red carpet and smiled for the camera's. "hey maria,you scared?" i heard a voice speak,i turned around to find louis "oh,hey louis and yeah just abit" "it will be fine,its alot of fun actually" we laughed together and then he hugged m whilst the paps still took photo's. Zayn went to take a few photo's and autographs whilst the paps wanted me to pose for the camera's so i stood and smiled to the camera's until loads of people called my name "MARIAAAA" i look over to see alot of screaming girls. "hey girls,can i help you?" "yes actually,can we have some autographs and pictures please maria,we love you so much" "aw thankyou you're all so sweet,and yeah sure anything for you girls" i gave them a few autographs and took a few pictures until i felt someone hug me from behind,i looked to see zayn smiling. "i see you're having fun?" "yes zayn,actually i am haha" He grabbed my hand and we both walked into the building following the rest of the band. We then found out seats and sat down,there were loads of celebrities..i sat next to zayn followed by niall,harry,liam and louis. They were going to bring their girlfriend's but they were too busy with work,i would of loved to see them. "zayn,are you performing tonight?" "yeah babe,are you going to be alright here on your own?were only be gone for about 5 or 10 minutes,promise" "yeah its fine,dont worry zayn" And then the awards started. After about 30 minutes of calling awards the boys went up and performed 'best song ever' Zayn looked at me the whole time..he really gave me goosebumps when he did that. 

After their performances and collecting awards we went to the after party where all the celebrities were. "babe,ill be back in a minute,i need the toilet" "okay babe" zayn left me to go to the toilet. "so your zayn's new girlfriend right?" i heard a voice from behind me speak,i turned to find selena gomez,she was so beautiful in person. "yeah i am" i replied. "well nice to meet you im selena,you must be maria baker,right?" "yeah,thats me,nice to meet you" "you're so lucky to be with zayn" what the hell was she on about i thought she had a boyfriend. "wait,i thought you were going out with justin bieber?" "yeah i am,but i've cheated on him before so yeah it's fine i can say things like that.." what the actual hell did i just hear. "why would you do that?justin hasn't ever done anything to you has he?" "no,he's just always on tour and i get lonely" "selena,you can't just cheat on him,if you loved him you wouldn't,i would never cheat on zayn because he's on tour,its wrong,you need to tell justin!" i muttered. "dont tell me what to do,you're not perfect your self,you left zayn 2 years ago,yes i heard about it,everyone did,you obviously didn't love him,so don't bother giving me love advise maria" "wow,you don't know anything,how pathetic" once i said that i felt her pull on my hair. "get off me you stupid cow" i shouted,just then zayn ran over to us and broke us apart whilst everyone started to stare. "what the hell's going on" zayn asked. "well i gave her abit of advise and she goes mad" i shouted "its non of your business thats why" selena muttered. everyone could hear us and were staring,paps were taking pictures too. "well selena if its private then why tell me you cheated on justin then..you're discusting" i shouted making sure everyone could hear. She then walked off angrily. wow she was a bitch. "come on maria,we're going" zayn grabbed my hand and pulled me outside to the car.







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