everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


19. Sorting things

I sat next to zayn on my bed whilst the others were watching a movie. "I never stopped thinking about you maria" "zayn,im so sorry for not coming back,it was almost impossible to get hold of you guys because of the fans and once i heard about you and perrie i just gave up.." "well maria,we're back together now so stop worrying about what happened because i won't ever let you leave again." "zayn,are we back together then?because we haven't really spoke about that" i laughed "yeah we are,only if you wan't to though?" "oh course i want to, zayn i love you" "i love you too" He kissed my head delicatly, like i was a piece of fine china. "now i'll stay tonight of you want?" "yeah that would be great" i laughed. He took off his shirt and jeans leaving just his boxers on. I coulnd't stop looking at his body.."like what you see ay?" "shutup and get in bed zayn" i laughed,he jumped in bed whilst cuddling up to me.


I woke up to my head resting on zayn's bare chest. His hand was linked to my shoulder holding me tighter. I could stay like this forever. "zayn,wake up baby" i shaked him but he wouldn't wake up,i then tried to shout in his ear..he still didn't answer..I then lean't down to him and kissed him,just as i was about to pull away he pulled me tighter and deepened the kiss. After a few more minutes of kissing i backed away. "why would you back away?i was enjoying that" "zayn,come on wakeup we're going into town!" i shouted. He didn't listen to me so i started to jump up and down on the bed. "ZAYN GET UP YOU LAZY BOY" "just 5 more minutes mum" "erm zayn..i am not your mum" "erm,i knew that i was joking" "yeah course zayn,now get the hell up" "no" "fine" i walked out of the room and went into the on-suit which was in my bedroom. I filled a glass with cold water,this should wake him up. I walked back into the bedroom and threw the water all over zayn's face. "WHAT THE HELL MARIA" "well get up then,i want to spend the day with you,obviously you dont want too.." i said annoyed. "i do,im just tired babe" "fine,go back to sleep then,we'll go out another time" i then walked out but just as i was about to open the door i felt someone grab my waist "i do want to spend the day with you,im sorry" i turned around to face zayn "i love you" "i love you too zayn" "now go get ready,and so will i" "okay zayn" i went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth,i showered too. Once i was done in the shower i slipped on some Black skinny jeans with a checkered dark red shirt. I couldn't wear something showing my belly as i was covered in bruises from the pick that abused me that night at the club. I slipped on some black boot heels and a bowl hat. I wore my natural amount of makeup but i put abit more blusher on to cover the marks i had over my face so they were less visable. I slipped on some sun glasses to hide my black eye and slipped my back handback over my arm. I left my hair natuaral. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=98989033 I walked into the lounge to find zayn wearing black skinny jeans,a dark blue top and some black vans. "you ready?"i asked him "yeah babe,come on" "wait wheres the rest of the guys?and jess?" "oh they went to the movies, hazza text me" "oh,well lets go"

*skip journey*

We walked around town to a few people staring,we walked hand in hand and both of us were smiling to show we were happy. A few paps saw us and started taking photo's which would soon be all over twitter..great. "ZAYN" a group of girls called zayn,we looked over to see them coming over to us. "yes girls?" "can he get a picture please?,sorry to disturb you" they seemed polite "yeah sure" Zayn took a few pictures with the fans. "maria,can we have some with you too" they asked,i was actually suprised. "erm,yeah why not" i smiled and we pulled a few faces in some photo's. "thankyou guys" they girls said. "you're welcome,have a nice day" We then walked around and found a slushy bar. "omg zayn,we need to get a slush puppy" "yeah,okay then" i dragged zayn to the slushy bar. "2 large mixed slush puppy's please" i asked. "what colours?" the women asked "erm,abit of everything please" she filled the 2 large plastic cups with slush "thankyou" i handed her the money but zayn got there first. "zayn,you didn't have too" "but i wanted to,the gentleman always pays" "oh zayn" i laughed. we walked around and looked around a few shops. until we saw a bench and sat down for a little while. "right,so maria,we have got to go to the teen choice awards tomorrow and we're allowed to bring 1 person as a plus one,i was wondering if you would like to come?,as you're my girlfriend i would like to show you off,you're my pride and joy" he was so cute,i have always wanted to go to the choice awards omg. "i would love to zayn,i love you so much" i jumped and hugged him. "wow,well i love you too baby" "but zayn,i haven't got a dress?" "well we will have to find you one now then" "lets go" i smiled and dragged him from off the bench.

We walked around the shops and walked to a dress shop,the dress's were beautiful but one dress caught my eye. It was short and white, flarred out abit at the bottom,it had gold sequins strips under the chest part and on the straps,it was beautiful,it also came with some white high heels which were beautiful. "that's perfect" i shouted to zayn. The women then walked over. "can i help you?" "yes,can i buy this dress please?" "yeah sure" "no zayn,im buying it,you have done enough" "i dont care,im buying it,so sh" "zayn please" "no maria sh" i paid for the dress and shoes and then we walked out. "zayn,i dont need you to buy me things,you have done too much and i can't handle it" "maria,i like buying you things,so please just let me" "but zayn" "no buts" "okay,i love you zayn" "i love you too maria" Once we were done in town we got back to the apartment and put the bags in my bedroom.










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