everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


16. Seeing them again

I ran and ran until i got stopped my security guards. "where do you think you're going miss?come with us" they picked me up and dragged my back to where the boys were. "get the the hell off me now,i cant be here,no way,get the fuck off me" i screamed at them whilst hitting them trying to make them let go of me. They put me down and there i was infront of the boys once again,jess was sitting with them confused. "Maria" zayn called out" "ugh,just leave me alone all of you"i shouted trying to go back out but the security guards wouldn't let me go,i punched them as hard as i could but nothing worked. The boys stared at me worried and suprised still at the same time. i have mascara running down my eyes and everything went blury. I then dropped down to the floor and screamed until i couldn't scream anymore.

"maria,calm down" Jess demanded. I couldn't calm down,how could i when the boy i loved was right behind me with the other boys. the boys i loved that gave me a bad name because he thought i didn' love him and thats why i left. i cant do this anymore. I tried to stand up but everything went black.


"maria,maria" Jess was shouting me, i was lay on a couch in a small room. "thank god, it was all a dream" i shouted in relief whilst rubbing my eyes to open them properly. I stood up to find 5 boys staring at me,thats when i realised,it wasn't a dream. "maria" zayn spoke. "no zayn,i cant do this" He then came up to me and grabbed my arms. "zayn,please just let me go" i shouted whilst releasing some more fresh tiers. I picked me up bridal style but i was too weak to stop him,i dug my head into his chest.

"maria,we need to talk" i heard a familiar voice say,i must have fell asleep again. i looked up to find zayn,but this time we were alone,just me and him. "zayn,please i cant do this,if i would of knew this was one of you guys concerts i wouldn't of come,please i cant do this again" i moaned. I was in so much pain,my eyes were bright red from the crying and my head was killing. "maria please" "zayn what do you want?we have nothing to say to each other!" i shouted as loud as i could.. "yes we do,why didn't you come back?you said you were gonna bea couple of months not 2 years.." "zayn,why do you care?your with perrie now" i shouted in annoyance. "maria, i still love you,i love you as much as i did 2 years ago,im with perrie for 1 reason and thats to try and get over you but i cant,i try searching you over the internet everyday,i've missed you maria" "aw poor zayn,getting his happy ever after with perrie and being loved up in the magazines,while i cant get a boyfriend because im always crying every night because i miss you too much,zayn you dont understand how much i love you,and ill never find anyone i love as much as you,if you missed me that much then why tell everyone i left you because i didn't love you,zayn you made me get so much hate because of that and i cant forgive you" I cried out. "Maria, after you left i haven't been the same ok,i answered questions in interviews but i never said that you left because you didn't love me and i've got just as much hate as you for loosing you,everyone loved you and they hate perrie,yes you got a few haters but only a few,they all love you cant you see how its killing me not to be with you anymore,i cant even sleep at night without thinking about you,when im making love to perrie i have to pretend its you and not her,the only thing thats been keeping me by all these years were the old photo's on the internet of us together,maria i love you and now you're here i am no way going to loose you again" those words meant to much to me,i loved zayn so much but i didn't think he felt the same way so much. I walked over to him and placed my hand on his face and looked into his dark lusty eyes,i then leaned into kiss him. Our lips caressed, they moved in sync,the fireworks between us were still there. I pulled away and then smiled at him. "maria,can i ask you something?" i was quite confused but i had to know. "yes?" "how come you didn't contact me" "because i tried but my phone broke then my dad lost his job and i couldn't find you anywhere,when i heard you were back with perrie,thats when i gave up,i let you be happy with her" "i'll never be happy with anyone if they're not you,i love you" he kissed my head and then pulled me into a tight hug.









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