everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


18. Regrets(WARNING sexual)

"maria,wake up now you will be late" Jess screamed from the other room. "late for what?" "well as you have over slept we cant go look for jobs so we have to go tomorrow,and you're meant to be meeting zayn in an hour!!" "oh shit" i shouted, fuck i forgot all about meeting zayn,i only saw him about a week ago at the concert and today's the day im actually meeting him and spending some proper time with him. I ran to the bathroom to freshen up,i brushed my teeth and got in the shower. Once i was done in the shower i opened my wardrobe and looked through some outfits to wear today. I decided to wear one of the outfits i brought yesterday. I wore some black high wasted shorts with a belt attatched to it that said 'adore', a white tight crop top, A pair of black nike blazers and a golden thin chain necklace. I put some darkish eyeshadow to make my eyes stand out and some red lipstick with a tiny bit of foundation and mascara. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=98486022 I left my hair wavy and puffed it up a tiny bit. I grabbed my shades slipped them on and then grabbed my black handbag from the hanger in my bedroom, then i walked out my bedroom to see Jess staring at me. "wow you look gorgeous,zayn can't say no to that" "thankyou but omg jess shutup" i laughed. "well anyway im going now" "yeah okay but aren't you going to have breakfast?" "nope,not really hungry" "well take this just in case, have a nice time see you later" she handed me an apple to eat on the way and a small carton of orange juice. she always made me eat breakfast,she was just like my parents. "thankyou,and see you later babe" i called out then walked out of the flat door. As i walked through the lift a brown haired boy jumped in quickly before the doors closed. "Maria?" the boy called "oh hi harry,what are you doing here?" "i live here,so do the other boys,how about you?" "woah,so do I,but im meeting zayn in town and he lives here?" "haha oh what a shame,well glad you to have reunited,you look gorgeous btw" I blushed slightly "aw thanks hazza, missed you" i kissed his cheek and walked out of the lift and out of the flat doors. I cant believe zayn and the boys live here too..bit weird if you ask me.

I walked through town to see alot of paps around,i tried looking down to avoid them but they notices me straight away,for god sake they were so good at spotting me. They all ran over to me and started to take pictures,i looked at them but carried on walking to where i was meeting zayn.

I saw zayn standing by and ice cream shop with a blonde haired girl,i got closer to see it was perrie,zayn was kissing her face off..I was stood there in shock,he was meant to be meeting me to sort our relationship out ever since the argument,he told me he still loved me when i saw him at the tour for the first time in 2 years and he kissed me,now i see him snogging the face off his girlfriend,the one he obviously loves. He stood there after looking around until he saw me staring at him and perrie,he smiled and tried to walk over but i just gave him an annoyed look and walked away from him.

He then got a text..from zayn.

'im sorry i didnt tell you i was still dating perrie, but it's not what it looks like xx'

so i text him back straight away annoyed..'save it zayn.'

I then turned off my phone so noone called call me or disturb me and went out to find something to do,i needed a drink so bad,i was so pissed off. I walked around to find a bar called 'MyLife' It was huge and the lights outside were bright. I walked in and there were loads of people. I walked straight to the bar and sat down to get all the worries away from my head. "can i get you anything love?" the cute boy behind the bar asked me. "yeah, a double vodka please" i demanded,he straight away gave me a double vodka,it was it a huge glass filled right to the top,it was about the height of a wine bottle. I drank it as fast as i could until i felt drunk. "wow,you sure can drink ay" the man behind the bar asked. "yeah ha,can i-i have another one please" "i dont think you'll be able to handle it but sure" he laughed "wanna bet?" i laughed almost falling off the bar stool. He handed me another glass of vodka and i took it and drank it all. Which i regretted because it felt like i was going to faint but it made me forget about zayn thats for sure. "wow" the bar tender laughed. "told you babe" i said. I then walked away from the bar tripping over everything i saw. I walked over to the dance floor to find thousands of cute boys,or maybe the alcohol made them look cute..oh well. there was one boy that really caught my eye,he had dark brown hair, curly and had black skinny jeans on with a white top. I walked over to him but fell into him instead. I burst out laughing. "erm,are you okay?" i looked up to see a boy i recognised. "maria?what the hell happened to you" It turned out to be harry..He looked gorgeous.."do'nt worry about me pretty boy" i laughed. He held me making sure i was okay but i pushed him away. "lets take you home maria,you're way to drunk, how much have you had?" "hahaah w-w-well i've had 2 glasses of doubled vodka act-actually" i laughed. "that's way too much for anyone to drink,come on" he grabbed my arm. "GET OFF ME HARRY" i shouted "no,you're going home" "NO IM NOT,JUST FUCK OFF AND LEAVE ME ALONE,I WISH EVERYONE WOULD JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" i shouted,i then slapped his arms off me and ran away from him making sure he couldn't find me. "hello gorgeous" i heard a mans voice say. i turned around to find a light brown haired boy talking to me,he grabbed onto my waist making me feel comfortable around him. "hello sexy" i replied. I leaned into him and our lips caressed. "wanna come back to me place?" he whispered into me ear. i looked around to see harry staring at me worried. "yeah, i would love to" i slurred out. I gave harry a death glare and walked out of the night club with the boy.

I walked with the boy until we reached an apartment,We walked inside and once he closed the door he pushed me against the wall,not carefully but violently. "ow" i shouted. "hahaha" he just stood there laughing at me. he grabbed my arms and dragged me into his bedroom,i winced in pain. I didn't understand what he was going to do to me but i got too scared to ask. He pushed me onto his bed and ripped my clothes off me leaving me naked on his bed,he then took his clothes off and leaned over to me. "you're a whore,and I dont like whores,and this is what i do to them" He shouted into my ear. I started shaking. he kissed me but i wouldn't kiss back,he then let go of me and punched me hard around the face..i couldn't feel it due to all of the alcohol inside of me but i knew it was going to kill in the morning. "now kiss back you whore" he shouted, he then tried to kiss me again so i had to kiss him back..He then slowly inserted himself into me and picked up the pace, he got fasted and faster making me gasp, "STOP,GET OFF ME" i shouted but he didn't listen he just carried on. "STOP YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE" I shouted in his ear,he looked up at me and punched me in the stomach a couple of times and scratched my legs whilst inserting his self into me again. i screamed in pain and tears were running down my face leaving mascara running down my cheeks. "no one calls me an asshole right?" he whispered whilst laughing.


I woke up in a unfamiliar bed,i looked around to find i was in bed with a man,he was about 30,well he looked about 30 anyway,i rubbed my head and just then i remembered everything that happened, i remembered him raping me and hitting me. My head was killing and so was my body,i was in pain. i slowly crept out of the bed and looked into his mirror, i was covered in bruises over my body,scratches and a black eye,blood was dripping from my face but i didn't care,i was so scared. I saw my clothes on the floor,luckily there weren't that damaged. I slipped them on and ran out of the mans bedroom. I saw a over sized hoodie on a chair by the stairs,i slipped it on and put the hood over my head covering my face too. I looked down and ran out of the house. I was in so much pain. I saw a few paps around the town but they didn't recognize me as i had a hoodie on. once i get home i'm throwing the hoodie away,i dont ever want to smell, see or hear that man ever again.

I finally got to the flat,i walked in to see 6 people's eyes on me all worried. they couldn't see my face because luckily the hood on the hoodie was huge on me. And there sat Jess,harry,louis,niall,liam and worst of all Zayn..they must of found out i walked out with a man as harry was there watching me. I ignored them all and got two tablets out the first aid box in the kitchen. I poured some fresh water into a glass and took the tablets and drunk the water. "Maria" i heard jess shout. I didn't turn around,i just stared at the wall. "what jess?" "where were you last night?" "i was at a mates house,does it matter?" "well yes it does,you could have told me and harry told us it was a man who looked abit older than us,so i got really worried ok" she shouted. "jess,it doesn't matter im here now ok" I said still facing the kitchen wall. "but why have you got a large hoodie on?and the hood still up,you're indoors now.." liam asked.. "im cold ok" i shouted. "maria,we need to talk" i heard zayn mutter "not now zayn" i ordered. Just as i was about to move i felt a pain in my stomach. "AHHHHH" I shouted. zayn came running to me "whats wrong maria" he couldn't see my face still.."just leave me alone" my hands were over my stomach and just as i walked away zayn pulled the hoodie off me. "WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO YOU" zayn screamed. Everyone was staring at me nearly crying. blood dripped down my face from the cuts and i have a black eye. Unfortunatley i had a crop top on so they could see the bruises on my stomach. Jess screamed and came to hug me. "jess stop worrying,just everyone stop worrying,i only fell over,its nothing really" "nothing?you wouldn't of got all of those bruises from just falling over maria" zayn shouted annoyed..they all looked so worried. "just leave it" I ran to my bedroom and slammed the door behind me. I ran straight to the little bathroom that was in my room and changed into a pair of pj's. I also put an oversized jumper over me. I through the hoodie out of the window on my bedroom. I fell on my bed and burst out crying.

*knock knock* "GO AWAY" I stuttered whilst the tears still ran from my eyes. The door opened,I didnt look who it was i just ignored them,i was lay on my belly with my face in the pillow. I felt a hand rub my back. I sat up to see zayn. The boy i loved. "zayn please go away." "no,im not leaving you again" "well to late,you're with perrie so just go back to her zayn" "im not with perrie anymore.." "yeah you are,i saw you kissing her yesterday" i shouted "maria,we kissed to sat goodbye,we agreed to leave eachother,she knew i loved you and i knew she didn't want to go out with me anyway as she always cheated on me.." m heart then stopped..was he telling the truth.."z-zayn, why didn't you just tell me,instead of letting me get hurt like this" i slurred. "i was trying to call you but your phone was off,i came over here every hour to see if you were home but you weren't." i felt so bad,i got hurt last night and it was all for nothing..i made a big deal out of nothing..i then started crying into zayn's chest. He wrapped his big arms around me whilst we lay on my bed.

"so,now tell me what happened to you maria" he demanded. I told him every single bit of what happened to from yesterday when i saw him kissing perrie to this morning when i ran out of the mans house. "maria,this is all of my fault,i am so sorry,if i ever see that bastard he's going to be dead" he shouted "zayn,please i just want to forget about it,its not your fault,its mine,i went crazy with the alcohol to a point of going back to a strangers house." "maria,i love you so much,i hate seeing you like this and seeing you this hurt makes me so upset and heartbroken. "zayn,i love you" i muttered. I reached to his lips and kissed him. "now lets go clear you up" he whispered.









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