everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


25. movies,food and twitcams

"hurry up maria,we're waiting to put the movie on" niall shouted "Okay okay im coming" i shouted back towards them. they were all lying on the blankets and covers on the floor with hundreds of pillows and fluffy blankets over them,they looked so comfy. "nice onesie" they all laughed. "shutup,this is my favorite onesie" i shouted. it was a lion onsie,it was so comfy. I sat beside zayn then sat jess on the other side of me then niall,liam,harry,then louis. "well isn't this cute" harry laughed "yes,very" jess laughed too. We decided to watch toy story as it was liam's favorite film and he literally begged us to watch it so we kind of had no choice.."i love you" zayn whispered into my ear" "i love you more" i whispered back "impossible" he replied. i punched his arm and the replied "shutup its not" then we got interupted by jess. "maria,can we talk now?" "yeah course,back in a minute guys" i grabbed onto jess's arm and took her into my bedroom. we both sat the end of the bed and i locked the door so noone could disturb us. 

"so jess,shall i start?" "yeah sure" "well jess,im so so so sorry,i feel so guilty,i haven't spent anytime with you since i hooked back up with zayn, and when i went away for that week and did drugs i put you through hell,im so sorry,you might not forgive me but i need to spend more time with you,i feel like ive ditched you" "maria,dont worry,you went through a rough week,yes we're all still worried about you but we love you,that week i was so worried but i knew you would come back i hoped you would and you did so im happy now,everythings getting back to normal so dont worry about it, yes we do need to spend more time together but stop worrying,i understand you and zayn are in love and you need to make the most of it, stop worrying, have fun,but make sure you spend some days with me and it will be fine,i've missed you so much maria" she then hugged me. "i've missed you too,and yeah is tomorrow fine?" "tomorrow is perfect" she answered. "so jess,what did you want to tell me?" "well..i dont know how to say this but,i like niall..alot and i think he likes me.." "wow jess!" i mouthed in excitement. "maria..we did it" i was then shocked.."what?when?how?why?" "well we decided to go to a club because everyone was out,we got shit faced and then i went back to his place,we had a laugh and yeah..we ended up having sex.." "wow,im so happy for you but why do you look so depressed about it?" "because we haven't spoke since it happened.." "what?when did it happen?" "a few days ago..when you and the boys decided to go out and we decided to spend time together..the other boys dont know.." "oh,shall i talk to him about it?" i asked "yes please maria,i really like him and i hope he likes me because i felt something towards him that night..i love him maria" "aww,well i'll sort it,i owe you one" i smiled. "you're the best" and with that we hugged and went back into the lounge to watch the movie.

I cuddled up with zayn then jumped up. "anyone want food?im starving and the films over now?" "YES" they all shouted. i threw several packets of crisps and chocolates and sweets on the blankets by them all and we dug in. "guys,lets do a twitcam" liam suggested "yeah good idea" we all agreed. Liam got out his laptop and went straight onto twitcam.

He posted the link on his twitter of the twitcam and soon enough millions of people were watching. "hello everyone!" harry shouted,we all waved and smiled,then aload of people were commenting questions. "so since you guys are asking questions,we might aswell do a question and answers" liam spoke. i loved answering questions. "so first question is from louise from manchester and her questions is: ' what happened to maria that week she went missing?everyones wondering,im so glad she's back now i literally cried my eyes out when i heard she went missing', well maria,you can answer this" liam spoke. "hello louis,aw you're so sweet but hun,dont cry,i hate seeing people cry and if you're as beautiful as your name i deffo dont want you too cry,now i had a bad week, i hung out with a few friends for a week to take a break but it didn't end well,i fal out with them and lets just say i won't be seeing them again,but im here now,thanks babe" i answered as nice as possible. "that was sweet" liam smiled "After some other small questions the rest of the questions went something like this:

Q: 'how did zayn and maria meet?'

A: 'her dad was part of the backstage crew,then we met.'

Q: 'can you guys say hello to me,my name steph.'

A: 'nice to meet you steph,what a cute name'

Most of the questions were the same,but we then got tired after a while and decided to get of twitcam. "so guys its about time we go to sleep,im so tired" liam slurred. "yeah" i shouted. We decided to all sleep together on the blankets on the floor,just like old times..













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