everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


2. Meeting them for the first time

I decided to wear some denim light blue skinny jeans with a black tank top and some white converse. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=97449204 It suited me very well..I wore the usual amount of makeup, some foundation,mascara,eyeliner and not forgetting some darkish eye shadow.I kept my hair all curly and natural, my hair was pretty long,i loved it. I looked out the window to see the sun shining so i decided to wear some sunglasses too. 

I walked out the block of flats and got a taxi,i had no clue where the studio was.."here you go" I paid the man and leaped out of the taxi to find a high building pretty big too. This must be in, I walked in to be questioned by some security guards.."who are you?" One man said he had darkish hair and was quite big built he was very muscly "im looked for tom baker,her works here?" "oh you must be his daughter maria?im paul one directions body guard,follow me,he said you were coming" oh shit, i totally forgot my dad worked with one direction,so todays the day im gonna meet them ay,now im scared. Paul lead me to a room filled with other people including the one direction boys, i got nervous when i saw them, when paul opened the door for me all eyes were on my "there he is" paul said whilst pointing to my dad. I ran over to him and hugged him "hello darling,so you came" "well what else can i do in london if i don't even know my way around,which you need to show me around soon!" i exclaimed. "tom we need your help" an irish boy came from behind him and asked,it was niall horan..He was so beautiful. "what do you need niall?"dad asked "well we need you to help us with our costumes for the tour,its in 2 days and katie isn't here,she's ill" Katie must of been there fashion coordinator "okay boys im coming" i followed my dad to a small room full of hangers and clothes everywhere,it wasn't a very big room but it wasn't too small,it was average. all the boys stared at me as i sat down,they probably thought i was a fan or something.. "dad,whats the plans for tonight then?" i asked breaking the silence" "well i thought we could go out for dinner and you can tell me everything that happened with your mother" i sighed as soon as he mentioned mum. "erm, tom do you want to introduce us?" harry asked to my dad. "oh sorry, guys this is my daughter Maria,she's moved in with me for a few months." "hello maria" they all said in unison "dad who are they" i said jokingly "what you dont know us?" louis asked shocked "haha im joking,of course i know you,you're the wanted right?" i joked again. they looked pretty annoyed. "guys im joking,you're one direction yeah i know" they all started laughing whilst my dad chose some outfits for them. "so maria, where do you live originally?" zayn asked "america" "oh nice" zayn replied. "maria,can you do me a favour?" "sure dad" "can you go to the vending machine and get me a drink" "yeah sure dad" he was just about to give me his money but i refused "no dad,im paying" "no just take it" "shutup dad,im paying end of" "want a drink boys?" i asked the band "ill have a sprite" liam said "me too" niall shouted "i'll have pepsi" zayn muttered "i'll have fanta" louis shouted "i'll come with you" harry called out. "ok pretty boy,come on" these boys were so hyper and loud,they acted like 10 year olds. 

Me and harry walked tot eh vending machine and got all the drinks, "so what brought you to london maria?" "well i had a huge argument with my mum about my career and yeah i decided to move in with my dad for a while as he is the only one who understands me and lets me decide my own choices" i whispered,but looud enough for him to hear "oh i see,what do you wan't to be?" "honestly harry,my mum wants me to be a doctor but i dont like doctors,i want to be a song writer" "well dont give up maria,maybe you could write a few songs for the boys and i?" as he suggested that my heart shot out of my chest,was he serious? "that would be amazing" we laughed together whilst taking the drinks back to dad and the boys. "thankyou" they all spoke in unison. when we walked in my dad was on the phone to someone,it sounded important..I just sat on one of the chairs whilst drinking a can of pepsi and reading a magazine. "guys,i've just had a call from one of the managers from the tour saying you're going on tour one day early which means were leaving tomorrow" my dad announced "oh" the boys said in unison "well its lucky we've already packed then" "dad are you going?" i asked confused "yes i have to darling its my job,im part of the backstage crew which means travelling with them too,and you're coming aswell maria" "am i?" "yes,so you will need to pack all your things once we get home" the boys all grinned as if they like the idea of a girl there age going on tour with them.


Once we got back i packed all of my things for the tour tomorrow, this is going to be the best experience ever, touring with the 5 most hottest boys ever,that's a dream come true. Once i was done packing dad told me to get ready and dress smart for our dinner arrangements. I Slipped on a dress with creme at the top and dark blue at the bottom which thrilled out a tiny bit, some black black spycee heels with some indigo earrings and a creme clutch. I also applied abit of foundation,eye shadow, eyeliner and mascara on. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=97453347 I kept my hair naturally curly and puffed it abit. "sweatheart,are you ready?" "yeah dad coming now" i walked out the door all ready, my dad was wearing a black suite,it was so cute. "my girls all grown up" "dad please" i laughed he was so sweet. We left the apartment and hopped into dads black range rover. 

We walked through the doors of a restaurant and the women stopped us "hello,welcome and what table have you reserved" "table under the name of baker" my dad replied "okay follow me" the sweet women said. Both me and my dad sat down just before we were accompanied by a male waiter he was really cute and sweet "hello guys what can i get you tonight?" "well i would like a pony" i laughed "maria" my dad laughed and the waiter also laughed "im sorry,i can't hold my jokes in,i take after my dad.." my dad blushed and carried on looked for what he wanted "i would like a steak and salad please" i muttered "i would like the same please" dad shouted but not too loud. "okay it will be here right away" I smiled at dad before he started to talk. "so well were waiting,why did you argue with your mum?" "she shouted at me for dropping out of the doctors college,dad i honestly dont want to be a doctor,i want to be a song wrote and you know that,mum just doesnt understand how i feel about music" "your mum just wants you to have an amazing career and do well darling" "yes but when i told her she never understands me or anything she slapped me around the face and then apologizes" i almost shouted in annoyance. "she slapped you?thats out of order,noone hurts my daughter" "dad its fine" We stopped talking as soon as our food arrived.

Once we ate the food we hopped back into dads car to go home,the song kiss you came on by one direction, me and my dad sang along to it whilst dancing a tiny bit. "i've missed you dad" "i've missed you too darling" i know its weird most girls are bestfriends with theres mums but no im not im best closer to my dad and were just like bestfriends, he always supports me and i always go to him for help and hes always there,unlike my mum..












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