everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


5. Meeting perrie

I woke up to the sound of a womens voice. "babe,what are the plans for today then?we need to make the most of our time together,i need to get a plane back tomorrow morning to go and see the girls" the girl spoke, "yeah were go out for dinner together tonight,and go shopping in the day?" i heard a low voice say,i peeped my head through so find zayn and perrie edwards from little mix, i found out last night they were dating. "Okay,babe ill just write the guys a note to say we've gone out all day and then going for dinner tonight so i won't see them till probably tomorrow morning or later tonight" "okay babe" i heard them both speak. Once the door of the bus slammed shut i walked down the ladders of my bunk and into the chilling area to find the note from zayn, It read "guys,perrie's here for the day and were out to spend time with eachother then were going to dinner tonight,see you either later tonight or tomorrow morning, zayn x" I sighed knowing he was all loved up with perrie, they seemed cute together but i knew i had some feelings for zayn,it hurts knowing the boy you love, loves someone else. "maria,whats that?" i heard a british accent say from behind,i looked behind me to find a very tired harry "oh just a note zayn left saying him and perrie have gone out for the day" "oh" he replied. "so maria,want to come shopping with me today?were make it a day"he suggested "that sounds great harry" I replied. "i'll go and get ready then we can leave?" he suggested "yeah and me" i exclaimed. I quickly got into the shower and once i had a shower and brushed my teeth and skimmed through some of my clothes to wear. I slipped on a white skater dress with a brown thin belt and some white converse with it. I had the usual makeup on and wore some sunglasses and a while handbag. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=97596467 I had my hair naturally wavy in a middle parting and puffed up. Once i was okay with my appearance i walked out the mini bathroom and over to the chill bit to find the boys staring at me. "where you going maria?" "oh me and harry are heading to the shops" "oh okay,have a nice time" liam exclaimed. "you ready love?" harry asked, i turned around to face him, he was wearing a white tee and some black skinny jeans with a pair of black vans,he looks perfect as always. "yeah styles" i replied,i smiled at him and we walked out the bus after saying goodbye to the other boys. "you look beautiful" "aw thankyou hazza,you look beautiful yourself" i laughed. We jumped into a black car which was the car we use as a taxi and haz told the driver to take us to the shopping centre. we were in italy for a week so we had to make the most of it. "we need to keep low profile today,i dont fancy getting mobbed by fans today" harry laughed "aw haz" i giggled. Once the driver stopped we thanked him and we jumped out of the car to find a huge shopping center. "so where first?" harry asked "lets go where we flow" i replied. we walked around to find the first shop which was a mans shop. we walked in there and harry picked up a lot of clothes,he didn't even check the prices before he paid. Once he paid with his credit card we walked back to another shop "harry why don't you check the prices" "maria,your forgetting im famous,i can afford it, its fine" "oh yeah" i replied and laughed. the next shop we walked into was a shop for men and women, we walked around the shop and looked at the items. "haz,i have an idea!" i shouted "yes?" "you pick me 3 outfits and ill pick you 3 outfits,once your done meet me back here and we HAVE to buy them" "sounds fun,see you in a minute" he said. I walked over to the mens section and saw a top that said "can we be fwends?" on it sounded cheesy but he had to buy it so it would be funny,i picked that one and a pair of black skinny jeans with yellow spots on,they were discusting but he has to buy them its part of the game,i then picked out some sun glasses with apples on them,i laughed so much because i could imagine harry in them. I then saw a sweater that said "i love maria" it was strange it said my name but i had to pick it for him..then i pick out some boys shorts with superman on and then lastly i picked him a top that had butterflies on,once i picked them all i saw him with 3 outfits,they were all bright,oh god. "here haz go buy them" he didn't even look at them properly before he brought them. I looked through what he got me and laughed. there was a bright orange skater dress with yellow and green spots on,a top that said 'i love harry' which they must be selling tops with names on because i got him the same with my name on,he also picked me some bright pink skinny jeans and a headband with cola bottles on them. I just laughed then paid for them. "i;ll pay" harry ordered "no,im paying its part of the deal so sh" he just laughed at me and we both walked out of the shop. "harry i have an idea" i shouted in excitement "what is is?" "well, we go get changed into these funny clothes and walk around in them,there would be paps that can see us so the pictures will be everywhere" i exclaimed "thats a pretty funny idea,come on then" he grabbed my hand and we ran to the changing rooms in the shopping center. I put on the top that said 'i love harry' on with the bright pink jeans and yellow and green spots on and the cola bottle headband. i was really bright because the top that said 'i love harry' was bright green with white writing. i walked out to find harry in his bright green 'i love maria' top with boys superman shorts on and the pineapple glasses. I burst out laughing "omg harry" "you look hilarious maria" he laughed we both walked out the changing rooms with our arms wrapped around eachothers waste with everyone staring at us, a few girls noticed harry so we had a few pictures with them and he gave them his autograph, we had alot of paps taking photo's of us so we decided to pull faces to the camera and stand in funny positions, it was so funny. "harry" i called out "yeah?" "ive had so much fun today" "me too" "can we go eat?" i asked "yeah,nandos?" he asked "yes please!!" i shouted. he grabbed my hand and we ran to na do's with paps still following us,we decided to wear the outfits for the rest of the day. We walked into nando's to be greeted by a women "hello and welcome" she then lead us to a table. we sat down and thanked the women. As we eye'd up the menu's a male waiter came over to us "hello, what would you like to order?" he asked "well can i please have some nachos and cheese" "and i would like the same please" harry and i ordered. "okay,what drinks would you like?" "i would like a beer please" harry ordered "and i would like a red wine thanks" i exclaimed we both smiled at eachother whilst the waiter went to get our orders. "so maria, do you like the tour so far?" "honestly,i love it" "good,you'll love seeing our concerts too,there the best part" "i cant wait" As we finished talking about the tour our food and drinks came. "how can you drink wine its discusting?" harry asked "well easily" i answered we both laughed then carried on eating.

Once we finished eating i put some money on the table to pay but harry took it off and replaced it with his money and put mine in my pocket "harry,im paying" "no your not,a gentleman always pays for the dinner" i just laughed and we walked out. We walked out the shopping center whilst paps were surrounding us and we hopped into the black car that brought us here. "where would you like to go now sir?" the man asked harry "back to the bus please" harry answered. I checked twitter on my phone and so did harry, there were hundreds of photo's of us shopping in the weird outfits. "omg harry,the photo's are everywhere" i laughed "i know" he laughed aswell. i suddently got a tweet notification. "@harry_styles: had a good day with @mariabaker,been a blast and thank you to everyone on the comliments of our outfits,they're crazy x" I suddenly then got hundreds of people following me. "omg harry,everyones following me on twitter now,from that tweet" "i know ahah" he laughed. once the car stopped we thanked the driver and walked out of the car. We walked onto the bus to find the boys all sat on their phones,probably on twitter. "what the hell are you two wearing,we've seen all the pictures on twitter" liam laughed out. "oh well its been a crazy shopping trip, lets just say that" harry replied. "cool tops" louis shouted. "they're cute" i laughed. Once we sat down i read through the tweets about me and harry and out outfits. 'they're so cute together,they should go out' was the main tweets i saw or 'the tops are so cute,they would make an amazing couple' the tweets were nice and cute but i dont liked harry in that way..but he is like a bestfriend to me. Once we sat down we were joined by zayn..on his own. "Zayn i thought you were gonna be home later tonight?" liam asked "yeah i was going to but the thing is perry had to get the next flight home to see the girls as they were leaving for their tour earlier" he replied "oh" louis screeched. zayn looked at me and harry up and down and gave us confused looks. "why are you two wearing that?i've seen the pictures all over twitter aswell,whats going on man?" zayn asked us. "well me and harry went shopping and i picked some outfits for him and he picked some for me and we had to buy them so we decided to change into them to take weird photo's with the fans and for the paps" i explained "oh cool" he replied bluntly. Just then my dad walked in. "Maria can i talk to you" he ordered "yeah sure dad" i walked outside the tour bus with him as he spoke to me "i've seen the pictures on twitter of you and harry,whats going on?" "oh we were just wearing weird outfits thats all" "oh so your not going out?" "no dad were not" i exclaimed "oh ok,well you having a good time?" "yeah its amazing dad,but i need to spend some time with you too" "yeah were plan something" and with that i hugged him then walked back onto the bus and jumped on all of the boys.














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