everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


10. making it official

I woke up to zayn kissing my neck,his lips caressing against my body made me get goosebumps, it felt so perfect waking up next to him. "z-zayn" "yeah babe?" "i love you" "i love you too maria" "so whats the plan for today?" Well our concerts tonight and we have rehearsals all day,as much as i want to just stay in bed with you all day,i cant,sorry babe" What was i going to do whilst zayn was at rehearsals all day..unluckily i get bored very easily. "its fine zayn,stop worrying its your job and anyway,i cant wait to see you guys perform on stage tonight" "i cant wait either,and it's going to be even more perfect because you're going to be there watching me and im going to be singing to you!" At that second i blushed,my cheeks were like tomato's "dont blush babe" he laughed. I decided do hit his arm but he was too strong so i ended up hurting my hand. "Ouch,zayn you're so strong you know that" "maria,you're the one that makes me strong" he was so sweet,everytime i look at him its enough for him to give me butterflies. "zayn please" "so what are you doing today babe?" "i dont know zayn,i might just go shop" "sounds good,get a few sexy outfits ay" he laughed "shutup zayn,you'll be suprised of what i buy when i go shopping on my own actually" and with that he winked at me and carried on teasing me. I smiled whilst leaning over to him and kissing him but just as i was about to pull away he pulled me up so i was now on top of him. Our lips caressed against eachother and our body's then filled the gap between up,his body was so warm. "zayn,come on,you're going to be later for rehearsals" i whispered into his ear making him shiver. "ok,ok but this isn't over" he laughed. It just made me get even more butterflies inside of me,my stomach was now exploding from the excitement. 

I walked into the small bathroom of the tour bus and quickly showered and brushed my teeth, once i was done i picked out something to wear for my day in town. I didn't really decide to dress to impress anyone today. I flung on a dark blue football jersey with some light ble skinny jeans with a few rips in as it was designed. I also wore some black nike blazers. I couldn't be bothered to do anything with my hair so i flung a beanie over it which said 'bad hair day' on it,I put the usual makeup on and some red lipstick then sprayed some perfume and slipped some sunglasses over my eyes. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=97940140 I walked out of the bathroom all fresh and ready to shop.i looked around to find zayn gone and no sight of the other boys,he must be at rehearsals. I grabbed my black handbag slipped it over my shoulder and walked out of the bus.

Outside the bus were crowds of teenagers obviously already waiting for the concert which was in about 8 hours..well they obviously wanted to be early ay.."OMG THERES MARIA" a girl screamed,she must know me from the twitcams.."MARIA" They all screamed. i walked over to them to be pollite and i took a few photo's with them and done a few signatures. They were so lovely. "are you going out with any of the boys maria?" one girl asked,i didn't know what to say but i wern't going to lie to them. "yeah" "who who?" "im going out with zayn" they all looked shocked. "oh i thought he was going out with perrie?" one girl asked,i felt annoyed to even hear her name,she upset zayn, she broke his heart by cheating on him,luckily i was there to help. "yeah its complicated but im sure it will be over twitter soon enough,but thanks for a lovely chat girls,ill see you all at the concert" i shouted back "we love you more than perrie anyway and yay bye" they shouted,i smiled at the thought of them girls liking me,i would of thought that i would of got hate but no they loved me.

From a 10 minute journey in a taxi i finally reacher the shopping centre's,the place was pretty crowded with young teenagers,must be getting ready for the concert. I hope they don't recognise me,i love them as much as the boys do but honestly i want to shop for abit before i get mobbed by fans. I walked through the shopping centre to be called by a few girls,one they called me i had the rest of the fans calling me and running after me,i didn't run away though i wanted to actually speak to them and see what they wanted. "hello maria,can we have a picture with you?" "yeah sure" i had a few pictures with them which would soon be all over twitter and facebook. "you and zayn are so cute together" "aw thanks" wait how did they know about me and zayn, i only told the girls by the tour bus..oh well. After leaving the screaming fans i checked my twitter to find a picture of my kissing zayn all over my newsfeed,loads of people are retweeting it with captions like 'zaria are perfect', it was cute how they shipped our names together. The picture was of when me and zayn kissed for the first time in the rain, when i had an argument with him and he came running after me. Once i looked through twitter i placed my phone in my pocket and carried on looking through shops.

Once i looked through some shops i eventually brought a few dresses and formal outfits. By time i finished i saw a group of about 25 girls surrounding me asking me questions and for photo's, i couldn't handle the amount of people. I suddenly got my phone out and called paul,one directions security guard. he finally answered after 3 beeps. "hello maria,can i help?" "yes please paul im outside the shopping centre mobbed by fans can you please come pick me up" "yeah be 2 mins" and then he ended the call. i tried to walk but it was almost impossible,the fans were too strong,i waved at them then saw pauls car,he stepped out and pushed everyone out the way whilst i jumped into the car. "where do you want to go maria?" "erm,the rehearsal place please paul" "kay" he then drove me to where the boys were rehearsing. I looked out of the window to see alot of cute couples,it reminded me of me and zayn really..

Once the car stopped paul guided me inside the rehearsing bit. the boys came and gave me hugs leaving zayn to hug and kiss me last. "heard you got mobbed by fans babe" zayn laughed "yes and it wasn't funny malik so stop laughing,or you'll regret it later" "oo what you going to do" he laughed,i then reached up to his ear and whispered "lets just say you need to be prepared" i whispered whilst nibbling on his ear. he swallowed hard and winked at me.






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