everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


22. Jack

I sat with jack on the couch in his house and we watched some old movies we used to watch when we were in high school. His house was so nice,not too big and not too small,it was perfect. i told jack everything about zayn and whats happened,he's been really supportive."jack,im gonna go to bed ok?i feel ill,we need to catch up tomorrow though! love you babe" Just as i was about to go to bed someone walked through the front door of the house. "OMG MARIA" i looked over to see the girl,it was Amy,the girl i also grew up with in school,me,amy and jack were so close,her and jack always had a thing. "OMG AMY!" we ran towards eachother and i jumped on her. "so why are you hear babe?" i asked her "oh,me and jack are dating..we have been for a while now!" she laughed. aw they were still dating,how cute!. "aw,well im going to sleep i feel ill,we all need to go out tomorrow!!!" i shouted "yeah deffo babe" amy shouted,i kissed their cheeks and hugged them then walked to bed and went straight to sleep with zayn on my mind.


"maria,maria wake up..come on" i heard a sweet voice call. "zayn,5 more minutes" "maria,its amy not zayn,you and zayn had an argument remember" i looked up in shock,i forgot all about it. "oh sorry..and how did you know?" "oh jack told me..and partly from magazines." she laughed. i got up and got ready,i wore some of amy's clothes as i never brought any,i haven't even told jess where i was. I text jess quickly before i got dressed. 'hey jess,its maria,me and zayn had a bust up,i went to a club and saw some old friends,staying with them for a few days,love you xx' i then slipped on phone onto the bed and looked through amy's clothes.  I wasn't in the mood to look good,i slipped a grey oversized hoodie on with some black skinny jeans,i slipped some burgandy converse on with a burgandy beanie on with a bobble on it,i couldn't be bothered with anything, I never wore any makeup either.http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=99317097


We walked around the town of london with paps taking pictures of us. i kept my head down the whole time avoiding the camera's. "maria,want me to carry you?" i looked at jack strange "erm why?" "because you look tired and the paps.." he laughed. I jumped into jacks arms and dug my face into his chest. He carried me around bridal style. He was so strong. He was linking arms with Amy too,they were so cute together. we reached a cafe and we went to sit down in their whilst jack went to order us a coffee. I received a text from jess. ' hey,well we're all worried including zayn,he's been so upset he didnt mean what he said to you,he was just upset and angry,we love you xx' i ignored the text and put my phone back in my pocket. I then went on twitter to have alot of mentions and pictures,there were pictures of selena admitting she lied,everyones been tweeting me apologizing and their were now pictures on me with jack and amy and ones when jack was carrying me. Wow news does spread around quickly. Im not going to both messaging any of the boys today or jess,i need a break from them,i need to catch up with jack and amy,my bestfriends.

"shall we go home,get ready into some better clothes and go to a club?i really need to take my mind off zayn and the rest of them,i could do with a laugh" "deffinatly" amy agreed "i have missed you maria" jack laughed. We all hugged eachother and walked back to jacks apartment. 

*beep beep* i grabbed my phone out of my pocket to see it was jess ringing me..i ignored the call and we finally reached the apartment. "right come on amy,were go get ready in the spare room" i suggested. "back in a minute babe" amy told jack,he smiled then we walked into the spare room. I borrowed an outfit from amy as i didn't take anything to theres with me. Once we were both ready we met jack back in the lounge. I wore a back tight dress with some boot black high heels and a black clutch,i wore the usual makeup with some dark eyeshadow with my hair straight and puffed up abit. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=99497252 Amy wore a red skater dress with some black high heels and a red clutch. She wore a rare amount of makeup with some red lipstick and curly hair,she was beautiful.  http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=99497623 Then there was jack,he wore some black skinny jeans,vans and a oversized vest top,he looked gorgeous. Amy and jack linked hands and we walked out of the door. "so if we all get drunk tonight,dont do anything stupid,ok?" jack laughed "yeah yeah" i smirked. 

We reached a nightclub,we walked inside to see a large amount of people,the music was so loud i could barely hear myself think. We walked straight to the bar to order some drinks. "3 double vodka's please" jack demanded to the bar tender. he gave us our drinks and i gulped it all straight away. "woah,easy tiger" amy and jack laughed. "well i need to get myself into a party mood,can i have another one please?" i ordered,once he gave me another one i drank it all straight away,i then knew i was drunk enough. "ease it down with the drinks hun" amy laughed i just walked to the dance floor and started to dance. 

After about 10 minutes of dancing a boy came up to me and held my waist from behind "you look gorgeous" he whispered into my ear sending chills down my body,i turned around to find a very attracting boy,he had brown hair brushed into a quiff kinda like zayn,s,blue eyes and quite muscly.."why thankyou,you dont look to bad yourself" i slurred out,i could hardly talk thanks to the vodka i had,i started to talk and dance with the boy until i looked over to where amy was and saw her shouting at jack.."i'll be back in a minute" i then walked away from the boy and walked towards amy and jack. "what the hells going on here?" i slurred. "well ask jack,he was the one kissing another girl" "ok,calm down,im sure jack didn't mean to..jack?" "well amy you have been dancing with boys so i thought i would dance with a few girls,that really isn't a problem,its not my fault the girl kissed me" jack shouted "well you kissed her back,you were begging for it jack dont lie" amy shouted back "guys calm the hell down." i shouted "if this is anyone's fault then its your's maria,it was your idea to come here" amy shouted, "amy dont blame this on me" "she's right maria,you're the one who came crawling back to us when you had noone maybe you should go back to the fame boys" jack demanded,at this point tears escaped my eyes but i wiped them away. "ok,i thought you two were different, your both as pathetic as eachother,if thats how you feel then yeah i'll leave you both alone,hope you both live happy together,pft" i said angrily "no wait,maria were sorry" jack and amy said in unison "no,just fuck off" i shouted.

I just needed to have some fun now..i dont care what i did as long as it makes me forget about everyone and everything. i walked back over to the boy i was dancing with before. "hey,im maria btw" "im sam" "nice to meet you sam" i nearly fell but he caught me "haha,thanks" "want to come back to my mates house he's having a party?" he asked "yeah sure" I knew there was something about this boy that told me he was trouble,just looking into his eyes told me that but he was so nice to me and he was there when i needed someone so why not go to a party with him?.

We arrived to the house after the paps took aload of pictures of me with sam walking and us laughing together,i knew they would be on twitter and i knew zayn would probably see them. We walked in to the house full of people dancing,a few were sitting in the rooms. "come with me,i want to introduce you to a few friends" sam told me. he grabbed my hand and took me upstairs into a bedroom,it was full of boys and a few girls smoking. "guys,this is maria,we just met,she's part of the gang now" he laughed,i dont know what he was on about but i just nodded and sat down next to the boys. "so maria,want some?" he offered me a fag but i knew it was weed. "erm,no thanks" "come on maria,it will be fun,you look like you need some fun" he laughed. "well,okay just abit" i laughed. He handed me a cigerette with green tobacco inside,well i knew it was weed. I took a puff of it and my eyes got wider,i liked it,it made me feel..alive,i took a few more puffs of it and it made me forget about everything it made me feel happy. "wow,this shit is amazing" i shouted. they all laughed at me as we smoked a few more. "maria,stay with us for a few days before you go back to wherever you have to go" sam suggested whilst the other boys agreed. "okay,why not" i laughed, "cool" the one boy said,his name was kaz,apparently.









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