everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


11. Interviews?

I looked up at my phone and checked my emails to receive a fresh email from a t.v show,it read;

' dear miss baker

we would like you to be a guest on our show,this involves answering questions and doing tasks,please email us back straight away so we can then send you all the information you will need.

many thanks TheTeam.'

I felt excited yet so confused,why did they want me to be on their show?im not special,im not a celebrity,it must be because of all the publicity with zayn. "babe" zayn snapped me out of my thoughts. "whats up,you look like you've seen a ghost?" "oh um,i just got an email asking to be on a t'v show.." "wow thats amazing babe" "yeah i know but why?im not important or anything?" "babe,its because you're my girlfriend,they always choose celebrity's or there girlfriends/boyfriends,its a great opportunity" "oh,i see" i then laughed whilst replying to the email,i decided on doing it,its a great experience so why not take the opportunity whilst i can right?. "babe,you do realise you have rehearsals in 10 minutes?" i laughed to zayn. "yeah babe of course i know" "well are you turning up like that?" i laughed hard. he looked up and down at himself to realize all he was wearing was a pair of Calvin Klein boxers. "oh shit" he ran to the bathroom to get changed,after 2 minutes of rushing he came out the bathroom with a black beanie on a white tee and black skinny jeans with some black vans. "see you later babe,love you" "love you too" he kissed me on the lips and ran out the door to rehearsals,i guess the boys went ealier as they wern't in the tour bus..

I Then received another email about the show im going to be on,it gave me all the details; time,place and date and what to expect. It was tomorrow night,it was earlier than i expected but i didn't mind. I smiled whilst replying back and with that i jumped onto the couch.


I woke up to screaming,i must have fell asleep on the couch..the boys were running around screaming and joking about,sometimes i think they're alot younger than they make out, how could 5 boys act so immaturely.."WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON?" i shouted suprised but not angrily. "we're playing a game chill" "what games that?who can be the noisiest" "no,we're playing the floor is made of lava" liam laughed. i just laughed and walked up to my bunk and shut the curtain. I decided to go on my laptop and check my twitter. I've gained atleast 10k followers..i decided to follow alot of people back as they asked me to. once i followed atleast 100 people back i saw alot of replies saying "OMG OMG OMG,THANKYOU FOR THE FOLLOW BACK I LOVE YOU" it made me feel so happy,not that they're fangirling over me following them but the fact they love me..im so happy they don't hate me. I was so bored listening to the boys scream so i decided to do a twitcam. I posted the link onto my twitter page and i was soon on live with thousands of people watching me. i was actually pretty suprised alot of people were watching and trying to talk to me on there.."so hello guys,how are you all?" I spoke out loud whilst waving to the camera. i had loads of people commenting telling me how they were then i got a few questions. "so since you guys are asking questions im going to try and answer them all. I quickly read as many as possible. "manisa asks: 'what do you and zayn mostly do together' well manisa,can i just say i love your name,and um we mostly just play fight or play pranks on eachother,haha" i then read a few more. " kate asks: 'why are you so perfect?you and zayn are the cutest couple ever,i wish i had a relationship like you two,but i guess that won't happen anytime soon' you all have such lovely names,kate thankyou thats cute but you will find your prince charming one day,just keep your head held high and keep believing,dont give up kate!" Once i answered a few more i then waved at them all and turned the laptop off. I lay down with my eyes closed smiling to myself,i felt so happy,my life was perfect. "baby,want to come out with me and the boys?we're going out to dinner,so dress to impress" zayn whispered,i smiled whilst jumping off the bunk to get changed.

I wore a black dress with pink at the top,with some black high heels. i put on my usual amount of makeup with a pair of black crystal earrings and a bracelet with a cross on it which zayn gave to me when we first got together. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=98072334 my hair was straight for once,puffed up slightly which i loved.

I walked into the chill area of the bus to all the boys staring at me. "wooo" they all shouted in unison,i blushed slightly. zayn came over to me and linked his hand onto mine. "come on lets leave" harry ordered. We left the bus and jumped into the black car. Since we have been touring for a week the boys have only done 1 show,but tomorrow we will be going to our next destination which is in Greece..but i will be doing the show before we leave luckily. The boys first show was amazing,i was backstage watching from the side. the boys sang amazing and the crowd couldn't get enough,zayn sang to me the whole time looking to the side of the stage. it was so sweet.

"maria,we're here" i heard liam call snapping me out of my thoughts. "ok,ok" i jumped out the car and grabbed zayn's hand. we all walked into the resturant, it was really nice and posh. "hello have you got a reservation?" the blonde women asked at the counter "yes,under one direction" "oh yes,follow me boys" the women said in a flirtatious voice. we arrived at our table and sat down. i sat between zayn and liam,followed by niall louis and harry. The boys looked gorgeous tonight,all wearing black skinny jeans and white shirts. It felt abit weird being the only girl at times but i didn't care. Soon came along the waiter asking for our orders. "i'll have a steak followed by the side sald with a red whine please" i ordered straight away. "someones hungry" harry laughed "shutup styles,you're killing my appetite" the rest of the boys burst out laughing. "i'll have a large steak with fries and extra tomato sauce with a beer" niall ordered,wow he must of been hungry, "i'll have fries,lamb and the side salad with a beer" liam ordered. "i'll have the same as liam" louis demanded. "and i'll have the cheese burger with fries and a beer" zayn lastly ordered. the waiter wrote the orders down then left us. "so what are you guys doing tomorrow then?" i asked "well,we leave for Greece 2pm so probably just playing on computer games until then" niall answered laughing,the boys just agreed with him. "babe,what times the interview thing?"  zayn asked me. "um its at 10am babe" "what interview?" liam asked "well i've been asked to do an interview on a show thing tomorrow" they all smiled whilst congratulating me, then our food came.
















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