everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


13. i cant do this

We arrived at our second destination of the tour,also known as canada. It was beautiful,the sun was out and the birds were singing. We stepped out of the black car and found the tour bus which was shipped here as we couldn't drive so far away. "this place is beautiful" i shouted out. "not as beautiful as you" zayn whispered. i blushed straight away and kissed his cheek. "come on" niall shouted whilst we all ran to the bus. We dropped some stuff onto the bus and went to look around the towns. we jumped into the back car that's bascially our taxi for the tour.

We then arrived at the town,it was huge and so bright and colorful,i would honestly love to live here. We started to walk around but then the fans started to recognize the boys. whilst the boys were have photo's with a few fans and giving autographs i felt someone tap on my shoulder. I turned around to see a group of fans circling around me. "hello" i spoke nicely. they began to get closer and closer,i felt so scared after that. "cut the crap mary or whatever your name is,zayn doesn't love you,he loves us,he deserves better than you,bitch" the one girl spoke. just as i was about to walk away they grabbed my hair and pushed me to the ground, they kicked me multiple times around my body, They then started kicked my head,as soon as one kick went to my head i black out. I eyes shut slowly as i saw the boys run over to me whilst the gang of girls ran away,then all i saw was black.

Zayn's POV

Maria was waiting on her own for us looking through a shop window whilst we were having photo's with a few fans and giving them our autographs which i loved to talk to fans but i felt bad leaving maria on her own. I turned around to check back on maria but couldn't see her anywhere,all i saw were a group of girls beating a girl up,i looked carefully to see the girl on the floor being beat to death was maria.."guys help" i shouted to the boys,they all looked at maria and we ran over. the girls then ran off whilst maria was un-conscious on the floor covered in blood. My heart stopped


Maria's POV

I fluttered  my eyes open and looked around the room to find i was in the hospital. "maria!!" i heard someone shout,i turned around to see zayn shaking me to wake up. "z-z-zayn" i slurred. my speach wasn't very stable but neither was my whole body. i looked up and down myself to find bruises all over me. I was in so much pain. all the band was here staring at me scared,zayn was in tears,i've never seen him cry before but i know i hate seeing him upset. "zayn,come here" i gasped in pain. He walked over to me on the bed and i pulled him down to me and kissed him on the lips. "now zayn,stop crying because of me,i dont like seeing you upset baby,please dont cry" i whispered. "im s-so sorry babe,this is all my fault" "no its not,its the girls faults dont blame yourself" I looked at him and rubbed his back up and down whilst giving him a tight hug. I hated the girls that did this to me,are they proud of themselves because if they wanted to hurt my feelings its worked.."maria!!" i heard a manly voice shout,it was my dad. i was so happy to see him,i haven't seen him in a week because he was always too busy. "dad!" i shouted back. he ran to me and gave me a tight hug. i needed my dad the most right now. I don't think i can do this anymore. "hello miss baker,you can luckily go home whenever you want, you have a few cuts and bruises and your head might hurt but its nothing too serious so you're free to go" the cute male doctor called out. he seemed really nice. "thank you doctor" I slurred. 


I was in the tour bus on my own whilst the boys were rehearsing for the concert tonight. Its been 8 hours since i've been out of hostpital and all i can think about is the words those girls said to me. they were right, zayn can do so much better than me. I loved zayn so much and its going to hurt to say goodbye but im dragging him away from his work and i dont want to ruin his career. But i would never leave zayn for some little girls like that. i love him too much. just as i was thinking a deep voice interrupted me. "darling i have some news" my dad spoke. i was lounging across the small fold out couches in the chilling bit of the bus. "yeah dad?" "well you're going to live with you grandma, she's offered for you to stay with her in England. i dont want you to get hurt anymore so this is the only way." my heart shrank,i wern't just going to leave the boys" "no dad,dont you understand i love zayn,i dont care about getting hurt,i would do anything for him" "darling all i care about is you,its not going to be forever,think of it as a short break thats all,but i dont want you to go and see the boys because they will stop you,im just protecting you." He shouted. i knew he was right but i love zayn too much to just leave. "dad,i'll go for a holiday but then im coming back." i shouted back. "fine,ive booked you a flight its in an hour so hurry up" what the hell he's planned everything." dad you can't just control everything for me for god sake" i screamed "just do it" "ugh dad,you never understand your just like mum,i hate you" i shouted. I grabbed the plane ticket from my dad then pushed him off the tour bus,he made me so angry controlling me just like my mum. I packed all of my things into a suitcase not thinking about anything at all and cried my eyes out but i'll only be away from zayn for a few months not forever. I quickly wrote zayn a note. "dear my Zayn,dad's made me go to live with my grandma for a little while,im sorry it had to end like this but this isn't exactly the end,its just a little break for me,my dad doesn't want me to get hurt thats all,please dont be mad or cry,hold your tears for me,i'll be back in a few months i promise,i love you so much baby,see you in a while. love mariaBee xxx" I cried my heart out whilst writing the note,bu i knew this wasn't going to be forever just about 2 or 3 months then ill be reunited with my true love,yes zayn is my true love,i will never be able to leave him for too long,ever. I walked out the tour bus with my suitcase in my hands,i wore a beanie and sunglasses to hide the mess and tears escaping my eyes. i ignored my dad since then,i wasn't in a very good mood with him. i was meant to say bye to him when i left but i didn't bother,but i'll be back.

Zayn's POV

After a long day of rehearsals i just wanted to go and see maria and cuddle up to her,i need her right now and i know she needs me. Me and the boys walked through the doors of the tour bus and sat down. "maria" i shouted,but no answer came. she must of gone somewhere. "zayn,i think you need to see this" niall said looking scared. it was a note from maria,it was a leaving note. what the hell. i then started to cry,i hardly ever cry but the tears just wouldn't stop. even though it just says for a holiday i still cant cope that long without her." zayn whats happened?" "well maria's left to live with her auntie for a bit, her dad didn't want her getting hurt,its only for a few months" i slurred through my tears. "cheer up pal if its only for a few months then why are you crying?" "because i cant cope a few months without her,what if she doesn't come back,or what if she finds someone better,i have to phone her and ask her" i then grabbed my phone from my pocket but there was no answer,i text her but still no answer,maybe she was on the plane thats why,i'll try again later.












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