everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


3. Going on tour

"Maria,wake up!!" I heard my dad scream from the other room. "MARIA!" "Just 5 more minutes dad" "no,you have to get up now were leaving to go on tour today,get up" As soon as i heard the word 'tour' i jumped from bed straight to the bathroom. Today's going to be a long day,today we leave to go on tour for up to 8 months with one direction,its going to be crazy. I jumped into the hot shower. 

Once i was done in the bathroom with showering and brushing my teeth i skimmed through my clothes to find something to wear. I found a melang grey sweatshirt,a pair of dark blue skinny jeans which went really well together. I also wore a long necklace and some grey nike blazers. http://www.polyvore.com/marias_casual_outfit/set?id=97550664 I wore my usual makeup and kept my hair naturally curly, well it was naturally wavy but i like to think it was curly..I sprayed some chanel perfume on which my dad brought me and walked out the bedroom door. I walked out to find my dad waiting there for me with our suitcases and a McDonald's breakfast. "Quickly eat this then we will leave darling" "aw thanks dad,you know i love maccies ay" I smirked at him and dug into my maccies. 


We arrived at the airport and spotted the one direction boys all sat down laughing at something,as usual. "dad im going to buy a few magazines for the plane journey,as its for 6 hours.." "okay darling,i'll be with the boys" I nodded and slowly walked to the little shop which was inside the airport, i looked through the magazines and picked the ones that i would actually read..i picked out a vogue magazine a grazia,and a heat magazine. I picked them up and walked over to the counter "that will be £3.50 please madam" i reached into my pocket for some change and handed him the money "thankyou,and keep the change" "why thankyou miss" The man delightfully said. Everyone seemed so nice and polite here in london. I picked up the bag from the counter with the magazines in and walked back over to the boys but got stopped by a few girls,it seemed abit strange. "are you going on tour with one direction?are you going out with one of them?" they all asked..they seemed to annoying and patronizing "erm,why do you want to know?" i screeched back "because we're big fans" the one girl said with dirty blonde hair "well,if you must know yes i am,and i haven't got time to stop and talk im so sorry" i muttered as politely as i could even though they were extremely annoying. "oh okay,sorry so waste your time" And with that i walked back to my dad and the rest of the boys. "nice to see you again maria,you looking forward to the tour?" Louis asked "yeah i am,and nice to see you all" "who were those girls you were talking to then maria?" zayn screeched "well,erm they were your fans,asking me questions.." they all looked at me abit shocked "what did they ask you?" my dad asked "if i was going on tour and if i was dating any of you,so i told them i had to go and yes i was touring with you guys" "oh,thats abit weird,how did they know you were touring with us?" liam asked "honestly,thats what i was thinking,but fans do find out everything.." i muttered,they just all shook their heads. We all stood up and gave our tickets to the man before heading onto the plane,we had to go through a machine to check if we had anything..dangerous i think..i dont know. Once they checked us all and we gave our tickets in we got onto the plane. Dad sat next to niall, harry sat by liam, i sat by zayn and louis sat by an old women. we put all the suitcases of the shelve things over us and sat in our seats. "hello and welcome,make sure you all fasten your seatbelts as we will be taking off round about now,have a nice journey" the sweet voiced women said over the speak phone. We all fastened our seatbelts and then the plane took off. "so maria,6 hours on this plane, enough time to get to know you" zayn muttered. It was pretty silent around us but not the awkward silence. "well what would you like to know zaynie?" "well everything mariaB" I actually liked that nick name he gave me 'mariaB' sounded..original "well zaynie,im 19, im a girl,obviously, i come from new york,in america,my mum and dad got divorced when i was 10 and then my dad moved to london,which was a very hard time for me, i hated school and everyone there,and yeah thats about it,i think." I couldn't think of anything to tell him, i was a very boring person but i wasn't gonna tell him that. "well,why did you come to london then mariaB?" "well,i had a huge argument with my mum because i quit my doctor college which she tried so hard to get me into but i didn't want to be a doctor so theres no point in wasting half my life training for something i dont want to do,and then yeah i decided to come back to my dad,he's the only one who understands me" "Maria,You made a good decision you know,if that was me in your shoes then i would of done the same..and what do you want to be then?" "well,i want to be a song writer,i love it,its my way on expressing my feelings and people and other things around me" "thats great..well us boys could help you" I smiled at him and he grinned back, he was so sweet and understanding. I then closed my eyes and decided to have a nap.

Zayn's POV

Maria was so beautiful and just seemed perfect. She seems like the type of girl to understand anyone and help them through anything.Its going to be nice getting to know her on this tour. I looked out of the plane window and looked over all the clouds and the beautiful view. I looked back over to maria to find her head leaning on my shoulder,she was fast asleep, she looked so cute whilst she was sleeping. Zayn snap out of it,you're going out with perrie and you love her, you can't grow feelings for someone else,its wrong. I snapped out of my thoughts and then went on my phone.

Maria's POV

I woke up with my head on zayn's shoulder,he looked over to me and smiled,i smiled back and then heard the women on the over speaker talk. "hello,fasten up your seat belts, we're about to land, welcome to Italy everyone" The women spoke. I didn't actually know where we were heading first but it turns out it was Italy, i've always wanted to go to italy,and now im here. Once the plane landed the women told us to take your seat belts off,we all done what she instructed then took our suitcases from the shelves over us. "maria,i'll get that" I heard zayn say,he then grabbed my suitcase down and gave it to me "why thank you sir" i joked,he then laughed at me and we walked over to my dad and the over boys and got off the plane.

We were crowded by a mob of fans, it was going to be so hard travelling around with fans always coming over to us, i know they love them but it gets abit Over the top at times. We ignored them all but still waved at them,if that makes sense. Once we got out of the airport there was a black car waiting for us which read on the number plate '1D' at the end,thats how we know it was for us,it was a pretty bigish car. me and louis sat at the very back then infront of us sat, harry liam and niall then zayn and my dad in front of them. Me and louis decided to play sweet and sour. we waved at people through the windows and if they waved back they were sweet,if they didnt they were sour. We waved at the man on the side walk and he flashed his arse at us. "ewww" i screamed, louis burst out laughing,everyone just gave us confused looks. "that man is discusting" "he seemed..funny" louis laughed out. 

As we stopped we all got out of the car to enter a huge posh hotel. We stepped into the lift before my dad explained everything to us. "we're staying here tonight then the tour bus will come get us tomorrow and we will stay in there" We all agreed and once the lift hit the top floor we Opened the hotel door which was ours and all ran in "bagsy this room" i shouted "no fair,thats the biggest room" niall shouted "exactly" I smirked. we were all staying in a huge room with loads of bedrooms in,it was kind of like a flat i suppose. Once we all picked out our rooms we decided to watch a movie,it was now 10pm, my dad went to bed but i stayed up with the boys. "lets play a game" louis suggested "sounds cool" zayn agreed. louis chose to play truth or dare..great. "ok i'll choose someone first" I shouted. "harry,truth or dare" "erm,dare" Harry answered. "okay,kiss liam on the lips" i demanded "erm,can i do a fore fit" he asked me. "yeah,the fore fit is..to kiss liam" all the boys laughed including me "ok,ok" Harry leaned over to liam slowly and kissed him on the lips then quickly backed away. "see,wern't so hard was it" i laughed "ok,ok,my turn to pick someone" louis shouted. "Maria,kiss zayn" I looked over to zayn and he was just about to speak "b-b-but what about" zayn got interupted my louis "it's fine zayn,its only truth or dare,its no biggy" "ok,ok" Zayn screeched "its not just a peck either,it has to be a full on snog" "oh my god lou" i shouted We both leaned in and then out lips touched,i felt sparks between us and butterflies through my stomach,our lips move in sync. "ok,ok you can stop now guys" louis shouted, we then pulled apart,i know it was just a kiss but it felt so right.

Zayn's POV

Louis dared me and maria to kiss but i knew it would be a mistake because if perrie found out she would go mad.. "b-b-but what about" i said whilst getting interupted my louis "its fine zayn,its only truth or dare,its no biggy" "ok,ok" i replied. "Its not just a peck either,it has to be a full on snog" louis demanded omg,was he serious he knew i had a girlfriend. "oh my god lou" maria shouted. we then leaned in towards eachother slowly,then our lips planted onto eachothers, It felt so right to kiss her yet so wrong. I had butterflies going around my stomach. I then heard louis tell us to stop. That kiss was so nice. I then reminded myself i loved perrie and i couldn't grow feelings for another girl,it would be wrong.

Maria's POV

After a game of truth and dare we all went to bed. Zayn and liam shared a bed,and so did niall,louis and harry. i had a room to myself and so did my dad. I got changed out of my clothes and into A long oversized shirt which came just over my knee's and put my hair in a messy bun. I couldn't stop thinking about the kiss with zayn, why did i feel so much feelings inside of me..Maybe i was growing feelings for him. but i cant it would be wrong. I then got out of bed and decided to make some hot chocolate. The rest of the boys were in bed sleeping. i stepped out of the door and into the kitchen part of our hotel room. I put in some hot chocolate into a cup whilst waiting for the kettle to boil. I then heard a noise coming from behind me, it was zayn coming out of his bedroom. "i heard, a noise so i thought i would come check it out,sorry" i whispered "its fine,really,i was just thirsty,do you want some hot chocolate?" i asked him "i would love some" he said, his bradford accent was so sexy,i couldn't bare it. Once i was done with the hot chocolates i handed him it and we quickly drank them. Once we were done i gave zayn and friendly hug "goodnight zaynie" i whispered "night,mariaB" with that we both walked into our bedrooms, i jumped into my bed with a smile on my face and fell asleep.











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