everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


1. Finished arguments

"Mum, Please just stop shouting!" i screamed so loud my lungs felt like they were going to explode. "how can i stop shouting Maria,you have disappointed me" My mum screamed back, she was furious of me for leaving the doctors college i was going to,she's wanted me to be a doctor all my life but personally i dont want to be thats why i dropped out of the college,i just wish she would understand me. "shouting's not going to solve anything,mum you dont understand me,you dont even know anything about me" "stop being stupid,you're my daughter i know everything about you" she muttered in reply "no mum,you dont, dad does but you dont..i hate doctors,i don't want to be one,im not going to do something i hate the whole of my life.." She then slapped me around the face making my face tingle. I stopped in shock "im s-s-so sorry darling" "no mum,leave me alone you never understand,dad's the only one who understands me" i shouted whilst letting the tears escape my eyes. "If your dad understands so much about you why don't you go and live with him ay?would do us all a favour.." she screeched. "Okay,then if thats what you want." i ran upstairs and packed a suitcase with all of my things inside of it. I took the emergency cash from the jar i hid under my bed so i could buy a plane ticket to london as soon as possible. I dried my eyes from all the crying and then dragged my suitcase behind me going downstairs to where my mum was. "where do you think your going?" "im going to live with dad." "no you're not" "yes i am,just watch me" I grabbed my suitcase and carried it along with me and slammed the front door from behind me. I jumped into the taxi with the suitcase "to the airport please" i demanded.

Once i got to the airport i walked to the counter dragging my suitcase behind, "one ticket to london please" the women gave me a ticket whilst a paid, "the next flight to london leaves in 2 minutes" shit 2 minutes,i snatched my ticket from the women grabbed my suitcase and ran to the london flight. I gave the man my ticket quickly and ran onto the plane,phew. There wasn't many people on the plane, I decided to sit on my own. I plugged my ear phones in and one direction rock me started to play,i loved this song.

" Everyone put your seat belts on,were about to land in london" the women in the speaker called out. Once we landed i took my suitcase down from the shelves and walked down the isles following everyone else out the plane doors. Once i got out from the airport there were several taxi's outside i jumped into one and told them where to go.london was a beautiful place,it wasn't too big yet it wasn't too small. Just then i felt my phone vibrate, i reached into my pocket to pull it out and found a text from my mum "im so sorry,i didnt mean to shout at you,come back home please x" well its abit too late for that i quickly text her back. "sorry mum its too late,ive just arrived in london and im staying here." I then placed my phone back in my pocket. "were here madam" the taxi driver called out. I got out and grabbed my suitcase "thankyou,keep the change" i said whilst giving him the money. I was so tired from what seemed to be a slow and most boring plane journey ever. I walked up to dads block of flats and pressed the buzzer which opened the doors to go in. As soon as the lift took my to the top floor I walked over to room 102 which was my dads apartment, he lived in a studio apartment,it was gorgeous and the views are normally so perfect in studio apartments. i knocked on the door twice before he answered. "maria,what are you doing here?" "i've came to visit for a few months, me and mum had a bust up" "oh i see,well ive missed you" he muttered whilst pulling me into a tight hug.

*skip the rest of night*

I woke up to my phone ringing,who would ring me this time in the morning, i then stared at the clock to find it was 11am,shit i overslept. I picked my phone up to receive a call from dad. "hello darling im at work, you can pop in whenever you like today then i'll take you out later this afternoon to make up for my boring company" i laughed through the phone "haha okay dad,ill be there soon maybe,just need to get ready" and with that he ended the call and i went into the bathroom to freshen up.


Hi guys,this may be a boring chapter,im sorry,its just a filler i guess,but i'll try to make it as interesting and dramatic as possible,comment what you think so far or if you have any ideas,thanks xx









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