everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


15. concert..

I got out of the shower and skimmed through some outfits i had to wear to the concert. Jess told me to dress to impress which means the band must be a cute band. I hope so anyway. I had 2 hours to get ready,just enough time. I slipped on a denim vintage crop top with buttons going down it,a pair of black hot pants with a pair of black boot heels. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=98321629 I curled my hair then loosened the curls by brushing my fingers through them,i had my hair also puffed up in a middle parting with a gold chain headband across my forehead. I wore some eyeliner,dark eye shadow,mascara and red lipstick. I felt abit over dressed for a concert but if the band's a cute boy band then yeah i need to impress them as we are meeting them as well..

"Maria,Jess is here" my nan called. luckily i was ready to go. I grabbed my bag with my clothes in for tomorrow as we were staying in a hotel near the concert arena. "okay nan im coming now" i walked downstairs to see Jess with her dirty blonde colored hair straightened with a fair amount of make up on and a blue skater dress with black heels. "wow jess you look gorgeous" i shouted. "you look gorgeous yourself babe" She replied. i smirked,gave my nan a hug then jumped into jess's car. "so gonna tell us who were going to see then?" "well not until we get there,because if you hate their music then you won't go and i love them and i wanted you to go with me" she smirked "okay,okay" We listened to some music on full blast and started to head bang but not to much to ruin our hair.

"maria,maria we're here" i heard jess shake me,i must have fell asleep. "oh finally" We both hopped out of her car and then she locked the doors of the car. we walked through the building whilst Jess gave the man our tickets. We got alot of boys staring at us and whistling but i weren't surprised we were wearing very revealing clothes. "hey,isn't that zayn maliks ex girlfriend?" i heard a small girl say pointing at me,oh fuck she recognised me after 2 years.."why was that girl pointing at you?" jess asked.. "erm i think she was pointing at what we were wearing" i replied not knowing what to say. I saw a few people wearing one direction tops but maybe they just love the band,they're probably touring in another country anyway.. We walked through the arena,it was packed full of people. "so wheres our seats then?" i asked "well um up there" she pointed at the top bit right at the back,its not a very good view but we were meeting them afterwards anyway. I looked around to see everyone wearing one direction tops or things with one direction on,which would only mean one thing..FUCK. "um jess,please tell me who we are seeing now?" "okay okay,you cant run now then i dont care if you hate them they're hot." i worried a little bit.. "we're seeing one direction" Jess screamed in excitement. A tear escaped my eye but i quickly wiped it away,i cant handle seeing him again or even being in the same arena as him. Atleast he cant see us thats for sure. "and were be meeting them after,how great" Jess added,shit we're going to meet them,fuck fuck,i cant do this is need to tell her..Just as i was about to tell her the boys came on stage and started singing,my eyes were locked onto zayn the whole time. "Are you okay maira?" Jess asked whilst i didn't realise tears were escaping my eyes.."yeah im fine,there songs always make me cry" i lied,its them that make me cry not the songs. 

After there songs finally finished after about 2 hours of emotions running through me,it was time to meet them,i cant do this,i need a disguise.. "COME ON MARIA" jess screamed whilst pulling me to the backstage bit. "right ladies listen to me" the security guard told us the rules but i didn't bother listening. i was too scared. "jess no,i cant do this." "oh come on maria,its only like 1 minute thats all,i know you hate them but please do it for me" ugh,i have no choice then do i.." okay okay" tears started forming from my eyes. "okay ladies go on through,and remember dont break the rules,then i won't have to come and get you" we walked through and i put my sunglasses over my eyes and covered half of my face with a hoodie i found backstage. 

We walked through to see all 5 boys stare at us amazed at our appearances. i stared aay from zayn, i just couldnt handle him right now. "so hello gorgeous ladies and who do we have here then"..harry asked. he was trying to flirt but i just kept my head down with the hoodie over my face. "well im jess and this is my friend maria" they all stared at me whilst zayn looked straight away once he heard my name.."is your friend shy?" liam asked jess "not normally no" "erm can you remove the hoodie away from your face please doll,and the shades,you don't need to be hiding a gorgeous face like that." harry demanded,fuck so now they're going to know its me, i slowly chucked the hoodie on the floor and then took the sunglasses off my eyes and put them on my head. The boys looked at me and their jaws dropped. "jess,we need to go" i shouted. "what's up with you maria,you've been acting strange since you found out we were seeing one direction" she shouted back. "maria!!" the boys shouted whilst hugging me,jess looked confused, i pushed the boys away then zayn walked up to me with a smile on his face,just before he could touch me i ran away from them all and tears ran from my eyes.








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