everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


29. cheater

I'm sat on the sofa lifeless, the boys have gone out clubbing and Jess has gone with them,i refused,i cant possibly go out when i'm way too tired and i feel so weak from work. I spoke to Niall last week about him and Jess, and they are now officially dating, they're so cute. Ever since I've got my new job i haven't seen much of Zayn but the relationship has got a lot stronger. 


I must have fell asleep because when i opened my eyes again everyone was back. I then heard shouting,I decided to keep my eyes closed and listen to what they were shouting about.  "ZAYN YOU CANT JUST FUCKING GO AROUND DOING THIS SHIT" "LOUIS SHUT THE FUCK UP,IT WAS A MISTAKE ALRIGHT" i heard them both shout,they sounded drunk but so mad. When i opened my eyes to stand up i didn't realize that Jess,niall,liam and harry were sitting in the lounge next to me..

"Maria,are you okay?" liam asked "yes why wouldn't i be?" "i was just wondering" I then walked over the my room where the shouting was. "dont go in there maria" i heard harry say. "why not?its my bedroom" "because zayn and louis are sorting something out. "oh" i muttered then went to sit by harry. i looked to see jess with tears in her eyes. "erm,jess are you okay?why are you crying? whats happened?" i was actually getting worried now. "nothing,its fine" "Jess tell me" i began to shout. "maria,calm down okay,wait till louis and zayn come out then were all tell you" "no liam,i want to fucking know,now!" "calm down love,everything will be fine" harry explained resting his hand on my leg. I missed harry,we didn't really talk much,when i was first on tour with them with my dad i use to be like best mates with harry,we use to tell eachother everything,i miss that so much. I looked him in the eye and a tear escaped my eye, but before i could wipe it away he noticed and pulled me up. "come with me a minute" harry demanded and lead me to Jess's bedroom. When we were in Jess's room he locked the door. "why are you locking the door harry?" "because i need to speak to you and i don't want any one disturbing us". We both sat in the middle of the bed facing each other with our legs crossed. "so maria,im just going to ask,why did you cry when you looked at me out there?" "because i saw what i use to see in you harry,i saw my bestfriend,remember when i first joined the tour with my dad and we use to have flour fights in the kitchen and you use to pick me up and tease me,we use to have heart to hearts every night and tell eachother secrets,harry you dont know how bad i've missed that!" "maria,i do know how much you've missed it because i've missed it too, honestly if i could go back and save our friendship i would,we have distanced so much,tonight is the first time we have properly spoke in about 6 months,its killing me to not call you my bestfriend" i then started to feel weak and let a tear out. I placed my hand on his hand and looked into his eyes. "promise me you will spend the day with me tomorrow,i want my bestfriend back harry" "i promise maria" "love you hazza" "love you too maria" i laughed and we both hugged,i kissed his cheek and he kissed my head. We both linked arms and walked out of the bedroom together back into the lounge. Jess was still looking worried but i tried to ignore it and went to sit by harry. We all decided to talk about our plans in the week, then came out a very upset zayn and an annoyed louis. they both looked at me then went to walk out of the apartment but i stopped them. "IS SOMEONE GOING TO TELL ME WHAT THE FUCKS HAPPENING?" i shouted. "Zayn she has the right to know,just fucking tell her man" harry shouted. "I cant,i just cant,i dont want to break her,i cant ruin this" zayn cried. "ZAYN TELL ME NOW,YOU'RE WORRYING ME" I looked around the room and saw everyone staring. "ILL FUCKING TELL HER THEN,ZAYN MAN UP MAN" liam shouted "thank god,so tell me liam what the fucks been going on?" "maria,when we all went out tonight zayn cheated on you,he slept with a women then met us after,im sorry maria" i felt tears dripping down my face,my insides were exploding. i looked at zayn and he was crying. "PLEASE TELL ME THIS IS SOME FUCKING SICK JOKE ZAYN,THIS IS THE SECOND TIME YOU HAVE DONE SOMETHING WITH A GIRL BEHIND MY BACK,DONT YOU FUCKING LOVE ME OR SOMETHING?" "maria,i do love you,im in love with you,i dont know what i would do without you,please maria,im sorry,it was a mistake baby,ive just missed you so much and you're always busy and so am i,i just missed you" "WHAT THE FUCK ZAYN,I MISSED YOU TOO BUT YOU DONT FUCKING SEE ME SLEEPING AROUND WITH PEOPLE,JUST BECAUSE IM ALWAYS BUSY,THATS NO EXCUSE TO CHEAT ON ME YOU SICK BASTARD!" I screamed,everyone was trying to calm me down but i was so angry. I ran to my bedroom and locked the door,i ran straight to my bed and hid under the covers,i couldn't stop crying.







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