everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


26. celeb dinner

"maria,hurry up we need to leave,the boys are meeting us outside in 5 minutes" "yeah,im nearly ready zayn,stop panicking" I laughed,he was so moody if i was late..we're going to ed sheeran's house tonight for a celeb dinner thing..alot of celebs are going,if im honest i am nervous but i cant wait to meet ed!. I looked in the long stand up mirror and smiled to myself,i liked the way i looked tonight,i looked..decent. I wore a black short baggy dress with a collar,some black high heels,a pair of black dangled earrings and had my black clutch. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=99739913 My hair was curly,loose curls,with a decent amount of makeup on,including dark eye shadow to make my eyes stand out. I turned around in the mirror and walked out the bedroom door ready. "zayn,lets go" he turned around and opened his mouth,shocked. "WOW" "what?" "you look..gorgeous,is it bad to zayn i want you right here,right now" i just laughed. "zayn,i get that feeling all the time with you but seriously as much as im attracted to you right now..we need to go" i grabbed his hand and locked my fingers onto his and walked out the apartment. He looked so sexy in a suit.."maria,i love you" he whispered into my ear. "i love you too zayn,is jess coming zayn?" "yeah she's downstairs" "okay,i need to talk to her later anyway" "are you guys alright?" zayn asked confused. "yeah of course we are..i feel bad thats all,i was meant to spend the day with her today but had to cancel as we never had enough time.." "oh,well spend the day with her tomorrow?me and the boys have rehearsals" he suggested. "yeah i will,thanks zayn" i laughed. we walked out of the hotel to witness the rest of the boys laughing with jess by the car. "its about time you guys arrived,we need to go" liam looked serious now. "yeah yeah,well lets go" zayn and i laughed. we all got into the big black car. i cant wait to meet ed. 

We finally arrived at a huge house,it was perfect. "wow" me and jess mouthed at the same time. Me and zayn linked arms and then we all walked up to the front door,my nerves were now taking over me. The door opened wide and then i soon enough made eye contact with him..it was ed sheeran. "hello guys,im glad you could make it,and you two girls must be maria and jess,nice to meet you" he came towards us and hugged us both. "nice to meet you" i answered. "yeah its lovely to finally meet you" jess then muttered. we all smiled and he took us into his amazing house. It's the biggest house i've ever been in. Then we entered a dining room full of celebrities talking to eachother. We all took a seat on the table and relaxed. The table was huge aswell..well long. It sat me,then zayn,then jess,then harry,liam,louis,niall then justin bieber,rihanna,chris brown,usher,demi lovato,then miley cyrus,then ed. It was all the big artists,it was great meeting them. The table was full with food,wine and beer. 

We were all talking and laughing about random things it was great but i felt so uncomfortable..justin was staring at me the whole time, he had devil eyes..revenge eyes,but why?what have i ever done to him..i decided to keep my head down and not speak. "babe are you okay?" zayn whispered into my ear nearly pressing his lips onto my ear. "yeah im fine" i lied. 

Once we were done eating everyone was already drunk from the wine and beer..i wasn't really in a drinking mood so i was the only sober one..they were all sat down in the lounge joking whilst i was still sat on the table thinking.."whats up?" i turned to find jess standing next to me,she took a seat and stared at me. "nothing im just thinking thats all,everyones drunk so i thought i'd zone out from everyone and just sit on my own and chill" "oh,o-ok" she slurred,her breath smelt of alcohol she then stumbled back to the others. I looked around and caught justin staring at me again..what the hell was his problem. I decided to walk out of the room and go to get some fresh air. I sat on the door step of the house letting the wind blow in my face until i heard someone behind me. I turned around and saw justin,he walked over and stood infront of me. "what do you want?i came for some alone time" i asked annoyed. "stop acting perfect because your not" he said angrily. "justin,what the fuck is your problem,tonight was the first time i've met you and you have a problem with me?we haven't even spoke before so i dont see why you keep staring at me and giving me death stares." "you split me and selena up..dont act like you dont know" i forgot he had been dating selena.."woah,hold up, i did not split you both up,she told me she cheated on you and i was defending you" i shouted. "you shouted your mouth off at the paps and told the radio's about it and how she cheated on me,she was loosing fans so she split up with me..you caused it all" he shouted back.  "just fucking leave me alone,if anything i did you a favor so just leave it.." "maria,i like you as a girl you seem nice but why would you get involved in our relationship anyway?its not like you and zayn have a perfect relationship either but you dont see anyone else getting involved and making the problems worse." he was right..i caused it all. "im sorry okay,i didn't mean to ruin everything i was just trying to help,but i guess i can't even do that right." i shouted. "maria,just forget i came up to you,forget about me staring at you and giving you death stares,just forget about it,i know you were trying to help,im just drunk,ignore me,i'll regret saying all of this tomorrow,im sorry" he said then walked back inside. i dont get that boy at all..he needs to make up his mind,did i or did i not make things worse.

I walked inside to see everyone dancing,but i wasn't concentrating on them all i could see was zayn and miley cyrus grinding against eachother. Was he fucking serious. i walked over to him, he stunk of alcohol. "zayn,can we go" i asked. "no,im enjoying myself,god live a little maria" he smirked,miley then started laughing. fucking bitch. "zayn please." "maria,just go on your own for god sake,im not your dad." he shouted annoyed. Ugh i wasn't in the mood for him,i didnt like seeing him dancing with another girl,especially fucking grinding. I ran out of eds house crying my eyes out,i didn't know my way back to our apartment from here.."can you take me back to the apartment please" i asked the driver in the car we arrived in. "yes sure" i tried to smiled and jumped into the car. 

I jumped out of the car and ran straight into the doors of the flats. I ran to the lift and once i got to my floor i unlocked the apartment door and ran straight to my bedroom. The boys are going to regret drinking tomorrow morning when they have rehearsals. I changed from the dress into some pj's and dug my face into the pillow and just sobbed,i soon fell asleep.





















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