everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


12. Becoming known

I didn't want to wake zayn up so i left him a note on the counter explaining that i've left for the interview. Im so scared,its going to be on t'v and the radio. I cant explain how scared i am..But i know what to expect,the questions about zayn and the boys. I Jumped into the black car thats taking me to the interview. I wore a crop top blue denim shirt with lips printed on,with some studded black high wasted shorts and a pair of black vans,also a bowl hat. http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=98074897 I wore the usual amount of makeup and kept my hair wavy. I didn't want to overdress.

I stepped out of the car after thanking john the driver. I walked into the building to be greeted by a male security guard. it kind of reminded me of when i went to the studio to my dads work for the first time when i met the boys. "hello and who might you be?" "hello im Maria baker,i have an interview here today. "oh yes yes welcome maria,follow me" i then followed the muscular body guard. "through there" he demanded just before he walked off and left me. I walked through the double doors to find a room full of camera's and an area with 2 chairs on like in t'v shows. I walked in to be greeted by the host of the show. "hello im victoria,please call me vicky,im the host of the show you must be maria baker,nice to meet you maria" "yes thats me and nice to meet you too vicky" i smiled whilst she told me what the rules were and what was going to happen on the show,i sat down on a chair opposite he, then the man counted down before the show started. "3..2..1..were on live t.v" the man shouted from behind the camera infront of us. "hello and welcome to victoria's interviews,today we have a very special guest who i've heard alot of you guys out there love,lets introduce you to her,this is maria baker" Vicky shouted towards the camera into the small microphone attached to her shirt. "hello guys" i spoke nervously.."so maria,we have a few questions to ask you today" "ok,go ahead" i answered,i felt to stupid and nervous.."okay,so how long have you and zayn malik been dating now then?" "a week" i answered. "so,how is your relationship with mr malik?" "it's great,i've very stable at the moment and i hope it stays that way." "do you think the fans will eventually split you both up?" "noway, the fans mean everything to the boys and myself,they're truly amazing, and they would never want to hurt the boys never mind hurting there relationships" i smiled,i was pretty proud of my answer. "okay so maria,you were on twitcam to the fans yesterday right?" "right" i answered, then the video of me on twitcam came on the screen. it was the part where the one girl told me she wish's she had a relaionship like me and zayn and i gave her full advise. "so maria,this was very sweet of you and its been the talk on twitter,why do you think?" i got abit confused but eventually answered. "well i decided to answer some of the questions the fans were asking me and they were all so lovely but this one girl called kate told me that me and zayn were cute and that she will never have a relationship like that and she got abit upset, so i decided to give her abit of advise as i know what it feels like to love someone so much it hurts for them to not love you back.. i told her she will find the right guy, she just needs to keep her head up high and keep believing" "that was very sweet of you maria,and thats why people love you" i smiled. "okay guys,its time for a break,we'll be back after the break with maria baker,stay tuned". 

Zayn's POV

Me and the boys were crowded around the t'v watching maria's interview which was live. Victoria, the host started talking about a twitcam that maria done,i didn't have a clue about it until now. and maria explained how she helped a girl out with some girl advise and it was so sweet and kind of maria to do i felt goose bumps over my body after that. i cant get over how sweet maria is to the fans. "wow,the fans really do love her now" louis laughed. "yeah, thats amazing what she done for that girl" liam spoke. "yeah thats why i love her" i muttered to the boys, then it came to the adverts so we decided to play games until the show came back on.

Maria's POV

"hello guys and welcome back to the show,as you already know we have maria baker,zayn malik's girlfriend,with us today,and as we know you all adore her, alot of you have requested stuff for her to do so we have chose a few." i worried at this moment,i hope its not anything embarrassing .i just carried on smiling to the camera. "so the first tweet is from joleen from doncaster,she says. ' whats your favorite dance move?please show us' so come on maria,lets see your moves" at this point i felt like it was going to show myself up but i carried on.."well my favorite move has to be the robot" once i answered i stood up and done a little robot dance. "haha very nice moves you have there maria" vicky laughed "well thank you" i laughed. "second request is from libby from scotland 'what was your dream job and do a little acting to express the job' so show us the moves maria" oh my god this is going to be complicated. "well, my dream job is to be a songwriter" i then pretended to have a notebook and started to write whilst dancing. "haha,great" vicky laughed. "sorry folks but thats all for today,thankyou so much maria for attending the show,we wish to have you on in the future sometime" vicky explained. and then the camera's turned off. it felt so nice being off t'v after that,i can finally relax. "it was nice meeting you maria,you are a lovely girl" vicky shook my hand as i walked out the doors and back into john's black car.

I jumped out of the car and ran to the tour bus. I spotted the boys lounging on the couches and they all ran up to me hugging me and cheering. "you were great" liam laughed. "did you watch the interview then?" "yeah babe,you were amazing" zayn added. "aw guys" i laughed we all had a group hug then zayn kissed me on my forehead. "maria,we're leaving in 10 minutes,make sure everything's ready" liam ordered. "yeah its all good."





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