everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


28. arguments and opportunity's

I woke up to people moaning,thats when i knew everyone was back,the boys must of come straight here instead of going back to their apartments. I quickly brushed my teeth and then slipped on some blue high wasted skinny jeans with a black tight crop top and a chain necklace. I slipped on some white converse and grabbed my black handbag and phone.http://www.polyvore.com/outfito/set?id=99749599  I didn't want to stay with them today i needed to be on my own,especially zayn he really pissed me off last night. I had straightened my hair today and puffed it up abit and wore the usual amount of makeup. Once i was done i walked out of my bedroom door to find everyone staring at me confused. "where are you going babe?" zayn asked confused. I gave him a death stare,ignored his question and walked out of the apartment, i slammed the door behind me so they knew i was in a mood. 

I walked outside of the hotel and jumped into a taxi that was parked on the road. "town please" i ordered Then he began to drive. I recieved a text from zayn, it read 'babe,whats wrong,im worried,did i do soemthing wrong?me and the guys are worried about you,please answer me x' i decided to ignore the text. Just as i was about to put my phone away i got a call from an unknown number. "hello,maria baker speaking" "hello maria,this is writing record labels here,are you busy?" i then began to get confused..really confused. "no,why?" "can you pop into the main record studio please" she ordered "yeah sure" i began to worry..i put my phone in my pocket then told the taxi driver to take me to the studio instead. 

I jumped out the taxi and paid the taxi driver and thanked him. I walked into the studio's to be welcomed by a lady with short brown hair. "hello maria,im sarah" she spoke,then she told me to follow her,i was honestly so confused..i didn't have a clue what was happening. I walked into a small room and sat on a chair infront of a desk,she was on the other side,thats when i realised i was in her office. 

"maria,you must be so confused"  she laughed "yeah i kind of am haha" "well we are good friends with your dad and he told us you wanted to be a songwriter, I was so confused about what was going on right now..i haven't spoke to my dad in a few months now.."and he showed us a few copies of songs you have wrote in the past and may we say how amazing they are" "well thankyou" i replied unsure of what was happening. "lets cut straight to the chase, we want you to become a professional song writer,we need someone like you in our business maria,would you be able to write music for music artists out there?" My heart stopped for a minute, the women in front of me just asked me to do my dream job,the job i have wanted all my life,this has to be a dream..it has to be. "omg,yes,yes i would love to" i screeched "okay,as a professional maria we are going to give you a contract to sign,you already have fans because of the publicity with one direction but you will have fans actually for YOU this time,which means you will need a security guard,and your dad has told us you can drive,is that correct?" "omg this is all happening so fast,and yeah i can drive" i said excitingly. "well its your lucky day maria, with the contract and security and schedules we need you to transport alot so we have gave you a car,its all yours if you want it" "omg omg,thank you so much,i promise i will NOT let you down!" i screamed in excitement. "you better not,now your car is waiting outside for you,you need to come here tomorrow and we will set everything up then,for now enjoy the rest of your day maria,and welcome" she then smiled i hugged her and took the car keys from her,i couldn't stop thanking her. just as i was about to walk out of the door she then stopped me. "and maria,dont forget to bring that book of yours with your songs in" she smirked,i just nodded and walked out.

I walked outside of the studio and saw my new car..i was so shocked yet so excited,"OMG" i shouted,it was a black rangerover like celebrities have,it was gorgeous and the number plate said my name on it. I unlocked it and through my handbag onto the seat next to me,wait till everyone see's this later then,haha. I Turned the radio on and 'sun is up' by Inna came on, i loved that song,i turned it up full blast and pulled the window down so people could hear it,i put on my sunglasses and then parked my car in a car park,i turned the radio off and locked the car up,grabbed my handbag and got out to find screaming girls everywhere calling my name. "MARIA,MARIA I LOVE YOU" i was so happy to see them for once. I wanted to do a little shopping first though so i waved at them then walked off.


I threw the shopping bags into the boot of my new car and began to drive home with the music full blast again,i could get use to this..I parked outside of the apartment and everyone was in the lobby staring at the car and pointing,they didn't realize it was me until i got out. I walked towards them and they all looked confused..i still wasn't talking to zayn so this was going to be pretty awkward. "h-how did you afford that car?w-w-whats going on?" jess asked in shock..i just laughed. "well i got a call today from the main studio here in london and i went down there and got offered a contract for writing songs for music artists,i signed and got a package deal and the car was part of it". they all hugged me and congratulated me. "but how did they know about your songs?" liam asked "well..my dad knew them and he told them all about them and gave them some copies of my songs,which reminds me that i need to ring him up..." "maria,i need to talk to you" i turned to see zayn looking at me confused. "zayn,i really dont want to right now,i dont want to ruin this moment im having" "and why would i ruin it?im not that selfish..whats even wrong with you?what have i done so bad that you cant even talk to me?" "you really dont remember do you zayn?" the rest of the guys stared at me confused. "no i dont..so tell me" "well you and that miley cyrus were all over eachother last night at ed's dinner part, you were grinding and everything zayn..i came over to you and you told me to fuck off and said shit and told me to go home so i did.." i shouted in annoyance. "im s-so sorry,i didnt mean any of it,i was just too drunk i guess you know i love you,im sorry maria,i really am,ill do anything to make it up to you" He sounded desperate now. "anything?" i asked cheekily "i guess" "okay,zayn come with me" i ordered he looked confused and so did the rest of the guys and jess.. i dragged him upstairs to mine and jess's apartment,i had the best idea ever!. "maria,what are you up too?" he asked weirdly.. "zayn,trust me" I found out a pair of black disco pants and a crop top and a beanie,"zayn come in here" i demanded. he then came into my bedroom and looked confused. "put these clothes on" "you are not serious?please say this is a joke?.." "zayn,you love me right?so do it" "ok ok" He got changed whilst i was getting some makeup out of my bag. Once he was changed i put some makeup on him. "i feel like a women" i screamed "shutup zayn,you look gorgeous" i laughed. once i was done he looked in the mirror,he wore the disco pants and crop top with the beanie and down eyeshadow and red lipstick and some converse. "now come on,we're going to town" i laughed. "NO NO NO" he shouted "oh yes" i screamed in excitement. this is all going over twitter. "come on,do it for me" i laughed. "okay,for you" i dragged him to the lobby with the boys and jess still there. Once they saw zayn they burst out laughing "what the hells going on?" harry laughed "well this is how zayns proving his love to me,im taking him around town" i laughed "omg,cant wait to look on twitter and see those photo's" louis laughed followed by jess then the rest of the guys. "well see you later guys,goodluck zayn" liam laughed,so we waved them off. I unlocked the car and zayn was laughing but was still annoyed. "this is a pretty cool car" he muttered "i love it" i shouted. i put some music on then began to drive. "i better get a treat for this later maria" he laughed "of course,anything for you dear" i teased. I parked the car and we arrived in the town on london. It was full of paps and fans,they soon spotted us,they burst out laughing and started taking photo's and video's,zayn started posing for the camera and actually found it funny after a while,we walked around being followed by paps asking questions so i answered some. Once we were done walking around we got back to the car and headed back to the apartment.

"thank god thats over with,i have to check twitter once were inside" zayn implied "yes and me" i laughed,i couldnt wait to see the pictures. We ran straight to mine and jess's apartment and the boys were in their laughing at the photo's of zayn on twitter. "man people are calling you a women on here" louis laughed "shutup man" zayn shouted.

I decided to go on twitter on my phone and check the photo's.


"@samatha98:' just saw zayn in town dressed as a women,so funnay!! so much respect for him,omg maria must be such a funny girl if she made him so that,i would of done the same x" I decided to reply to her tweet. "@maria_baker:' @samatha98 yeah it was so funny,well men so really need to have abit of girl power! ;) x" 

I refreshed my notifications to everyone tweeting about me too saying how amazing i was,i was actually shocked then i was another one from that girl i tweeted back. "@samatha98' OMG MARIA BAKER JUST TWEETED ME BACK,#FEELINGLOVED @maria_baker" I just laughed at it then unlocked my phone screen.










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