everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


23. A week later

So i've been staying with sam and his friends for the past week now,we have been doing drugs all week,i feel so alive,my life's never been better,i haven't thought about zayn once since iv'e been smoking the weed,its been amazing. "so maria,you have been with us for a week now smoking,you're a great girls and everything but it's about time you paid up for the drugs,they dont come cheap you know" kaz and the boys demanded. "i have no money" i said abit scared. "well find some money by tonight or you will regret it" "i cant,im sorry,i thought we were friends?and what do you mean ill regret it?" "i mean you will get hurt pretty lady,and well you will have to pay us some other way then" he winked,i felt so scared,he winked at me,i knew what he was talking about and it wasn't going to happen. then surrounded me and i walked away from them until i hit a dead end of the small bedroom. "i cant get the money im sorry and i will not be having sex with you" i demanded "well we'll see about that,boys can you leave the room a minute please?" Sam ordered,what the fuck was he going to do,i started to shake just at the boys left the room slamming the door behind them. Sam started the kiss my neck and tried to undo my top. "get off me sam" i shouted. but he ignored me. noway was i getting raped again,the first time was horrifying,i cant let it happen again. I pushed him away from me and kicked him so hard in the balls making him scream and drop to the floor. I ran out of the bedroom and straight downstairs and out of the house,i ran and ran until i was far away from the house as possible. I ended up in the town centre. Everyone was staring at me,i then forgot i was still wearing the dress i wore clubbin last week,i stunk of drugs. luckily i had once of the boys hoodie's on me to keep me warm. i pulled the hood over me and got my phone out. I turned it on to receive 15 missed calls from jess,25 from zayn,8 from harry,5 from niall,and 5 from louis and liam,i had 28 texts from them all but i ignored them. I went on twitter to find articles about me with pictures of me and sam last week coming out of the club,articles saying i went missing and some other shit. I knew the only place i could go to was to the apartment where me and jess live,hopefully the boys aren't there. I ran to the hotel with my hands in the pockets of the hoodie and discovered something in the pocket,it was fags..weed even. I entered the hotel and got straight in the lift,i lit the fag and took a few puffs before i got high. my eyes were bright red from the weed so i had to keep my head down. i knew that it was against the rules to smoke in the hotel but i dont really care right now,i just need some food,drink and sleep. I walked out of the elevator of the hotel and found my apartment. I heard talking,whispering too,i knew the boys were there but i was so high i didn't care. The door wasn't locked to i pushed the front door open of the apartment so it hit the wall making a loud bang,they all stared at me with tears in their eyes and they were shocked with what they saw,i wasn't suprised i had bright red eyes from the lack of sleep iv'e had and the drugs,my hair was still puffy and straightened but was a mess too. My face was pale and i got quite thinner from not eating. I still had the fag in my hand full of weed and i took another puff. "OMG MARIA" jess screamed and ran to me hugging me. "calm down,ive only been gone a week" i laughed. "dont i get a hug from you guys then?" i laughed whilst looking at the other guys. "WHAT THE FUCK HAPPENED TO YOU MARIA,ARE YOU HIGH?" zayn shouted whilst crying. "hi to you too zayn,and maybe just a little" i laughed "what the fuck maria" he came over to me with his watery eyes looking into my red puffy eyes and he took the fag off me and through it out the window. "WHAT THE FUCK ZAYN" i shouted. "maria,what happened to you" all the boys asked "well if i tell you then i would have to kill you" i winked,then i started to cry once i remembered what sam was going to do to me. they all looked at me confused. "you need to go to the hostpital maria" zayn ordered "no i dont" i laughed. then next thing i know everything went blury..everything was spinning and then it went black


maria,maria.." i heard calling,i flickered my eyes open to see the boys and jess standing over me. "where am i?" "you're in hospital baby" zayn replied whilst stroking my face. "im so sorry zayn,im sorry about everything that happened at the radio station and everything,im sorr-" "sont worry maria,you're here now and thats all that matters" he leant over and kissed me,i missed him so much. "guys what happend?" i asked confused.."well once you got back you were talking then dropped to the ground and collapsed,we were so worried maria." jess explained whilst the other boys just nodded their heads in agreement. "so you gonna tell us what happened?" liam asked. "well..i saw my old bestfriend jack at a cafe,i told him about me and zayn and he let me stay at his place with him and my other bestfriend amy who was dating jack,well we decided to go to a club to have some fun the day after and i had too many drinks and met a guy named sam,well when i was dancing i saw amy and jack arguing,apparently he kissed a girl,well i told them to calm down then they started blaming me because it was my idea to go clubbing,then i walked away from them angry and sam told me to come to his mates party." they were all silent listening so i carried on.."then i met some of his friends and we hung out,they smoked weed and did other drugs,well they offered my some so i said no then they offered me again and i thought about everything that happened and i just wanted to forget about it all so bad,so i said yes,after a few puffs i couldn't stop,it felt so good..so perfect, it made me feel alive,then we started doing it every day until i was there for a week they said i had to pay,i told them i never had money and they got angry with me so sam sent the other boys into another room and trapped me into a corner and tried to rape me,i kicked him in the balls and ran out and went straight back to the apartment,back to you guys..i regret everything,im so sorry guys" i then started to cry. "this is all of my fault,if i didn't leave you this wouldn't have happened" zayn sobbed. i grabbed his hand and held it tight. "no its not zayn,its my fault ok.." i leant over to him and kissed his head. "atleast your fine now,we were so worried" jess exclaimed. "but why am i here?" "well apparently you had an anxiety attack,you had to much drugs inside you and you were so stressed you just dropped" louis explained. "omg" i sobbed. "zayn,i love you loads ok,and i hope you realise i never want to leave you again" i grabbed his collar of his shirt and kissed him hard but passionately. "i love you too baby,and noway am i going to loose you after this" we hugged whilst the others just carried on talking to eachother. "ok,maria,you are safe to go home,you need alot of rest though" a doctor came in and explained. "lets go" jess ordered. i got changed and then we all got into the black car and zayn held me tight,so tight i thought he was going to break me,i loved him so much,im never going to leave him again..never.








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