everythings changed

Maria is just a normal 19 year old girl, she moves in with her dad in london after a huge argument with her mum who lives in america. Maria's dad works as part of the backstage crew for one direction. Maria's dad has to go on tour with the boys which means maria had to aswell. not knowing she would fall in love with one of the boys but he's already in a stable relationship,will maria get her happy ending.


7. A day with zayn

"MARIA,WAKE UP" i heard a low voice shout. I tried to ignore it but the voice got louder and louder. "what?" I slurred out "come on,were spending the day together remember" I turned around from the bunk to see zayn staring at me,i totally forgot i was spending the day with him, how could i of forgot. "oh yeah,well let me get ready then" Once he climbed down the bunk i ran to the bathroom and jumped straight into the shower letting the hot water splash over my cold body.

Once i was done in the bathroom Showering and brushing my teeth i Kept the towel wrapped around me whilst i skimmed through my clothes. Italy was a very hot country so i decided to wear Some black high waste hot pant shorts, a dark blue flared crop top with black studded vans.  http://www.polyvore.com/cgi/set?id=97745810 I kept my hair naturally wavy and put a daisy headband around it. I wore my usual amount of makeup on with some red lipstick. I put my sunglasses on and sprayed some Gucci perfume over me and walked out To find zayn sitting down waiting for me. "wow,you look beautiful maria" I blushed abit but you couldn't tell luckily because of my makeup. "well thank you zanieBoo,you look very handsome" He was wearing a pair of black skinny jeans,a grey sweater and some raybands. We both looked in the mirror and laughed then walked outside of the tour bus and hopped into the car. "where to today malik?" the driver asked. "the main town please John" well atleast i knew his name was John now.."zayn,where's the rest of the boys?" "oh they've gone out somewhere, i think they were going to look around italy" "oh,okay" I picked my phone up from out of my pocket To recieve a text from my dad. "hello darling i know i haven't really seen you much but i'll hopefully see you tomorrow if you go to the boys concert,love you xx" I smiled to myself before replying. After a fast 10 minutes we finally arrived at the main town of italy. This is the 3rd time now i've been here. "thanks john" zayn interupted my thoughts. "so zaynie,where to first?" "well mariaB i thought we could 'shop til we drop'" I couldn't stop laughing at what he just said. "sounds good but never use that phrase again" we both laughed. We decided to go to get something to eat first as we never had breakfast. We walked into a dinner place. "hello and can i help you?"the women asked sweetly, she was beautiful with long wavy blonde hair. "do you have any spare tables?" zayn asked "yes follow me" The place was beautiful it was very bright and just so nice. We both sat down to a 2 seated table and looked through the menu. "i would prefer to have a burger but i guess they dont sell them here in italy" Zayn laughed "i fancy more than a burger" he looked at me with his dark lusty eyes and winked. I felt like my stomach was going to explode with butterflies. The waiter soon came and asked us for our orders. "can i have a Speciality Chicken with extra rice please" zayn ordered. "and can i have the same but with a pony aswell you see i love ponies" I laughed. "maria you're so random yet so funny.." Zayn muttered "im sorry sir,ill have the same as zayn please" i explained. The man then walked away. Just as i was going to ask zayn something he got a text. he looked at his phone for a while and then ran out of the resturant. What the hell had happened. He didn't say anything to me he just left me and ran away?!.. "here you go miss" the waiter then came and brought out orders. "i have to go sorry" i muttered. I gave him some money and a tip to say sorry and grabbed my bag and walked out angrily. So zayn just leaves me to pay for everything.. I walked out to see zayn not in sight. I looked for the black car we came in and it was gone. great..

Zayn's POV

I looked at my phone to find a text from perrie. "zayn,im sorry to say this but its not working, im always on tour with the girls and you're always on tour with the boys,i've seen all the pics of you boys with this maria girl too..you seem pretty close on twitcam aswell..well thanks for a good romance zayn, sorry x" I was so shocked yet so heart broken..But something inside of me told me perrie did the right thing to break up with me,as i did actually have some feelings for maria..I ran out of the Restaurant, i know it was bad to leave maria on her own but i was so mad. I ran to John's car jumped in and told him to take me anywhere. I text perrie back "what the hell, perrie she's just a friend and your now just breaking a 2 years relationship because of a friend? i love you perrie edwards x" I did love her but i loved maria too.."zayn,do you want to go back to the bus?" John asked "yeah okay" i answered. I then received a text from perrie again. "im sorry zayn i just didn't know how to say this but..i've been cheating,im so sorry, i wish this would all work out but it just wont x" Once i read the text 3 times i got so angry. The car then stopped and i ran out of it and straight into the bus. Non of the boys were here and maria was still in the restaurant probably. I ran straight to my bunk and shut the curtain. I just needed to be alone right now, knowing my girlfriend cheated on me hurt, even though i did have feelings for maria i would never cheat on perrie.







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